ICS thesis in Mar. 2014

Bachelor Thesis

Ishikura, ShuProposal and evaluation of topology control method of wireless sensor networks inspired by the brain functional network characteristics
Inoue, KokiOn the Design Method of WDM networks based on Biological Evolution Model
Kajita ShugoA dynamic channel selection algorithm of WLAN base stations in urban areas
Kitada, KazumasaControl mobile base statin cell size for maximize battery drive time in a disaster
Kurashige, KoheiImprovement approach of cell tracking accuracy by iterating global data association
Kojima, TakayukiA Computing Method for Pair Distance Distribution for Symbol Pair Codes with the Coset Partitioning of a Subcode
Kobayashi, HiroyukiApplication of Answer Set Programming to Various Forms of the Task Scheduling Problem
Komori, KosukeA method of tracking and state estimation of the cells based on particle filter
Sakano, HirokiA Performance Evaluation of BDD-Based Constraint Handling for Interaction Testing
Sasaki, ShunApplication Recommend Using Wavelet Transformation and Mixed Membership Stochastic Blockmodels for Smartphone Users
Shijo, YoshinobuAnalysis of the brain functional networks connection structure and its application to the Internet
Sue, TakumiApplication and Evaluation of Clustering Methods Using Swarm Intelligence to Traffic Classification
Sugimura KenjiImplementation and evaluation of polynomial time algorithms for the XPath satisfiability under a restricted DTDs
Takafuji, TakumiAccurate Indoor Localization using Tracking Scanners and Motion Sensors
Tange, TomoyukiAnalysis of the Fluctuation of Traffic Congestion Based on Vehicle Trajectories
Futagami, TsukasaThe Polynomial time algorithm to determine type behavior equivalence of XPath queries under the XML schema
Mochizuki, YukiA Technique to Create Diagram Animations Using Commands Integrated Path
Mori, MamiPinch-n-Paste: Texture Transfer Gesture Interaction Systemwith see-through HMD
Yano, YukiInvestigation of Dynamic View Expansion for Head-Mounted Displays with Head Tracking in Virtual Environments
Yamashita, Tomohiroa study of high speed super-resolution based on compressed sensing
Yamamoto, Shouheilossless ECG compression method using periodicity
Yoi, KenjiA Study on Gathering and Compressed Transmission of Spatiotemporal Data from a Massive Heterogeneous Sensors
Yoshii, AkihiroRequired instruction set decition method in compiler generation for ASIPs
Yoshida, TakumaTaxonomic-rank-free classification of metagenome fragments with Na«Áve Bayes
Kawasaki, KenyaDesign and implementation of the streaming system using Content Centric Networking
Matsumoto, KurataMoving object segmentation and reconstruction using an RGB-D camera
Saeki, YoichiReducing Data Collection Time for Power Distribution SCADA Systems
Fujimoto, ShoLow power scheduling based on Hamming distance between instructions in VLIW processors
Adachi, ShunDistributed algorithms for the local trigger counting problem
Ikeda, TarouPerformance evaluation of Depth-based Gait Feature using whole body volume data
Ikemoto, ShoTexture quantification of multiple normal structure
Ishida RyosukeExperimental Evaluations of Partial Snapshot Algorithms using a Largescale Simulation
Egawa, ShotaDevelopment of Anonymizing Tool for Software Development Documents and its Evaluation
