ICS thesis in Mar. 2012

Bachelor Thesis

Akai, Yuma nonpublic
Adachi, YoshiakiA proposal of an efficient traffic information sharing technique using vehicle-to-vehicle communication and mobile network communication
Uejima, YukiIndoor/Outdoor Detection Using GPS Signal Status and Development of its Navigation System
Maruishi, TomojiDeterministic identity-based encryption secure against selective-ID attack with auxiliary input
Hashimoto, HiroshiOptimization of availability of a voting system in the presence of network failures
Iwase, RyoA verification method of the security against inference attacks on XML databaseswith queries involving data value comparisons
Ogawa, TakuyaAnalysis of gait variation result from physical load
Onzuka, NaotakaProposal and evaluation of a control overhead reduction method for attractor selection-based proactive routing
Kuwada, HayatoThe consistency and absolute consistency problems ofXML schema mappings between restricted DTDs
Shimotsuma, YutaEvaluation of data center network structures and routing methods to achieve load balancing
Daido, Osamu nonpublic
Tanaka, KenichiroSharpening Transparent Images of Human Body using Near-infrared High-frequency Illumination
Toyonaga, ShinyaDownstream potential-based routing in wireless sensor networks
Nakadachi, TomohiroXPath satisfiability for hybrid DTDs ofdisjunction-capsuled DTDs and duplicate-free DTDs
Nishii, MasatoshiBDD-Based Constraint Handling in Test Case Generation
Hirao, TakanoriImage Sensor Communication for Patient ID Recognition using Mobile Devices
Fujii, YuyaInstruction Scheduling for VLIW Processors Considering the Power Constraints
Fujihara, YuusukeGait Identification using Phase-normalized Image Sequence and Fluctuation Feature.
Betria Silvana RossaGait Recognition using Pseudo Motion Feature
Matsui, YukiModularity and Flow distribution in ISP's router-level topologies
Mizumoto, KojiA Distributed Control of Virtual Network Topologiesby Using Attractor Selection Model
Yanabu, YuichiroTask Allocation Optimization Method Using SA Method for Multi-Processor System
Momotani, KazuyukiNarrowband Communication System for Body Area Network
Yamashita, TakumiDevelop a test case generation tool which can handle constraintfor the pair-wise testing strategy.
Yamoto, HiroakiBidirectional Communication System with Wireless Power Transmission
Iwami, HiroakiA Study on the Effect of Virtualization Overhead on the Accuracy ofNetwork Emulator
Goto, AkiraRanking Candidates of Merging Similar Methods using Slice-Based Cohesion Metrics
Yamanaka, YukiCategorization of code clones based on evolution patterns of them and its analysis system
Uetoko, AtsushiA Method to Improve Inference Accuracy of Gene Regulatory Networks Based on Bootstrap in Consideration of Measurement Errors of Gene Expression
Umekawa, KoichiA proposal of the student evaluation metrics using the online storage in the software development PBL
Kobayashi, YoheiOn the Effectiveness of Link Prediction Techniques for Face-to-Face Behavioral Networks
Abe, TetsuroPerformance evaluation of algorithms about presence or absence of message losses detection in the sensor network
Araki, RyoA Method for detecting cellular-specific gene regulatory networks comparing plural cell differentiation series
Iijima, YusukeSpatial composition method for packet loss ratio measurement on overlay networks
Ishii, AsahaPerformance evaluation of Hadoop system consisting of Virtual Machines on Multi-core CPUs
Ishihara, TomoyaMethod-based Code Clone Detection for a Huge Dataset
Ishiyama, RyoichiProposal and Evaluation of Diffusive Content Caching in Content-Centric Networking
Usami, JunEffect of push-based information distribution for reducing electricity usage in university
Okuma, YutaGene Set Enrichment Analysis for Time-series Gene Expression Profiles
Okuda, KayoA Method to Improve Mapping Accuracy in Sequence Analysis Based on Genotypes
Ochi, JunyaAR interior design system using range sensor in tablet-type device
Onizuka, YuyaTool to Propose Method Names Based on Verb-Object Relation from Source Code
Kawada, YoshiakiA method for inferring gene regulatory networks based on differential equation model with multiple time-series gene expression profiles
Kishishita, NaohiroInvestigation of the Peripheral Visual Field for Information Displaywith a Wide Field-of-view See-through HMD using a Virtual Environment
Sasaki, YukihiroConversion of paths in Java into their execution decision expressions and their resolution by SMT solver
Shigeoka, KentarouA Parallelization Method for Accelerating Parameter Sweep Applications Using CUDA
Shibata, MasahiroPartial rendezvous of mobile agents in asynchronous unidirectional rings
Shimba, HiroakiProposal of a translation technique from Java Modeling Language to Object Constraint Language based on the model translation technique
Suzuki, YukiAutomated anatomical labeling of vessels based on optimal path finding between great vessels and organs from multi-phase 3D CT images
Takagi, ShoichiTime slot assignment method based on estimation of radio waves interference in IEEE802.16j relay networks
Takatsu, ShusukeA self-optimizing routing method based on local information in virtual grid networks
Tsubouchi, YukiAn SSE-Based Method for Increasing Throughput of SHA-1 Computationfor Deduplication Storage
DOTRI, QUOCCase Studies of Accessibility Excesiveness Analysis for Java Programs
Nakano, AkihitoA task scheduler for high-speed stream processingin CUDA-compatible GPU
Harada, MinoruA Study on the Feasibility of Search Application by Using Micro-robots
Higo, KouheiTime slot assignment mechanism considering adaptive modulation and coding in IEEE 802.16j relay networks
Fujii, ShutoMonte Carlo-based bi-directional pedestrian counting with compound-eye binary sensors
Furuichi, TomoyaDevelopment of network failure avodaince functionality for SAGE
Furuya, TatsurouAn event-based profiler for retrieving detailed logs on MapReduce framework
Matsumoto, Ryo nonpublic
Mizushima, MikiCounting pedestrians passing through virtual gate in video sequences by extracting optical flows
Murakami, HiroakiImplementation of Code Clone Detection Method Designed for Information of Repetition in Source Code.
Mega ToshiyaUniform Deployment of Multiple Mobile Agents in Synchronous Ring Networks
Yoshikawa, TadashiAn Evaluation of a Simulation Method Focusing on Similarity of Expressions in General Biophysical Model
Wakisaka, HirokiAn Object Behavior Prediction Method Using Matching Execution History

