Introduction to Computer Science Course / Software Science Course

“Information and Computer Sciences” study how to design high-performance computers, how to provide computers to users in a user-friendly way and how to construct information processing systems with computers.

Students are first enrolled in the Department of Information and Computer Sciences, and then are assigned into the three courses below when they move up to the second year.

Additional information on the department might be found below.

Most students in Computer Science and Software Science Course proceed to Graduate School of Information Science and Technology. It should be noted that roughly 10% of third-year students take the entrance examination of the Graduate School in summer and skip the fourth grade to start study and research in the Graduate School earlier. The information on the Graduate School is found at https://www.ist.osaka-u.ac.jp/english/.

Admission guide


For questions and consulting, please send e-mails to q@ics.es.osaka-u.ac.jp .