ICS thesis in Mar. 2017

Bachelor Thesis

Song, SeunghoanSphere Packing Bound and Gilbert-Varshamov Bound for b-Symbol Read Channels
Takagaki, TerukiA Boolean Satisfiability-Based Analysis Method of Cascading Failures in Power System Network
Ishimaru, MasakiExtracting behavior from the RFC documents and constructing operationmodels for the AODV protocol
Ide, AyakaAn AR system for real light source manipulation using light map interpolation
Ito, KiyomiCell Tracking Using Cell Migration Models in Fluorescence Microscopy Images
Ouyang, JunjieSimulation-based performance evaluation of BGP Security Extension (BGPSEC)
Okamoto, TakurouReal-time Generation of a Caustics Image Using Deep Neural Network
Ogura, JukiyaA Transformation Method of XQuery for Evaluation on Compressed XML Documents
Kaneda, JunichiEvaluation of the effect of NFV-based service function reallocation on user's communication quality
Kawasaki, JieiProposal and Evaluation of Full Duplex Simultaneously Wireless Infomartion and Power Transmisfer Method with Multiple Access Points
Kanda, KoudaiProposal of a dynamic resource control method based on real world¡¡representation with potential eld
GAO, YUHAODesign of Flying Router Mobility Control System Based on Naming Schema of Information-Centric Network
Goto, RyosukeImage Matching between Cameras for Vision Augmentation HMD
Shimada, AyatoAn extraction method for capillary in fluorescence microscopy images based on Graph cuts
Shimada, HironoriGoal Model Construction from Requirements Specifications Based on Extraction Rules
shimizu, shinnosukeApplying Symmetry Reduction to Model Checking of MANET Protocols
Shukutani, YukiA Method for Prediction of Traffic Volume by Learning from Data Measured in Neighbor Intersections
Shoman, SotaLighting Robust Camera Localizationbased on Illuminant Simulation and Learning
Shirata, MamoruSecurity extension to message-locked encryption through public-key encryption
Cho, MeyaFunctional analysis of metagenome using composition-based method
Toyama, HiromuAn Improvement of Cache-based Efficient Runtime Model Checking for Self-adaptive Systems
Nakamura, AtsuyukiA Mutual Motion Capture System for Face-to-face Collaboration
Fukushima, KeijiA Vulnerability Assessment of Encrypted Databases againstInference Attacks with SAT Solvers
Fukushima, YutaA Study on Distributed Execution of Deep Learning in Wireless Sensor Network
Honda, YoshikiActivity Recognition in Daily Life of Elderly using Movement and Home Appliance sensors
Yabusaki, HayatoA method for improving recognition accuracy of adipose cell images based on Convolutional Neural Network
Yamauchi, MasaakiAnomaly detection for Home IoT by learning patterns from information of users' behavior
Yoshikawa, Hiroki(Confidential)
Yoshisada, HikaruThe Method for Self-Localization of Laser Range Scanners in 3-D Environment
Wongbenjarat, ParindaEstimating the Index of Refraction and Color of Transparent Objects Using a Light Field
Eto, MitsuhiroFunctional prediction of genes for single cell analysis using Latent Dirichlet Allocation
Mikami, KazumaDynamic analysis of gene regulatory network using the statistic of strength of gene regulation
Semura, YuichiDevelopment of code clone detection tool with flexibly changeable lexical analysis mechanism
Oheki, KentaroApproximately
Tamada, AkihiroAccelerating Deep Learning for Item Recognition using Multiple Viewpoint Images
Nakano, YukiA Study on IoT Data Retrieval Based on Publish/Subscribe in an NDN Network
Ishigaki, YumaA Study on Performance Degradation Due to Packet-based Replacement in a Small Cache of an NDN Router
