ICS thesis in Mar. 2011

Bachelor Thesis

Suzuki JunAn Electronic Triage System with Human Body Communication
Ueda, YuukiAn Implementation of a Human Tracking System that Uses Particle Filters
Endo, RyotaA processor architecturesuitable for extended Hamming code processing
Otaki, TomofumiImproving Bounded Model Checking for Deadlock Detection in Petri Nets
Okamae, NaoyoshiValidity Verification for Hardness Assumptions on Bilinear Groups
Kashiyama, AyakaAdjustment of Difficulty Level in Treatment Order Decision Drill for Mass Casualty Incident
Kawai, RyoPedestrian Matching across Cameras using STHOG Features
Kubota, JunshiThe method of improving simulation coverage with learning results of a SAT solver
Suzuki, MasahiroStraightening an intestine volume for its shape analysis
Tokuyama, ShunA gossip protocol that uses random linear network coding
Nagase YoshihiroPrimary study about relation between human's gaze direction and gait features
Ninomiya, ShoInstruction-Set Extension Method for Low-energy Applications considering Inline Expansion
Hyodo, YusukeCompiler generation method from instruction behavior description
Fujita, AtsushiPerformance Evaluation of a Cooperative Distributed Systemto Estimate Vehicle Positions Based on Realistic Vehicular Traffic Scenarios
Fujihara, KentaPerformance analysis of error detection code in network coding
Matsumoto, HidekiMAP inference for Bayesian networks by Zero-Suppressed BDDs
Moriguchi, TakutoClient/Server-Based Data Fusion from Multiple Cameras and Its Application
Yamazoe, NobuakiEvaluation of Control Overhead of Self-organized Virtual Network Topology Control
Waki, MidoriProposal and Evaluation of Attractor Perturbation-based Rate Control to Accomplish Stable End-to-end Delay
Wada, YusukeA Study on Analyzing and Modeling of Pedestrian Traffics in Underground Streets using Laser Range Scanners
Ogura, RyousukeReduction of computational complexity using shuffle operators in correspondence analysis between the types defined by an XML schema and an XPath expression
Kusunoki, YoheiThe validity problem of positive XPath queries with wildcard and sibling axes in the presence of DTDs
Goda, YushiImplementation and Efficiency Improvement of an Infinity SecrecyVerification Method Against Inference Attacks Using Functional Dependencies on XML Databases
Tanabe, TomoyukiComparative evaluation of information dissemination methods for effective and efficient information sharing in wireless sensor networks
Hayamizu, TadashiPerformance Improvement by Collision Avoidance of Control Packet forReceiver-driven Multi-hop Wireless Networks
Inokuchi, MasakiMap Estimation by Mobile Wireless Nodes with Laser Range Scanners
Kanaya, Takumi(非公開)
Shiraga, KouheiA Prototype of Wearable Surveillance System using Compact Image Processing Module and Stereo Camera
Takatani, TsuyoshiDecomposition of Reflected and Scattered Lights by Optically Weighted Sensing
Aoki, MasatakaExperimental evaluation of the performance of packet collision detection and self-stabilizing algorithms in sensor networks
Ioka, MasakazuSupporting Determination of Regions for Merging Similar Method Pairs Based on the Cohesion Metric COB
Ishikawa, SuguruProposal of An Adaptive Routing Method Based on Attractor Selection in Delay Tolerant Networks
Ishizue, TatsuyaExperimental Performance Evaluation of DistributedAlgorithms for Spanning Tree Constructions to Adapt TopologyChanges with Minimum Changes of Outputs
Inoue, YukiAn implementation of a frequent sequential patternextraction with MapReduce
Imajo, KentaroAn Optical Flow Algorithm for Short-term Precipitation Forecasting
Ohsuga, ShoFeature selection techniques using supervised learning to improve the accuracy of gene regulatory network inference
Ohtani, MasatoA Proposal of Router Virtualization for Realizing Group-Based Communication in Content-Centric Network
Oka, YosukeCooperative Multitasking for Concurrent Processing of Heavily-loaded Graphics Applicationand Scientific Computation on the GPU
Okazaki, YuyaLoad Balancing in Selfish Heterogeneous Computational Grids
Okada, YoshitomoApplying Moving Windows to EbA method and its experimental evaluation
Kanda, TetsuyaA Tool for Comparing Android Applications Using Difference of API Calling Sequences
Kitayama, TomoyaTime slot assignment algorithms considering adaptive modulation and coding in IEEE 802.16j relay networks
Kudo, RyosukeAnalysis of Changes of Identifier between Code Clones to Support Refactoring
Kuromatsu, NobuyukiImproving fault-tolerance of the JobTrackerwith Checkpointing in Hadoop
Koitani, KazumasaA study on simultaneous measurements of available bandwidth on multiple parts of end-to-end network path
Sasaki, YuiA study about the influence that repetition relation of source code give to a modification-Comparison of results of measurement under various conditions-
Shohara, RyutaPerformance evaluation of spatial composition method for overlay network measurement
Sugimoto, YukiImproving Texture Cache Hit Rate in Volume Rendering
Sugiyama, MasakazuA method for risk prediction of a serious disease using rule-base analysis
Takimoto, TomoyaCommunication-efficient self-stabilizing protocols in wireless network
Taguchi, AkiyoshiApplications of Modifications of Class Diagram Based onVersion Change Information
Toorisaka, WataruInfluence of power saving technique in IEEE 802.11 multi-hop networks on network performance
Nakai, YutoPerformance Evaluation of Xen Networking with Many Co-Located Virtual Machines
Hanada, KentaroOn Implementation as Eclipse Plug-in and Evaluation for curriculum management system of a Translater from OCL into JML
Minamiyama, Yukiself-stabilizing vertex coloring algorithms in unidirectional anonymous networks where ancestor processes are undetectable
Yasunaga, TakuyaImprovement anf Evaluation of a Visualization Method for the Passage Rate of Unit Testing and Static Checking Using Caller-Callee Relationship between Classes
Yasuhara, HiroyukiA 3D Reconstruction Method Based on Feature Points for AR Diorama System
Yoshioka, KazukiPull-up Method Procedure Based on Code Clone Categorization and its usefulness evaluation
Radkov, AlexanderEquipment and Calibration-Free Eye Gaze Tracking (EGT) using Eye Surface Reflection and High-Framerate Programmable Illumination Projector
Watanabe YukitoAn Estimation Method of Bayesian Network Model of Gene Regulatory Networks Uniting of partial problems
Ikeda, SeigoA method for using REST service in biological workflowby converting the REST service to SOAP service
Umakatsu, Atsushi3D Reconstruction Method based on Region Segmentation for AR Diorama System
Yamanaka, ShoA fast block sort using the GPU

