ICS thesis in Mar. 2013

Bachelor Thesis

Ohnisi, RikuMaximality decision problem of common structures represented byXPath queries in the presence of DTDs
Sugiyama, MasakazuA method for extracting functional gene subsets specific to adipose tissues under cold exposure using time series gene expression profiles
Yasuhara, HiroyukiOnline Lighting and Reflectance Estimation for AR Systems
Tago, TakahiroPerformance Evaluation of a Hybrid Watermarking Scheme under the IHC Criteria
Yoshida, KoushirouScoring methods for inferred Gene Regulatory Networks with Mutual Information and Data Processing Inequality
Kasano, KeisukeError performance evaluation method of q-ary liner code in network coding
Kishida, YoshihiroA data pricing method for information given by queries based on their quantitative relation
Saiki TakanoriModel Checking of Enterprise Software Specifications Using SPIN Model Checker
Tanaka, ShingoGuaranteeing Interaction Test Coverage in Random Testing byPost-Processing Test Cases that Violate Constraints
Fukuda, KojiroA method of cell-division detection for time-lapse fluorescent microscopy images based on motion history image
Matsuo, TakashiA proposal of processor for motion sensing system using accelerometer
Ikeda TakahideEvaluation of 3D on-chip network structures for a data center
Uragari HiroshiFormal verification of interrupt control mechanism of the microprocessor
Otsubo, YasuhideA proposal of cooperative vehicle position estimation using LED communication
Ohba, ToshihikoDesign and control of an attractor structure for virtual network topology control based on attractor selection
Kitade, YumaMethod and evaluation to distribute the contents using encoded addresses in CCN
Satoh, TakumiA Calculation Method of Likelihood of Action at the Time of Disaster using Accelerometer
Shigeoka, DaikiA Random Testing Method for Test Models that Include Constraints on Parameter Values
Shigeno, TakaakiAn Illumination-Robust Wide-View Eye-Mark Recorder with HDR Cameras
Sugiura TomokiAn investigation of data compression method for visual prosthesis system stimulating visual cortex
Seki, KazuteruProposal and Evaluation of Three-dimensional Object Interaction Techniques using Ray-casting and Flick Operations
Takeshita YukaReliability of inter-connected networks with multi-scale structure
Tsuji, KenjiA method to improve genome assemble accuracy using correlation coefficient for long-read including many deletion and insertion errors
Nakamura, ShokoActivities scheduling system optimizing electricity cost and lifestyle satisfaction in smart home
Nagamoto, TakahiroA Method of Generating Test Cases to Locate a Pair-Wise Interaction Fault
Nishimura, TomohiroSensing congestion utilizing the smartphone in the passage of the underground mall
Hamatani, TakashiA design of a biological information sensing system for detecting heat illness during exercise
Fukano, JunA Next Location Prediction Method for Smartphones using Mixed Membership Stochastic Blockmodels
Fujita, YuukiImplementation and proposal of Controlled mobility for a mobile sink with potential field in wireless sensor networks
Fujimoto, SatoshiA proposal of a method to expand a test set considering weighting of values
Bougauchi, WataruOpcode Encoding for HDL Code Generation using Architecture Description Language
Matsushita, NaokiAn accuracy improvement method for metagenome fragment classification using motif occurrence profile divided into multiple profiles
Toorisaka, WataruPower consumption analysis of data transmission over IEEE 802.11 multi-hop networks
Ando, ShoheiAcceleration of Generating Joint Weight Distribution using the GPU
Ishino, MasanoriA Study on the Robustness of Centrality Measuresagainst Link Weight Quantization in Real Social Networks
Imura, Yumafeature analysis for lesion detection in capsule endoscope
Hashimoto, KazuyukiEffect of occlusions on pedestrian counting based on the number of salient points in video sequences
Buyannemekh, OdkhuuInvestigation of code cloneĦÇs surrounding code for code clone comprehension
Matsumura, TakahiroMultispectral speckle correlation for estimating depth of static layer
Moriwaki, TakuyaA Case Study on How Clone Author and User Interact
Nakagawaji, KatsuyukiThe proposal and prototype for grid computing via Web browsers over P2P networks
Okazaki, TakuroRobust redundant configuration method of information network systems inspired by degeneracy in biological networks
Okada, TsukasaConstruction of immersive walking environment to simultaneously measure gaze and gait
Shimizu, TaichiEvaluation of data collection capability in large-scale smart metering system based on receiver-driven multihop communication
Ikuzawa, TakuyaIn-place discrete wavelet transform in CUDA
Ito, RumiA Memory-efficient Self-stabilizing Algorithm for Overlay Chordal Ring Networks
Imazato, AyakaA Study on Evolution of Repeated Code in Program Source Code
Ogoshi, YuichiAn Implementation of Delay Differential Equation Solverfor General Biophysical Simulator Flint on GPU
Kaito, OhsugiValidate caching performance analysis in a virtual content-centricnetwork
Okada, DaikiEfficient execution environments for distributed systems on virtual machines
Kashiwabara, YukiSupport to change method name using association rules between method name and the near identifiers
Kusunoki, NoaReconstruction software repositories based on classifying modifications
Koyama, KaiEvaluation of time slot assignment for accommodating the userterminal in IEEE 802.16j relay networks
Sakurai, ShunPerformance evaluation of tunnel aggregation method for reducing control plane cost in mobile core networks
Shindo, AkoProposal and Evaluation of a Scheduling Mechanism for RPL-based Service Network Multiplexing
Takasaki, ShuheiTask Recording Support for Software Development PBL using Digital Kanban and Online Strage
Takeshita ErinaEvaluation of coupling effect on performance of layered adaptive routing
Tanoue, TakuyaMultiple Regression Analysis of Explanatory Variablesfor Pedestrian Counting in Video Sequences
Terada, YuuA System for Matching Requests and Treatments on Twitter using MapReduce.
Hatano, TomomiAn Empirical Study and Usefulness Evaluation of Thin Slice for Program Comprehension
Higashiyama, YumaPerformance Evaluation of Gait Recognition Methods in Various Situations
Hirasaki, YasuhiroDevelopment of an authoring system for the puzzle type programming learning system
Fujita, YuyaA Verification Method for Consistency between SQL Statements and Schemas using Alloy Analyzer
Manaka, YujiA Study on the Integrated Control of Virtual Machine Live Migration and Traffic Engineering for Cloud Computing
Minami, ShotaN-order Markov process-based predictions for short idle time in cycle sharing systems
Mori, EmikaA method with Alloy Analyzer for verifying JML annotations- An application of a ware-house management program -
Mori, HiroyaExperimental evaluation of communication-efficient self-stabilizing protocols in wireless network
Yamaguchi, KakuEffectiveness Evaluation of Techniques to Support Extract Method Refactoring