Ishida, YujiroAn extension of parallel program generator Flint for a high-performance code on vector computer SX-ACE
Ishihara, ShotaA group-based MAC protocol in wireless sensor networksfor rapid detection of landslide area
Ide, MasanoriUniform deployment of mobile agentsin ring networks when tokens fail
Imoto, SoichiroGrundy coloring in dynamic network where link addition or deletion occurs continuously.
Irie, RyoConstruction and performance evaluation of proxy server in Cold Storage Geo-Replication system
Ueno, MasakiImagination-ization, experimental evaluation of signaling protocol processing delay for function arrangement of a mobile core network
Kashimoto, YushiroVisualization and Analysis of STHOG for Person Re-identification across Cameras
Kamei,DaitoConsideration of the point-wise separation property of a neural network composed of impulse wireless sensors
Kawata, NorikazuA randomized algorithm to solve the partial gathering problemin unidirectional ring networks
Kurihara, YoshikiDesign and Simulation-based Analysis of Location-based Forwarding Using COPSS
Kurokawa, RyotaExperiment evaluation of dynamic resource allocation method of virtual network function based on biochemical reaction model
Sakai, HirokiAlgorithm for trigger counting in multiple moving normal distributions
Sasaki, MiwaExtending Version Control System for Efficient Retrieving of Development History
Shigeki, YuiPerformance Evaluation for View Slection Assuming Gait Recognition by Drone Camera
Shibuya, HirokiA Study on Data Structure for Multicast Packet Forwarding Based on Prefix Matches
Shimari, KazumasaDeveloping the prototype of a low invasive execution monitoring tool for software failure analysis
Sone, DaichiAnalysis of a flocking algorithm operating in a layered self-organizing system
Tanikado, AkitoImplementation and Evaluation of Methods to Narrow Down Reuse Candidates in Reuse-based Automated Program Repair
Tsukada, KeishiA method of estimating task granularity for automating cycle sharing on GPU systems
Nagano, AkihiroClassification of Microscopic Images of Drug Resistant Strains Using Convolutional Neural Networks
Nada, Takuji(Èó¸ø³«)
Nishikawa, NaokiImproving load balance in dependency graph based parallelization with using finer partitioning
Hatanaka, KazukiLayer dependency of temporal behavior of LSTM units in multilayer LSTM networks
Higuchi, TakahiroA Study on Authentication and Access Control for Publish/Subscribe-based Data Dissemination
Hokaguchi, TaigaA Study on an Incentive Mechanism for Improving Communication Quality in Heterogeneous Wireless Networks
Matsuo, HiroyukiA Study on Influence of Difference in Program Implementation on Energy Comsumption and Execution Time
Matsuda, NaotoAn efficient detection method of execution trace differences in regression testing
Murata, YutaroA reinforcement learning of the size of attended regions in visual attention model with recurrent neural networks
Yamasaki, RinaAnalytical evaluation of power consumption reduction of mobile accessnetwork with virtulization technogies
Yamada, RyotaOn an automatic measurement of function points fromrequirements specification written in natural language.
Yamamoto, YuuyaAnalyzing the effect of stub code replacement on pointer analysis
Yokoi, KazukiDetecting block-level clones using TF-IDF and a LSH algorithm
Yoshikawa, YuumiMediated population protocol constructing a spanning line
Arima, RyoInvestigation and Automatic Detection Technique on Split Commit in Version Control System