Ohtani, AkioSearching code fragments based on past reuse and structural unit of programming languages
Okamoto, ShunjiAutonomous Functional Configuration Method for Information Network to Adapt to Changes of The Dynamic Service Request
Ogawa, KentoImprovement and Evaluation of Attrater Perturbation Model in Consideration of Properties of End-to-end Delay in Wireless Network
Onoue, HirokiImplementation and evaluation of inspection approach forequals and hashCode method in Java
Kawamitsu, NaohiroOrigin detection of reused files across different project repositories
Kimura, TakuhiroQuality-dependent Score-level Fusion for multi-modal person authentication of Face, Gait, and the Height Biometrics
Kudo, AkiraPatrolling Grid Graphs and Torus Graphs by Mobile Agents
Kou, RyotaroIdentifying Inconsistent Code Based on Presence of Delegation Functionality
Saika, TsubasaAnalysis of refactoring consecutively co-occurred in software development histories
Sakaguchi, YudaiA self-stabilizing algorithm for constructing \rho-component cover in sensor networks
Sano, ManamuAn Approach to Understanding Code Clone Using Tag Cloud of Identifier Name
Suganuma, KoujiAn evaluation of the impact of task allocation on power consumption in data centers
Suzuki, TakumaProposal of channel assignment algorithm with channel bonding for wireless mesh network.
Soe, RyotaEnergy-efficient virtual machine deployment method for datacenters based on degenerate robustness in biological networks
Takemasa, JunjiA Study on an Analysis of Energy Consumed by Cache-basedNetworks Conforming to CCN
Tara, YasutakaA study on Emergency Telecommunication Service Architecture based on CCN (Content-Centric Networking)
Deguchi, TakaakiPerformance evaluation of task assignment method for reducing air conditioning power consumption at data centers
Tong, QilingPerformance Evaluation of Cloud-based Energy Management Systemutilizing WebSocket Protocol
Nakao TomohiroProposal and evaluation of a active routing method based on attractor selection model with memory
Nakagawa, RyoA Searching an State Space Tree with High Efficiency using Iterative¡¡Execution of MapReduce Applications
Nakamura, AkiGenerating Parallel Simulation Code based on Hierarchical Dependency Graph extracted from Massive Biophysical Model Descriptions
Nakamura, KenjiParallelization for Fast Wavelet Matrix Construction on a Multicore-CPU
Hashimoto, TomonoriAppearance-based feature for the group interaction detection
Hasegawa, KeitaA Study on an Optimization Model for LTE Frequency Resource UtilizationResulting from Message Aggregation with Multi-hop Communications
Matsumura, ToshinoriMethod Execution History Visualization Tool using Classification ofExecution Paths
Mitani, YasuakiRealization of Topology Mutation for Iterative Graph Processing Framework on the GPU
Miyamoto, KeisukePerformance evaluation of SCTP tunneling from QoS perspective in a wireless LAN environment
Morimoto, AkiraExperimental Evaluation of Available Bandwidth Measurement Method for Arbitrary Parts of End-to-End Path
Yamauchi, KenjiClassification of Commits by Analyzing Identifiers in Source Code
Takagi, KentarouDynamic partition assignment based on statistical estimating of intermediate data in MapReduce
Fujisawa, KazukiA Simulation Study on Evaluating Performances of Congestion Control with Negative ACKs in Named Data Networking