Master Thesis

Akae, NaokiPeriodic Image Sequence Reconstruction from Low Frame-rate Videos for Gait Recognition
Ikeda, KeiAccelerating Mutual Information Computation for Nonrigid Registration using CUDA
Inoshita, ChikaShape estimation of translucent objects based on intensity of single scattering
Ohtani, KoheiA path shortening technique in the ad hoc routing protocol with link breaking avoidance mechanism
Okada KeisukeGPU-Accelerated Pairwise Alignment for Genome Sequences
Kashima, YuA tool of visualizing input/output of a method for program comprehension
Kawai, ShinjiRandomized Rendezvous of Multiple Mobile Agents in Anonymous Unidirectional Ring Networks
Kanda, HirotoAn instrumentation method for analyzing memory access efficiency of CUDA programs
Kobayashi, KazukiAutomatic generation of test cases for Java using an SMT solver and a PDG
Jung, DongkiAn algorithm for Target Tracking considering Boundary Problem in Cluster-based Sensor Networks
Choi, EunjongInvestigating Clone Metrics of Merged Code Clones
Fukui, NobuyaParallel biophysical simulation for Dynamic Agent-based Models on insilicoSim
Fujii, TaichiA learning support system for exercises of algorithm designwith multiple abstraction levels
Hotta, KeisukeA Refactoring Support for Form Template Method using PDG-based Code Clone Detection
Masai, TomooInvestigating Changes of Code Clone and Probremsin the Evolution of Open Source Software
Matsui, RyuModel structure based auto-tuning of parallel time-evolution simulator for biophysical model description language ISML
Muto, YukoVariable Coverage: A Metric to Evaluate the Exhaustiveness for Program Specifications Based on DbC
Moriguchi, ShoseiEstimation of Shielding Object Distribution in Scattering Media by Analyzing Light Transport
Tokunaga, MasayukiA Refactoring Pattern Based on Detailed Code Clone Classification
Faruqi, Muhammad ismailAcceleration of Variance of Color Differences-Based Demosaicing Using CUDA
Ida, KentaA Generation Method of Instruction Set Simulator Switching Simulation Accuracy
Inoue Hiroyukik-Induction-based model checking for concurrent systems with unbounded integer variables
Ohnishi, Takayuki3D Interaction Techniques Utilizing Flexible 2D-to-3D Mapping
Ohya, KazukiLow Power Processors with Dedicated Instruction Set for Cyclic Codes
Kamata, YujiAn SoC Design for Biological Information Sensing System Attached to the Body Surface
Murata, KensukeAn Architecture Description Language for HDL Description and Application Program Development Environment
Morishima, ShigekiA Waist-mounted ProCam System for Spatial AR-based Remote Collaboration
Namba TohruA SAT-Based Approach for Constructing Test Suites for Pair-Wise Testing
Ise, YuukiPerformance evaluation and estimation of IEEE 802.16j relay networks considering radio wave obstruction by obstacles
Ichihara, HirofumiMixed Integer Programming Formulation of Integrated Controlof Virtual Machine Live Migration and Traffic Engineering for Cloud Computing
Katsuda, EtsukoNavigation Enhancement Using GPS Line-of-sight Detection in City Sections
Kanai, HideyukiGradient Formation Methods Incorporating Movement of Nodes for Gradient-based Routing in Delay Tolerant Networks