Master Thesis

Uemura, NaokoEnergy consumption reduction technique of tracking in sensor networks
Etsuda, ShogoA Code Navigation Tool Using Data Flow Information
Okumura, MayuPerformance Evaluation of Gait Recognition and Age Estimation using a Very Large-scale Gait Database
Kanemitsu, TomokoAutomatically Identifying and Visualizing Refactoring Candidates for Extract Method using Program Dependence Graph
Kabashima, SeiichiroProposals of Educational Process and Contents Building Technique for Reading Video Capsule Endoscopy
Kim, YonghwanA Concurrent Partial Snapshot Algorithm for Large-Scale and Dynamic Distributed Systems
Kondo, HirofumiGPU Spectrometer systems for real-time wide bandwidth radio signal analysis
Saito, AkiraAn Investigation of the Impact of Existence Duration of Code Fragment on Presence of Code Clone and Buggy Code.
Sakashita, KazuhiroA System for Capturing Textured 3D Shapes with Multi-band Cameraand Infrared Projector
Sasaki, YusukeCode Clone Retrieval System for Code Origin Exploration
Shiraishi, AkiraGait Recognition using Arbitrary View Transformation Model with 3D Gait Data
Sudo YuichiPseudo polynomial time algorithms for optimal longcut route selection
Takata, YusukeMapReduce implementation with usability in a small-scale environment
Tanaka, ToshiakiReachability Analysis of Timed Automata using Simultaneous MultipleCounterexample Extraction
Nakagawa, ShintaA Middleware for Stream Processing on Multi-GPU Environments
Nakano, YukiVisualizing Relationship of Object Generations based on Execution Trace
Nishino, MinoruIncremental Code Clone Detection Using Program Dependence Graph
Baba, YokoModeling of reflectance properties in scattering media
Fujiwara, KeiA UNIX command learning system which supports mutual learning
Matsuda, ToshihiroAn auto tuning method for accelerating stencil computation on the GPU
Miyazawa KiyoyukiClass Enhancement of our OCL to JML translation tool and Its Application to Real-Examples
Motokubota, MasayaIncreasing Optical Simulation Throughput on the GPU
Yamada, GoroDetecting Pattern Violations from Source Code Using Program Dependence Graphs
Yamada, ShinyaA Method for Measuring Modifications of Class Diagrams Based on Version Change Information
Yamada, MasayoshiLossy Compression Method for Controlling Rendering Speed of Time-Varying Volume
Wada, EtsuroDistributed algorithms for the uniformly dispersing problem of robotic sensor agents
Fujiki, TetsuyaGenerating Noun Lexicon for Program Comprehension from Identifiers
Mori, HirokiAppearance-based Gaze Estimation for a Wide-view Eye-mark Recorder
Shiraishi, TaichiroLow Energy Task Assignment Method for DVS based Multi-Processor System
Ohsawa, HirokiDevelopment of small area and low power SoCfor the detrusor pressure measurement capsule
Ogata, KenichiOn Selecting Metrics for Predicting Successful Projects by Using Association Rule Mining
Okada, ChihiroA Performance Estimation Method of TLM based SystemC Description by Software Implementation
Kunisada, TomoharuHand Pose Estimation for a Handheld Input Device using an Omni-Directional Camera and LEDs
Shintani, KoichiAn Investigation of Laterality of the body in Pointing Behaviors for a Gesture Interface
Nakai, RyosukeEvaluation of Web Application Vulnerability Detection Methods
Nishimoto, SatoruDesign and Evaluation of a New Code Coverage that Focuses on Edge Pairs in a Control Flow Graph
Noguchi, TatsuyaVerification of Asynchronous Consensus Algorithms Using Model Checking and Induction
Hiramatsu, MichihisaImplementing an Optical Camera-Based Human Tracking Systemwith the OpenCV Libraries
Inagaki, AkihiroDevelopment Support for Collaborative Distributed Applications in Wireless Sensor Network