Master Thesis

Aoki, Masatakaoptimal sensor deployments for intruder detection in sensor networks
Ioka, MasakazuDetection of Similar Classes and Methods by Matching Execution Trace Segments
Ishizue, TatsuyaAn Analysis about Accessibility Excessiveness of Revision Histories in Java Programs
Inoue, YukiAn acceleration method for tree-projection algorithm on MapReduce by dynamic granularity control
Oka, YosukeA GPU-Accelerated Grid System for Exploiting Short Idle Time with Cooperative Multitasking
Okazaki, YuyaEnergy-Efficient Scheduling on Parallel Computing Systems under Uncertainty of Job Executions
Xia, PeiAn Empirical Study of Out-dated Third-party Code in Open Source Software
Kawai, RyoPerson Re-identification using Fusion of Color and View-transformed Gait Features
KANDA, TetsuyaConstruction of Software Derivation Tree for software product family
Kudo, RyosukeAn Exploratory Study on Method Call Differences among Code Clones
Kuromatsu, NobuyukiAccelerating graph application with MapReduce by focusing onĦĦredundant values to reduce transfer of key-value pairs
Sasaki, YuiSupporting Refactoring for Improving Source Code Understandability Based on Program Structures
Shiraga, KoheiWearable surveillance system for children and its evaluation
Sugimoto, YukiA Cache-Aware Method for GPU-Based Volume Rendering
Takatani, TsuyoshiPhotometric Decoding for Scene Analysis
Takimoto, TomoyaEnergy-efficient self-stabilizing protocols in wireless networks
Nakajima, Hozuma2D and 3D-based Gait Feature Measurement Methods Using Kinect
Nagase, YoshihiroIgnoring error-handling for method-based clone detection
Hanada, KentaroA Bi-Directional Translation between Annotation Languages Aimed for Round-Trip Engineering
Yoshioka, KazukiEmpirical Research on Software with Contract based Software Development Using Software Repository
Murakami HiroakiType-3 Code Clone Detection Using The Smith-Waterman Algorithm
Yang, JiachenClassification Model for Code Clones Based on Machine Learning
Umakatsu, AtsushiPinch-n-Paste: Direct Texture Transfer Interaction in Augmented Reality
Endo, RyotaA Low Power Processor Architecture forMulti-Dimensional Parity Check Code Processing
Suzuki, MasahiroMethodolgy for creating vital signs based health condition scenario of injured persons for Emergo Train System
Sombatsiri, SalitaAn Architecture Design Space Exploration Method for System-on-a-Chip Considering Extended Multi-layer Bus with Hierarchical Shared Bus Subsystems
Shun, TokuyamaDesign and Evaluation of a Gossip Protocol that Uses Network Coding
Ninomiya, ShoAutomating Bus Architecture Exploration with Streaming Application Partitioning for MPSoC
Hyodo, YusukeInstruction selection method for compiler generation from ADL
Yasunaga, TakuyaHuman-Computer Dance Interaction with Real-time Wiimote and Kinect Control
Yasuhara, HiroyukiOnline Lighting and Reflectance Estimation for AR Systems
Yamanaka, ShouA Circuit Delay Estimation Method at Architecture Level for ASIP
Ishikawa, SuguruOn the Feasibility of a Gradient-Based Approach for Geographically Local Information Dissemination
Inokuchi, MasakiAutonomous Recognition of Emergency Site by Multimodal Mobile Sensors
Ohtani, MasatoDesign and Implementation of Virtual Content-Centric Networking for Group-Based Communication
Kashiyama, AyakaDepth Limited Treatment Planning and Scheduling for Maximizing Survival Rates in Disasters