Master Thesis

Ikuma, SayaIndividual identification of dairy cows using gait and texture features based on RGB-D video analysis
Ujihara, NaoyaChange task context based move method refactoring candidates recommendation tool
Okada, JumpeiImprovement of phase transition conditions in two-phased parallel implementation of branch-and-bound algorithm PrefixSpan
Sakaguchi, YusukeEstimating original software using similarity of source file set
Sabi, YusukeNormalization of Source Code using Program Dependency Graph and Abstract Syntax Tree for Code Clone Detection
Suzuki, AtsuyukiGait recognition robust to carrying status based on joint intensity metric learning
Sumi, SoichiA method for speeding up automated program repair by predicting next changes
Takenouchi, KeitaSearching for API usage examples focusing on variable data-flow
ZHAO, ZEANAn interactive analysis tool of execution trace using call stack state of Java program
Nakamura, YutaCode Clone Detection Based on Cross-Language Dependency Analysis for Refactoring Support
Furuta, YuukiInvestigation and improvement of effort estimation methods of tasks in software development PBL
Miki, NobuhiroA Directive-based Programming Framework for Out-of-Core Stencil Computation on Accelerators
Misaki, YujiAcceleration of Volume Rendering by Adaptive Data Reordering
Yano, YukiDetection of third-party libraries included in Java software using hash value comparison
Yuki, YusukeDecrescendo: Implementation and Evaluation of Multi-Grained Code Clone Detection Tool
Yokoyama, HarukiComparing Automated Program Repair Tools Using Characteristics of Bugs
LU, YUECHAOCache-Aware GPU Optimization for Out-of-Core Cone Beam CT Reconstruction of High-Resolution Volumes
Shigeoka, DaikiImproving the appearance rate of parameter-value interactions in random testing in the presence of constraints
Fukano, JunTracking of ameboid cells using Global Data Association
Ohashi, TeruConstructing High Strength Test Suites for CombinatorialInteraction Testing Using ZDD-Based Graph Algorithms
Kato, GingaHapStep: A Walking Sensation Display while Remaining Seated
Takahashi, HitoshiRe nement of Topic Models Based on Term and Document Frequencies
Tamura, YukiNon-rigid Tissue Tracking using Narrow-band Multi-Spectral Imaging and Pyramid Matching
Techasarathul, NattaonPerformance of a Spatial Augmented Reality-based Packing Support System
Tsuda, HirokiA Study on a Programming Framework for Self-Adaptive Systems that Have Time Constraints
Nishiyama, ShuheiComputer-aided engineering in development of sensory-substitutional force devices using musculoskeletal simulation
Liu, ChangAutomated Backlight Adjustment of Optical See-through Head Mounted Displays for Improved Visibility
Enkhee, TemuulenProposal of system architecture of cold data geo-replication for cloud storage
Kawashima, KotaExtracting Information on Traffic Changes from Social Media Data for Predictive Traffic Engineering
Kitagawa, TakahiroApplication of IoT communication protocol to DCIM (Data Center Infrastructure Management) System
Kitagawa, TakuMobility-Controlled Flying Routers for Information Centric Networking
Kojima, SoheiA Method for Counting People from Height by Smartphone Cameras
Goto, HiroyaAnalysis on How Traffic Engineering Contributes to Minimizing Energy Consumption and Delay in a Network with Energy-proportional Routers
Shigaki, SaekoConquering Information Uncertainty by Biological Collective Decision Making for Self-Organized Networks
Choochotkaew, SunyananFully-Distributed Event Stream Processing on Wireless Sensor and Actuator Networks
Tashiro, ShinyaPower Consumption Prediction of Data Center by Deep Neural Network
Tanaka, HirokiDesign and implementation of cloud-based energy management system based on human-machine interaction
Taniguchi, KosukeModeling Power Consumption of Multicore Software NDN Router based on Analyses of CPU Power Management States and NDN Protocol
Tanimura, RyosukeSnowfall Impact on Urban Traffic Flow: Micro-level Analysis Using Floating Car Data
Terayama, KyoheiOptimization of workload allocation to servers using data center power consumption simulator based on CFD
Nakanishi, AkihitoEvaluation on Forwarding Speed of an NDN Software Router with Cache Admission
Nakahara, KeitaDesign and Implementation of Mobile Robot with Kinect for LoggingIn-home Activities and Body Motion
Nishiyama, YoRouting-Based Mobility Architecture for 5G Cellular Networks
Hirano, YasuharuCollecting and Analyzing Chorus of Japanese Tree Frogs and its Application to Energy-Efficient Control of Wireless Sensor Networks
Miyakawa, HirotakaAnalysis on Evolution of Network-related Functions in the Linux Kernel
Murakami, MasayaAnalysis and trategies for Improving obustness and Efficiency of Interconnected Networks
Yamada, YumaCity-scale Trip Estimation Using LTE Control Signal Records
Yamanishi, KoheiDetecting Drive-by Download Attacks from Proxy Log Information using Convolutional Neural Network
Kishimoto, HikaruPrivacy-Preserving Unified Management Protocol for Users' Records on Smart Grid
Takahashi, KentoRealistic formalizations of secrecy for encrypted databases
Furuta, YujiPrivacy-preserving Analysis by Cryptosystem for three-party model
Muranaka, KentaSecure Routing Protocol by Advanced Cryptography for Ad Hoc Networks
Ueki, RyoInference of gene regulatory networks based on dynamic discretization of gene expression profiles
Saitoh, YoshihikoAn evaluation of the attractor renewal model for adaptive multipath routing under competition among multiple routers
Matsubara, ShuheiDynamic image analysis method of immune cells moving in blood vessels for quantification of disease state
Yamanaka, KatsushiControl of structure self-organized by a Lotka-Volterra competition-diffusion model
Yamanaka, SoichiroA scheduling method based on pulse-coupled oscillator model for overlapped large-scale wireless sensor networks
Yoshino, YurikoA two-stage scheduling to improve capacity for inter-concentrator communication in hierarchical wireless sensor networks

Doctor Thesis

Shibata, MasahiroA Study on Partial Gathering and Uniform Deployment of Mobile Agents in Distributed Systems
Tanaka, KenichiroModel-based Analysis of Translucent Objects using Spatially and Temporally Modulated Light
Otoshi, TatsuyaPrediction Based Traffic Engineering under Uncertainty
Toyonaga, ShinyaRobust and adaptive architecture for Internet of Things
Kitagawa, TakahiroApplication of IoT communication protocol to DCIM (Data Center Infrastructure Management) System
Yang, HuaA Study on Distributed Mobility Management Scheme in Mobile Networks

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