ICS thesis in Mar. 2016

Bachelor Thesis

Nagashima, YutaA State Space Reduction Technique for Model Checking of MANETProtocols
Miyamoto, TatsuyaRTT Measurement Using OpenFlow
Myoken, YusukeAn Evaluation of Zanshin Programming Framework Based on an Experimental Implementation of a Self-Adaptive System
Akishita, YosukeNetwork power saving method based on Pareto optimal control to follow the fluctuations of the network
Asai, RyoDetecting system excution time considered task processing distribution
Amano, TatsuyaPosition Estimation of Wi-Fi Access Points by Crowdsourcing and Geographical Information
Iwasaki, FukiExtension into New Gene of Method for Analyzing Gene Expression from RNA-Seq Data Using Probability Model
Uei, SyunsukePair Weight Distributions of Maximum Distance Separable Codes and Their Binary Expansions for Symbol-Pair Read Channels
Kusano, HitoshiAn phenotype analysis method for monozygotic twins based on the combination of SNP and methylation
Saito, KazumasaThe reduction of causal relationship error in inference of Bayesian network by the independent test
Sakata, KoukiPlacement method of virtualized network functions inspired by biochemical reactions
Sakamoto, KokiDynamically updating method of attractor sets for VNT control on attractor selection
Satake, KodaiAnalysis of age softening of the core structure in the AS level topology
Shimamoto, HayatoWeb Security Model Including Cache
Tanaka, TatsuyaAnalysis and prediction of popularity dynamics of YouTube content
Hayata, TakashiA Proposal of Schema Mappings based on the Property Graph Model
Hara, YusukePedestrian Counting Based on Local Features Using Car-Mounted Cameras
Hirao, YuukaArrhythmia Detection based on deformable model of ECG
Fukase, YoshihiroThe lossy compression method of ECG using selected mother wavelet in DWT
Fukuyama, RyoA Study of Defense against Data-Oriented Attacks
Yuki, FujiiReal time extension of facial expression for communication
Fujishiro, KoukiA method for analysis of cell dynamics in 3-dimensional Bioimagingdata based on using Optical Flow
Hokoyama, KentaThe sensory display of sign of human by controlling humidity
Matsui, ShoriRequirements Coverage Visualization for Test Case Descriptions
Miura, DaikiA Study on Thermal Comfort Prediction by CFD-based Simulation Dataset
Yamaguchi, KotaroNon-grounded and encountered haptic display using a drone
Kawabe, JunProposal of a clock gating mechanism for multi-core processor to reduce power supply noise
Nishimura, YusukeEstimation of Range for Inter-Mining HeavyVehicle Communication Using Ray-trace
Narimoto, RyosukeCongestion Estimation from Heterogeneous Observations of People Density Using Geographical Information
Ishii, NobukazuA Document-based Metric for Parameter Correlation for Test Design
Mizuno, YutaThe recognition method of the cells in adipose tissue image using convolutional neural network
Yamanaka, TatsuyaProposal of bedtime electrocardiograph measurement system
Shimonaka, KentoIdentifying Auto-Generated Files by Using Machine Learning Techniques Based on Syntactic Information-Applying to Files Generated by Parser Generator-
Tsutsumi, ShogoDetecting impure refactoring using code difference-based search
Tominaga, ShinjiPrototyping a debugger to focus on variables in single step execution
Yamashita, AkihiroA study on behavior of swarm model under lossy and long delay situations
Abe, ShuyaPerformance evaluation of virtualized and plane-separeted mobile core network considering signaling message overhead
Ishidu, TakuyaEstimating the amount of refactorable clones based on metaheuristic algorithms
Isokane, TakahiroSimulation of incident light for a vine pruning support system
Ichikawa, ShuProposal of a relay node placement algorithm to guarantee robustness in wireless sensor network
Ogi, GakutoExtraction of Pedestrian Trajectory by Piecewise Linear Approximation for Gait Recognition
Okinaka, YamatoGaze Estimation Based on Eyeball-Head Dynamics
Kakuda, YukiImproving Memory Efficiency of Generated Program in Equation Dependency Graph specified Parallel-program Generation System
Kitaguchi ToshiyukiN/A
Kobayashi, HisakiA Local Distributed Algorithm for the Connected Spanning Subgraph Problem with Smaller Number of Edges
Sakai, RyotaroTowards Automating Data Decomposition For Large Multi-Dimensional Data on a GPU
Sunagawa, Shoya(Confidential)
Sonoda, KazukiEnergy consumption model of air conditioners in datacenter by using a machine learning
Nakajima, HirokiInvestigating Differences between Human-Written and GenProg's Patches
Numata, SeiyaInvestigating the effectiveness of function clone detection tool for simultaneous modification support
Mangoe, TakashiA Study on an Optimization Model to Maximizing Throughput ofMultiple Radio Systems with Heterogenous Scheduling Algorithms
Miyazaki, YutaDetection of Abnormal Lesion Areas on a Small Intestine from Capsule Endoscopy Images by using Convolutional Neural Network
Muraoka, ShunPower Control for Smart Home Based on Solar Power Prediction Using Machine Learning
Yasui, KazukiPreliminary acceleration of Smith-Waterman algorithm by half precision representation for GPU
Yamada, YuutoReplication of software estimation studies using ISBSG repository
Yamamoto, MasahiroSelecting Candidates for Insertion on Automated Program Repair Using Development History Data
Yoneo, KenjiAn Analysis of Effective In-memory Caching for Resilient Distributed Dataset on Parallel Distributed Processing Framework Apache Spark
Ryu, KaiA Study on Secure Location-based Crowdsourcing in NDN networks.
Watanabe, KoheiA neural network model with receptive field correlation and spontaneous ongoing firing activity
Kubota, HarukaProposal of estimation method of detection events area by the impulse wireless sensor network
Kikuchi, KazumaDrug susceptibility estimation by analyzing micro-channel microscopy image
Kanatsu, MinoruAnalysis of Interval Time for Reducing the Total Initialization Time of Burst Start-up of Virtual Lightweight Processes
Shimabukuro, YuriConstructing power consumption model of server based on machine learning