Master Thesis

Kimura, ShuheiEvaluating the Effect of Return Null on Maintenance
Ishii, AsahaLearning support system for database design of MongoDB
Ishihara, TomoyaCode completion by using code clone detection
Umekawa, KoichiSupporting Task Level Commit Patternwith deviding and combining Fine-Grained Version History
Ogawa, TakuyaAnalysis of gait change due to the presence or absence of physical limitationsthat focuses on balance and kinematics
Onizuka, YuyaAPI Recommendation Based on Surrounding Identifiers and API Usage History
Kusudo,KoA High-Throughput String Search Using vector processing for Partially Matching Data
Goto, AkiraMachine Learning Approach to Recommending Extract Method Refactoring Opportunities using Source Code Features
Yukihiro, SasakiDerivation of the mapping for program analysis holding before and after the execution of the loop
Shigeoka, KentarouA Buffer Management Method for Solving Large Scale Problems by Branch and Bound Method on a GPU
Shibata, MasahiroMove-efficient partial gathering of mobile agents
Shimba, HiroakiFormal Verification for Consistency Checking betweenequals and hashCode methods in Java
Takatsu, ShusukeSafely-converging self-adaptive-organization of a BFS tree with many leaves in virtual grid networks
Tanaka, KenichiroVisualization of translucent objects using parallel/coaxial high frequency illumination
Nakano, AkihitoDirectives and their translator for pipelined processing of data exceeding the accelerator memory capacity
Furuya, TatsurouA prediction model of configuration parameters based on linear approximation of processing time for accelerating Hadoop programs
Mega, ToshiyaUniform Deployment of Mobile Robots on a Grid
Yamanaka, YukiHigh-speed Function Clone Detection Using TF-IDF and LSH Algorithm
Yoshikawa, TadashiPartitioning Hierarchical Dependency GraphConsidering Redundant Calculations for Parallel Simulation of General Biophysical Models
Wakisaka, HirokiA Method for Reducing Execution Trace Using Stored Object Behavior Histories
Ueda, YukiAn Availability Evaluation of the Hierarchical Voting System in the Presence of Network Failures
Usami, JunA Bone-Marrow Space Segmentation Method using Graph-Cuts
Ochi, JunyaA Tabletop Spatial AR System for Reference Augmentation on Paper Documents
Kishishita, NaohiroThe Effort of Wide Field-of-view See-through HMD on Visual Information Perception in Outdoor AR Environments
Matsui, YukiOn the effects of structural properties of networks on the tolerance of distributed systems to component failures
Nakai, YutoA Proposal and Evaluation of a Power Consumption Model of a CCNx Router
Akai, YumaA Study on Improving Location Accuracy in Floating Car Data Using Map-context
Adachi YoshiakiEncounter prediction-based content delivery scheduling for information sharing among vehicles
Iijima, YusukeMeasuring packet loss ratio on overlay networksbased on spatial composition
Ishiyama, RyoichiA Proposal and Evaluation of Cache Information Diffusion for Request Guidance in Content-Centric Networking
Iwahashi, HirokiReal-Time Event Detection in a Crowd using Laser Range Scanners and Mobile Cameras
Uejima, YukiArea of presence detection using 3D building model and GPS signal to noise ratio
Ooka, AtsushiHardware Design and Evaluation of CAM-based High-speed CCN Router
Otoshi, TatsuyaPrediction-based Control Theoretic Approach for Robust Traffic Engineering
Onzuka, NaotakaProposal and evaluation of robust multipath routing with attractor selection
Shimotsuma, YutaPreconfiguring Robust Logical Topologies with Autonomous Routingfor Data Center Networks
Daido, OsamuLink Travel-Time Estimation with Probe Vehicle Trajectory Based on Traffic Queuing Process at Signalized Intersections
Takagi, ShoichiPerformance evaluation of heuristic algorithms for time slot assignment in IEEE 802.16j relay networks
Toyonaga, ShinyaConfiguring robust virtual wireless sensor networksfor Internet of Things inspired by brain functional networks
Harada, MinoruGraph-Based Analysis of Exploration with Micro-Robots for Search in Rubble
Higo, KoheiPerformance study of IEEE 802.16j relay networks by multiple regression analysis
Fujii, ShutoPedestrian counting based on Monte Carlo method with binary sensors
Maekawa, YukiEstimating Car-level Position and Congestion for Passenger¡Çs Railway Trips Using Mobile Phones
Mizushima, MikiCounting pedestrians passing through a line in crowded scenes by extracting optical flows
Mizumoto, KojiProposal, Evaluation and Experiment of Large-scaled Virtual Network Topology Control Method Based on Attractor Selection
Iwase, RyoA security verification method against inference attacks on XML databases modeled by data trees and its correctness
Ushirozako, YasuhiroA formalization of decrease in secrecy by disclosure of ciphertexts in encrypted databases and its decision method
Kuwada, HayatoThe consistency and absolute consistency problems of XML schema mappings between practical DTDs
Maruishi, TomojiAdaptive noise control [(pq)^2,(2+p(q-1))(pq-1)] codes
Araki, RyoA detecting method for co-expressed PPI subnetworks by integrating PPI data and time-course gene expression profiles
Ishiki, YusukeCounterExample-Guided Abstraction Refinement algorithm using multiple logics for formal verification of high level circuit descriptions and Register Transfer Level description
Okuma YutaA method for analyzing a time series gene expression profile using gene sets
Ono, TakahiroA proposal of mathematical model for chemotaxis of osteoclast precursor based on image processing.
Kawada, YoshiakiThe method to detect specific alternative splicing events in several RNA-seq data
Ijiti, AkihikoAcceleration Techniques based on Modular Structures in Coverage-driven Verification using Bayesian Networks

Doctor Thesis

Kaneda, ShigeruNetwork Design and Performance Evaluation Considering Traffic Growth and Users' Behavior for Optical and Mobile Wireless Networks
Ohno, TomoshigeA Study on Methods of Transcription Analysis Using RNA-Seq Data
Tsukamoto, KeiichiroVirtual Content-Centric Networking for Realizing Efficient and Secure Content Retrieval and Distribution
Nishijima, TakamichiImproving TCP Throughput for Cloud Applications
Watabe, KoheiThe Role of Fluctuations in Network Performance Evaluation
Kiyama, NoboruDesign and Development of Location Based Action Support Systems
Higuchi, TakamasaMobile Node Localization Focusing on Human Behavior in Pedestrian Crowds
Dinh Tien HoangDistributed Solution Approaches for Large-scale Network Measurement Exploiting Local Information Exchange

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