ICS thesis in Mar. 2015

Bachelor Thesis

Ueki, RyoAn Approximate Method for Inference of Gene Regulatory NetworksUsing Dynamic Bayesian Network with Dividing the Problem into Subproblems
Endo, ArataA Study on Improvement of Scalability in Sharing Application Screensbetween Visualization Systems
Kato, GingaHapSticks: A Novel Method to Present Vertical Forces in Tool-Mediated Interactions by a Non-Grounded Rotation Mechanism
Kawashima, KohtaScalable virtual network embedding based on distributed model predictive control
Kojima, SoheiImage-based Crowd Counting with Perspective Geometry Using a Smartphone
Shigaki, SaekoIn-home Activity Recognition System Using Power Monitors and Motion Sensors
Takahashi, KentoRestrictions of the attacker's computation power anda secrecy preservation decision method in a formalization of secrecy preservationagainst disclosure of ciphertexts in encrypted databases
Takahashi, HitoshiAn Empirical Study on Requirements Elicitation from Feedback Comments Using LDA
Taguchi, RyoA local maximum intensity projection for fluorescence live imaging
Tanimura, RyosukeA method of Estimating Traffic Velocity Lowering in Snowy SeasonBased on the analysis of Weather and Traffic Data
Tamura, YuukiA Tracking Method for Biological Tissues with Multiwavelength Imaging
Masao, ChiguchiDeveloping smartphone sensed comfort estimation system under congested indoor environment
Tsuda, HirokiAn Implementation of a Self-Adaptive System of Mindstorms
Nishiyama, SyuheiStiffness matrix expression of hyper-elasticity
Hirano, YasuharuImplementation of an acoustic localization method for calling frog using a wireless sensor network
Furuta, YujiExtension of Definition of H-IND Security for an Encryption Scheme with Random Numbers
Matsubara, ShuheiA method for analyzing cell behavior based on optical flow
Miyakawa, HirotakaAn analysis of the Linux kernel to evaluate the evolution of the Internet protocol stack
Muranaka, KentaA Secure Routing Protocol with Signature Schemes for Multiple Signers
Yano, YukiA data visualization of popular library version combinations by using Parallel Sets
Yamanishi, KoheiScene extraction focusing on behavior based on deep learning
Ando, ShoheiAn Efficient Joint Weight Enumeration of Binary Linear Code and Its Parallelization
Nakagawaji, KatsuyukiDevelopment of an automated testing framework for Peer to Peer web systems with WebRTC.
Yamada, YumaGrasping Human Mobility Using Cellular Communication History andGeographic Information
Kitagawa, TakuRetrieving information with autonomously moving router in Information Centric Network
Yoshinaka, SoichiroReducing Data Collection Time Using Data Aggregation Points in Distribution SCADA Systems
Araki, TomohiroQuantify intergenic interactions by calculating the information criterion.
Aoki, ChihiroGait-based Online Age Estimation System using Gaussian Process Regression
Goto, HiroyaA Study of Effects That Traffic Engineering for Energy Efficiency andLoad Balancing Give Mutually
Misaki, YujiIncreasing Cache Hit Rate by In-Place Rotation for Fast GPU-based Volume Rendering
Ikuma, Saya(非公開)Construction of cow image database and image-based individual recognition
Ogura, NaotoEvaluating the Bugs with Changing the Purity of Methods
Kamimura, JunichiExamination about texture analysis technique of materials from images
Kitagawa, TakahiroExperimental evaluation of the scalability of MQTT protocol for simultaneous connections of a large number of clients in CEMS
Saitoh, YoshihikoExpansion of attractor selection for probabilistic routing andadaptive attractor renewal model
Sakaguchi, YusukeExtracting corresponding directory structures to compare similar software products
Sabi, YusukeReordering Results of Keyword-based Code Search Tools to Prevent Developers from Overlooking Code Fragments to Be Modified.
Shibata, KensakuDevelopment of the comparison analysis support tool for the walks with speaking of the early cognitive impairment among the elderly people
Suzuki, AtsuyukiConstruction of Gait database in the Wild and Its Initial Performance Evaluation
Takenouchi, KeitaEnumerating feasible paths of Java program based on instance types
Tashiro, ShinyaA network model for prediction of temperature distribution of data center
Taniguchi, KosukeA Study on Power Consumption Models of Large-Scaled IP Network with and without Considering Network Topologies
Danko, NaotoHow to Apply to the mobile environment of self-optimizing shortest path protocol zigzag on the grid network
Nagai, MihoImplementing Job parallelization and Recommending Optimum Parallelism for Cloud-based Biophysical Simulation Service Flint K3
Nakanishi, AkihitoA study on a relationship between the number of name components and NDN-based prefix search duration time.
Nakamura, DaisukeThe move-efficient partial gathering algorithm of mobile agents in arbitrary networks
Namba, EijiroRandomized Rendezvous using the token of Multiple Mobile Agents in Anonymous Unidirectional Ring Networks
Namba, JumpeiEstimation of spatial structure of sensing event in impulse radio sensor network
Nishiyama, YoA Study on a Method for Accommodating IoT devices in CCN-based Cellular Networks
Furuta, YuukiAdditional evaluation and extention of e3
Yamanaka, KatsushiStudy on adaptive control of pulse-coupled oscillator model-based synchronization for wireless sensor networks.
Yamanaka, SouichirouProposal of a fair-, efficient-, and self-organized MAC protocol for data-gathering sensor networks
Yokoyama, HarukiInvestigation towards Narrowing-down Reuse Code Candidates for Automated Program Repair
Yoshino, YurikoA proposal of joint power control and routing for large scale wireless mesh networks
Watanabe, RentaroAn Efficient Concurrent Partial Snapshot Algorithm for Large-scale and Dynamic Distributed Systems
Okada, JumpeiImplementation of iterative algorithm Pre fixSpan on in-memory-oriented distributed data processing framework Apache Spark
Miki, NobuhiroConsideration of automatic temporal blocking by directive-based programming for large-scale stencil computation on a GPU
Matsubara, AkiraA local distributed algorithm for clustering problems in torus networks
Nakamura, YutaCoding pattern detection for a real-time program using pattern mining technique