Kanaya, TakumiSensor Placement Optimization and Simulation for Crowd of People Tracking
Kitayama, TomoyaTime slot assignment algorithm in IEEE 802.16j relay networksconsidering traffic demand and link transmission quality
Kuze, NaomiProposal and evaluation of a predictive mechanism for controlled self-organization based routing
Koitani, KazumasaAn Available Bandwidth Measurement Method for Arbitrary Parts of End-to-End Path
Chen, LuDesigning an Evolvable Information Network with Topological Diversity
Seki, MotohiroOn Stable Traffic Engineering against Selfish Wide-AreaLiveĦĦMigration in CloudĦĦComputing
Toorisaka, WataruPower consumption analysis of data transmission over IEEE 802.11 multi-hop networks
Hayashida, RyuichiSystem Identification of Network Service Response Time with Genetic Programming
Mine, RyosukeEffect of radio interference estimation methodsfor time slot assignment on performanceof IEEE 802.16j relay networks
Yoshinari, MasahiroIncreasing Adaptability to Traffic Changes by Proactive VirtualNetwork Control
Waki MidoriA rate control mechanism with attractor perturbation model for stabilizing end-to-end delays
Wada, YusukeAn Indoor Localization Method Using Laser Range Scanners and Wireless Devices
Ikeda, SeigoNew Hybrid Watermarking with Better Tradeoff between Image Quality and Detection Accuracy
Okamae, NaoyoshiFloating Codes based on Coset Coding and their performance analyses for the codes with Hamming code
Kusunoki, YoheiThe validity problem of positive XPath queries with sibling axes in the presence of DTDs
Yamazoe, NobuakiDecidability of k-Secrecy against Inference Attacks using Functional Dependencies on XML Databases
Ohsuga ShoSupervised learning using Link prediction to improve the accuracy of gene regulatory network inference
Sugiyama, MasakazuA method for extracting functional gene subsets specific to adipose tissues under cold exposure using time series gene expression profiles
Watanabe, YukitoA robust method for estimating gene regulatory networks based on Bayesian networkusing multiple time series gene expression profiles
Kubota, JunshiThe method of improving the number of toggle counts for coveragedriven simulation using diverse stimulus generation

Doctor Thesis

Okuyama, TomohiroAccelerating GPU Programs by Reducing Irregular Control Flow and Memory Access
Katagiri, MasajiA Study on Communiction Structure Analysisusing Smartphone Usage Histories
Kominami, DaichiManaged Self-Organization Control for Robust Wireless Sensor Networks
Shao, XunStudies on the interation between overlay routing and inter-domain routing structure
Hashimoto, MasafumiTransport-Layer Solutions for Achieving Fairness and Energy Efficiency in Wireless LANs
Takahiro HirayamaAnalysis, Modeling, and Design of ISP Topologies Considering Traffic Dynamics
Matsuda, KazuhitoReducing ISPs' cost by application-level path selection and in-network caching
Mori, ShunsukeA Study on Design and Development Support for Cooperative Wireless Sensing Systems
Sakai, YukiDesign and Optimization of Protocols for Distributed Data Processing Services onOverlay and Mobile Networks
Yamamoto, HiroshiBio-inspired Self-organizing Control Mechanisms for Cooperative Wireless Ad-hoc and Sensor Networks

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