Kobayashi, DaisukeParameter tuning of end-to-end bandwidth measurement method \\with power-saving routers
Shigefuji, TakafumiEffective node repositioning method with limitation of the number of repositioned nodes for IEEE 802.16j relay networks
Shimomura, NaoyaA Proposal for Low-Pass Filtering of Fluid Models for AcceleratingFlow-Level Simulation
Tarutani, YuyaVirtual Network Topology Control to Achieve Low Energy Consumption in an Optical Data Center Network
Damdinsuren, ChuluunsurenLoad Balancing Techniques for Lifetime Prolonging in Smart Metering Systems
Togashi, YujiA self-learning traffic signal control based onprediction of vehicle behavior for CO2 reduction
Nakata, YuAnalyzing and Utilizing the Collaboration Structure in Router-level Internet Topologies
Nakahama, KojiPerformance Evaluation of Urban Systems for Sensing Human Activity
Bajracharya, Anuj RatnaCapacity Aware Dynamic Data Forwarding Protocol for Periodic Data Collection in WSN
Higuchi, TakamasaMobile Node Localization Focusing on Stop-and-Go Behavior of Indoor Pedestrians
Fujisawa, ShizukaPedestrian counting in video sequences based on optical flow clustering
Matsumoto YukihiroOn the Robustness of Centrality Measures against Noise in Link Weight and its Quantization in Social Network Analysis
Morishita, YotaA Proposal and Evaluation of Virtual Offloading with Software Emulation for Estimating Performance Improvement with TCP/IP Protocol Offloading
Yamada, JunTDMA Scheduling among Road Side Units for Efficient Utilization of Frequency in I2V Communication
Yamada, YosukeOn the Impact of Mobility Constraints on Epidemic Broadcast Mechanisms in Delay-Tolerant Networks
Iwai, TakuyaBio-inspired autonomous device assignment for cooperative resource sharing in a wireless sensor and actor network
Kido, YoshiroComputation Method for Joint Weight Enumerator to Evaluate Decoding Error Probability of Linear Block Code in Network Coding
Sawada, RyutaExtensions of expressive power preservation relation on XML schemas and their decidability
Ueta, DaisukeDirect Acyclic Graph for Short-read Clusters and Application for Sequence Error Correction
Hashimoto, TakuyaA method for risk prediction based on genetic polymorphism data using patient population division
Kitaguchi, TatsuyaA method for inference of Gene Regulatory Network using Nested Effects Models with consideration of temporal delay

Doctor Thesis

Ikeda, TakatoshiStudies on GPU-based Acceleration Based of Application of Convolution
Kumura, TakahiroStudies on Performance Evaluation and Design Productivity Improvement for Digital Signal Processing Systems
Kurakake, ShojiControl methods for wireless-mesh-network link-scheduling adaptive to traffic changes and application selection adaptive to user activities
Debari, JunyaA Study of Software Project Checkup Based on Data Mining Tequniques
Hata, HideakiFault-prone Module Prediction Using Version Histories
Tsugawa, ShoDesigning Advanced Network Services Utilizing Social Networks in Large-Scale Online Communities
Hwang, HaesungRealizing Name-based Routing in the Network Layer

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