Master Thesis

Ohta, TakafumiAutomated Software Repair by Directed Random Search
Imura, YumaLesion detection by using the co-occurrence information on local structures in a capsule endoscope video
Ikuzawa, TakuyaFast Discrete Wavelet Transformation on a GPUby Reducing Memory Usage
Ito, RumiSelf-stabilizing Construction of a Depth-First Search Tree with Trade-off between Memory and Time Complexities
Imazato, AyakaRecommendation for Refactoring Opportunities by Using Syntactic Information Based on Machine Learning –Applying to Extract Method Refactoring–
Ogoshi, YuichiAccelerating the generation of simulation code for single-GPU from huge biophysical model with parallel translation and merging
Ohnisi, RikuTransition in the Accessibility Excessiveness of using a Development History of Java Programs
Okada, DaikiAccelerating the Smith-Waterman Algorithm with a Pruning Methodfor All-Pairs Comparison of Base Sequences
Okada, TsukasaAnalysis of walking changes caused by gaze directions
Kashiwabara, YukiSupport to Name Methods using Association Rules focusing on Verbs in Method Names
Kirinuki, HiroyukiRecommending Source Code Changes by Using Association Rule Mining
Kusunoki, NoaResolution of Ambiguous Message Ordering in Sequence Diagrams for Asynchronous Model
Tanoue, TakuyaSilhouette Refinement using Standard Gait Models for Gait Recognition
Terada, YuAccelerating Application in MapReduce by Transparently UnifyingRedundant Intermediate Data
Nakagawaji, KatsuyukiDevelopment of an automated testing framework for Peer to Peer web systems with WebRTC.
Hatano, TomomiUnderstanding Business Systems though Software Clustering Using I/O Instructions for External Resources
Higashi, YuukiA self-organizing approximation of the shortest path based on local information in a uniform and dense unit disk graphs
Fujita, YuyaInvestigation of precision and proposal for improvement of consistency checking of hashCode method in Java
Buyannemekh, OdkhuuA 3-gram comparison of dynamic dependence graph for program understanding
Mizoro, TakamasaSource code normalizations for Java method tracking
Minami, ShotaA Program Translation Method for Automating Multitasking on a GPU
Moriwaki, TakuyaAnalysis of reuse behaviors of developers in multiple projects based on the clone genealogy
Ri, JunMove-optimal algorithms for group gossiping of mobile agents
Uragari, HiroshiProposal of blood loss model that takes into account the blood viscosity for the injured condition scenario generation
Wu, QifanAn AR Virtual Pet Taking Multi-modal Interaction Within the Real Environment
Sugiura, TomokiA Lossless Data Compression Method for Artificial Vision Systems based on Visual Cortex Stimulation and its Implementation
Seki, KazuteruA Non-Grounded Force Feedback Device by Controlling Wind Direction
Nagamoto, TakahiroTest set generation for locating a fault-causing interaction
Hirasaki, YasuhiroAn efficient constrained interaction testing using random testing
Bougauchi, WataruImplementation of ADL parser for the ASIP
Matsuo, TakashiSpherical Linear Interpolation by Incremental Geometric Rotation
Fujita, AtsushiA Study on Cooperative Vehicle Awareness using Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication
Ikeda, TakahideProposal and evaluation of energy-efficient Network-on-Chip architecture with integrating packet and path switches