Master Thesis

Takagi, KentarouRuntime Optimization of Partitioning in MapReduce based on the Progress of the Intermediate Data
Shun, AdachiAlgorithm for trigger counting in moving normal distribution
Ikeda, TaroPerformance evaluation of gait authentication methods using 3-D gait database
Ikemoto, ShoNormal distribution analysis based on the reflected light measurement of metallic coating and hairline processing
Wu, YuhaoDetection of License Inconsistencies in Free and Open Source Software Projects
Egawa, ShotaA Systematic Review and a Replication Study to InvestigateExternal Validity in Software estimation research
Ohtani, AkioGenerating Edit Scripts by Including Copy and Paste
Ono, YuyaRandomized maximal matching algorithm with multi-channel beeps.
Kato, TomochikaA Translator capable of compositing Code Tuning Rules for Accelerators
Kawamitsu, NaohiroA method for Efficient Search of Similar Source Code using the LSH algorithm
Kikuchi, KazumaDrug susceptibility estimation by analyzing micro-channel microscopy image
Kimura, TakuhiroQuality-dependent Multi-modal Biometrics from a Walking Image Sequence
Ryotaro, KouAn Automatic Program Repair Technique Using Selective Crossover on Genetic Programming
Komori, Kosukek token fastest transfer problem on dynamic network of recurrent links
Saika, TsubasaAn Empirical Investigation of the Effect of Severity of Code Smell on Refactoring
Sano, ManamuDeveloping and Evaluating Change Notification System of Method Clones
Tameoka, AkiraA Software Failure Detection Mechanism for Web Server Software using On-line Update of Bayesian Network with Auto-Selection of Training Data
Nakagawa, RyoFault containment extension of Proof-Labeling scheme for self-stabilizing algorithm
Nakamura, AkiAcceleration of Parallel Simulation Code Generation and Implementation of Code-level Initial Value Configuration in Physiological System Simulator Flint
Hashimoto, TomonoriImprovement of Group Detection Accuracy with Gesture Timing
Matsumura, ToshinoriDetecting side effects of bug fix with using dynamic slicing
Mitani, YasuakiParallelizing Approximate String Matching by Prefix Summing on a GPU
Suzuki, TakumaA Seamless Operation Technique for Tiled Display Walls Using A Tablet Device
Ogawa, KentoEfficient Runtime Model Checking for Self-adaptive Systems Based on the Reuse of Intermediate Polynomial Expressons
Kudo, AkiraMahalanobis distance matching for localization in outdoor environments
Mitsunari, Koichi(Confidential)
Mochizuki, YukiPointing Techniques for Large Displays Using Camera-based PoseEstimation on a Smartphone
Mori, MamiAn AR Furniture Arrangement System with Automatic View Recommendation
Yano, YukiInvestigation on Dynamic View Expansion Techniques for Video See-through Head Mounted Displays
Yamashita, Tomohiroparallel algorithm for image super-resolution based on quasi-Newton method and its GPU implementation
Yamamoto, ShoheiOn-line lossless ECG compression method using partial long-term prediction and selective huffman coding
Yoshii, AkihiroEquivalence Checking Method using Abstract Syntax Tree between Compiler Instruction Function and Processor Instruction