Uejima, AsahiRefinement of vehicle mobility model on the junction to reproduce realistic car distribution
Ueno, EijiroDesign and Analysis of Waypoint Mobility Model with Various Node Distributions
Kang, GyeongyeonA study on parameter tuning of the protocol interference model considering SINR for TDMA-based wireless mesh networks
Kiyama, AtsushiA Method for Estimating Trajectories of Multiple Pedestrians byUsing Laser-Range Scanners and Wireless Communications
Shinpei KuribayashiOn the Effectiveness of Directional Antennas for Epidemic Broadcast in Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks
Shigemori, KeitaLightweight Distributed Clustering Methods for Ad-hoc Networks with High Node Mobility
Takemori, ShoichiImproving coverage performance for wireless networks based on geometric algorithms
Tanaka, ShimpeiTime slot assignment algorithms to upstream links for decreasing transmission latency in IEEE 802.16j networks
Tsukamoto, KeiichiroOn Inferring Relevant Blocks in Hyperlinked Web Page based on Block-to-Block Similarity
Nishijima, TakamichiAutomatic Parallelism Tuning Mechanism for Heterogeneous IP-SAN Protocols in Long-fat Networks
Nishida, KazuyukiDesign and Implementation of Secure IPv6 Communication Architecture using Non-negotiated Specific Service Addresses
Nogami, DaikiDevelopment of Disaster Medical Simulator for Evaluating Electronic Triage System
Hosoki, ShigehiroStructural analyses of router-level topologies having a power-law flow distribution
Minami, YukiA Study on a Managed Self-Organization of Virtual Network Topology Controls in WDM-based Optical Networks
Ohta, YoshinobuMaximum Likelihood Decoding for Binary Linear Codes in Network Coding and its Performance Analysis
Ohno, AtsushiAnalysis of the Correspondence Between Types Defined by an XML Schema and XPath Subexpressions and its Complexity
Kawai, HirotoA Proposal of an Infinite-Secrecy Verification Method AgainstInference Attacks Using Functional Dependencies on XML Databases
Kumojima, KentaAttack Derivation for Cryptographic Assumptions in the Generic Model with a Computer Algebra System
Matsumura, TakuroA study on a necessary and sufficient condition for existence ofresolution relation between two conjunctive queries
Nakayama, TomoyoshiInference of S-system Models of Gene Regulatory Networks Using Immune Algorithm
Tokoro, DaisukeZDD-based Methods for Probabilistic Inference of Bayesian Networks
Ohno, TomoshigeAn RNA-Seq Analysis Method for Isoform Prediction by Iterative Mapping
Sakai, KotaAutomated transducer generation for bus protocols with transaction identifiers
Shutou, YuyaA Method for Inference of Gene Regulatory Network using Granger Causality Test with Differential Equation Model based on Hill Function
Fukumoto, TakanoriA method to support bioinformatics workflow composition by dataflow graph transformation
Yoshizawa, KiyoshiA proposal of a crosstalk model and estimation method to find crosstalk genes on cell differentiation

Doctor Thesis

Takada, DaisukeA Context-Aware Networked Wearable AR System
Hieda, TakujiCode Optimization Methods for Configurable Processors
Makikawa, FuminoriConstructing Proximity-Aware Balanced Overlay Networks
Nagaoka, TakeshiStudy on Model Abstraction for Model Checking of Real-time Systems
Sakumoto, YusukeFluid-based Analysis and Simulation of Internet Congestion Control Mechanisms
Fujii, SaeRange Free Trajectory Estimation on Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Nitschke, ChristianImage-based Eye Pose and Reflection Analysis for Advanced Interaction Techniques and Scene Understanding
Yamanaka, HiroakiPrevention of Polluted Contents in P2P Content Sharing System

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