Ishino, MasanoriGraph Entropy as a Measure for Estimating Robustness of Centrality Measures against Noises in Unweighted Graphs
Ohsugi, KaitoEmpirically Modeling How an NDN-based Software Router Consumes Power
Ohba, ToshihikoStructural reduction method for obtaining effective attractors in noise-induced VNT control
Kitade, YumaAnalyzing Popularity Dynamics of YouTube Content and its Application to Content Cache Design
Kim, SuhwukBase Station Power Reduction based onCollaborative Communication and Its Application to Communications in Disasters
Koyama, KaiAn Analysis Study on the Impact of Network Topology on the Performance of TDMA-based Multihop Wireless Networks
Sakurai, ShunConstruction method of service space in virtualized network system based on chemical-inspired tuple space model
Satoh, TakumiA Method of Estimating Road Conditions using Foot-worn Inertial Sensors
Tsuji, YoshihiroHierarchically Structured Spatio-Temporal Traffic Measurement utilizing Compressive Sensing
Nakamura, ShokoA Model-based Approach to Support Decision of Human Activities in Smart Homes
Nishimura, TomohiroDetecting Smoothness of Indoor Pedestrian Flows by Participatory Sensing with Mobile Phones
Hashimoto, KazuyukiTemperature prediction for energy optimization in data centers by machine learning approaches
Hamatani, TakashiThermal Model-Based Core Body Temperature Estimation During Exercise Using Wearable Sensors
Fujita, KazuhisaHuman Crowd Detection and Visualization Using Laser Range Scanners
Yuki, FujitaControlled Mobile Sink for Highly Reliable Data Collection in Wireless Sensor Networks
Manaka, YujiA Game-theoretic Approach to Achieve Fair Trade-off between Traffic Engineering for Energy Efficiency and Load Balancing
Toduka, HironobuOptimum and Efficient Parameter Selection for Additive Watermarking against Compression
Higashiyama, YumaUser Authentication with Shoulder-Surfing Resistance on Touch Panel Devices
Shindo, AkoInterference-aware autonomous backup path construction for smart meter systems
Takeshita, ErinaAdaptive Multipath Routing with Inter-network Cooperation in Large-scale Networks
Fukuda, KojiroA method for visual classification of cancer cells based on semi-supervised Random Forest
Matsushita, NaokiA proposal of dividing cluster for improvement of classifying sequences assembled from metagenomic fragments
Mori, HiroyaBio-inspired cluster-based routing for small delay and reliable data gathering in wireless sensor networks
Yamaguchi, KakuBrain-Inspired Liquid State Machine for Wireless Sensor Network with Impulse Communication

Doctor Thesis

Kashima, YuStudy on Licensing and Program Understanding for Reuse Support
Choi, EunjongDetection and evolution analysis of code clones forefficient management of large-scale software systems
Hirofumi, TeradaSupervisory control and data acquisition techniques for publicinfrastructure systems
Watashiba, YasuhiroA Study on Job Management System Capable of Dynamically Allocating Network Resources
Tarutani, YuyaVirtual Network Control to Achieve Low Energy Consumptionin Large-scale Optical Networks
Iwai, TakuyaResilient Network Control based on Stochastic Mathematical Model of Biological Behavior for Wireless Sensor and Actuator Networks
Nakata, YuTopological Evolutionary Methods for the Reliable and Sustainable Internet

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