Urata, YukiExperimental Evaluation of Wireless Resourcethe Reduction on anFrequency Resources of the LTE Downlink withby Collaborative Communications
Ishikura, ShuAssortativity's effect on efficiency and robustness in inter-connected networks
Inoue, KokiYuragi-based Virtual Network Embedding Method for Software Defined Infrastructure with Uncertain Environments
Otokura, MariAn Evolvable Approach for the Virtual Network Function Placement Problem in Varying Environments
Kajita, ShugoAn Algorithm for Estimating the Performance ofUrban Wi-Fi Systems using Machine Learning Technique
Kitada, KazumasaDynamic power simulator utilizing computational fluid dynamics and power consumption model for data center
Sakaguchi, YudaiSports players identification based on step detection using cameras and accelerometers
Shijo, YoshinobuA Configuration Method of Virtual Networks with Hierarchical Robustness Inspired by the Fractality of Brain Functional Networks
Sue, TakumiHierarchical Clustering Approach Based on Swarm Intelligence for Real-time Flow Classification
Takafuji, TakumiPrecise Indoor Localization Using Smartphones and Laser Range Scanners
Takemasa, JunjiAnalysis on Power Consumption Tradeoff in Terms of Caching and Forwarding Computation in NDN Networks
Tara, YasutakaA Study on ABE based Emergency Telecommunication Services in NDN
Tange, TomoyukiEstimation of Origin-Destination Matrix in Signalized Network Using Partial Vehicle Trajectories
Deguchi, TakaakiEnergy management architecture for data centers based on machine learning
Hasegawa, KeitaA study on a rewarding scheme for operator-assisted crowdsourcing with collaborative upload
Liu, YinanA Study on the Effect of Physical Topology on the Robustness of Fractal Virtual Networks
Kojima, TakayukiComputation of pair weight distribution and derivation of the number of codewords with several low pair weights for Reed-Muller codes.
Sugimura, KenjiStatic Analysis of XML Database Queries Using Schema Graphs
Okamoto, ShunjiAutonomous Function Composition for Information Network Adaptive to Changes in Service Request
Kurashige, KoheiProposal of cell tracking approach based on component tree and data association
Nakao, TomohiroAn adaptive routing protocol with stochastic route exploration and memory-based stabilization
Miyamoto, KeisukeA QoS-aware energy-efficient transmission method for wireless LANs
Yoshida, TakumaFeature representation of fixed-length substrings and an application to classification of metagenomic fragments

Doctor Thesis

Ikeda, KeiA Study on Accelerating Histogram Generation using an Accelerator
Kanda, TetsuyaStudy on Analysis of Program Collection for Classifying and Understanding Relations
Murakami, HiroakiFast and Precise Token-Based Code Clone Detection
Yang, JiachenStructural and Semantic Code Analysis for Program Comprehension
Plopski, AlexanderImproving Optical-See-Through Experience through Corneal Imaging
Orlosky, JasonAdaptive Display of Virtual Content for Improving Usability and Safety in Mixed and Augmented Reality
Chen, LuTopology Design and Capacity Planning for Evolvable Information Networks Using Mutual Information

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