ICS thesis in Mar. 2010

Bachelor Thesis

Fukuhara, YutoApproximate Verification Techniquefor High-Level Hardware Design Descriptionsby Combination of Multiple Logics
Akae, NaokiThe Optimal Sensor Arrangement for Gait Identification using an Omnidirectional Camera
Inoue, HiroyukiA study of bounded model checking using SMT solvers for concurrent systemswith integer type variables
Iwai, TakuyaProposal and Evaluation of Attractor Selection-based Erroro-Tolerant Coverage Control in Wireless Sensor Networks
Ohya, KazukiDesign and evaluation of digital transceiver circuits for low power wireless communication method
Kamata, YujiArchitecture Design of SoC for Multi-channel Biometric Information Sensing Systems and its Evaluation
Kido, YoshiroAchieving Fairness with High Probability for Rational Secret Sharing with Honest Players
Kubota, Shun(Confidential)
Sawada, RyutaA study on decidability ofexpressive power preservation problem between XML schemas
Tamura, ShunsukeA Monitor Coverage Improvement Methodby Random Extension of Simulation Patterns
Tarutani, YuyaProposal and evaluation of monitored link selection methodsfor traffic engineering
Nakagawa TomofumiA method for execution order analysis of Message Sequence Charts by solving a satisfiability problem
Nakahama, KojiEvacuation simulator for evaluating disaster information sharing system
Nanba, ToruConstructing pairwise test cases using a SAT solver
Fujisawa, ShizukaDetecting The Disparity with The Omnidirectional Camera
Murata, KensukeProposal of instruction behaviour description for simultaneous generation of processors and compilers
Yamamoto, KyoheiPrototyping Tool for Identifying and Improving Risk ofSoftware Project Using Association-rule Mining
Bajracharya Anuj RatnaImplementation of a Data Collection Mechanism in Electronic Triage System Using Wireless Sensor Devices
Inoshita, Chika(Confidential)
Damdinsuren, ChuluunsurenLifetime Extension Based on Residual Energy for Receiver-driven Multi-hop Wireless Network
Togashi, YujiProposal of real-time traffic signal control system for reduction of vehicle emissions on urban streetby using inter-vehicle communication.
Higuchi, TakamasaEfficient Cooperative Localization for Mobile Wireless Nodes by Detecting Moving Nodes
Phan Thi Thanh ThuyVisualization of energy efficiency in distributed algorithm simulators forwireless sensor networks
Akiyama, ShigekiParallel Packrat Parser using Regularity in Syntactic Rules
Ashikaga, ErikaDetecting optical flow for estimating number of pedestrians passingthrough virtual gate in video sequences
Ise, YuukiPerformance evaluation of IEEE 802.16j relay networks considering radio waves blocking by obstacles
Ueta, DaisukeA method for detecting structural variants using massive genome sequence fragments
Oita, KentaroCooperative Multitasking on the GPU for Simultaneous Execution of Office and Scientific Applications
Okada, KeisukeA GPU implementation of Monte Carlo simulatorfor large financial data
Kashima, YuBuilding a Dictionary of Verb-Object Relations for Naming Identifiers
Kanai, HideyukiOn effects of node mobility on the potential-based routing in Delay Tolerant Networks
Kawai Shinjianalyze self-stabilizing token circulation algorithm with random number generator fault
Kanda, HirotoA Log Generation Tool for Analysing the Performance of CUDA Programs
Kobayashi, KazukiDeveloping of a tool that outputs execution paths in Java methodsusing counter-examples by ESC/Java2 and its evaluation
Shigefj. TakafumiNode repositioning for improvement of network performance inIEEE 802.16j relay networks
Sekiyama, TarouCode completion based on frequent code snippets in existing software
Nakayama, TomoyoshiAn Estimation Method of S-system Model of Gene Regulatory Networks Using Immune Algorithm
Fujii, TaichiA collaborative learning system for distributed algorithms thatsupports experience learning with simulation
Fujikawa, TatsuyaA Proposal on Software Comprehension Support Methodsby Visualization of Program Dependence Graph for New Developers
Hotta, KeisukeA Study about the Influences of Code Clone on Source Code Modification- With Multiple Detection Tools -
Masai TomooA Technique to Support Separating Differences among Similar Methods in Template Method Pattern Application
Matsushita, MakotoAutomatic UML Diagram Recommendation Tool For Reuse Software Designs
Morishima, ShigekiA Remote Collaboration System with an Omnidirectional Range Sensor and a Head Mounted Camera
Nguyen Cam LyA method to speedup compound searching by grouped similar compounds using the Tanimoto coefficient
Ohnishi TakayukiA Dolly-type 3D Reconstruction System using a Laser Range Finder and Single Camera
Hashimoto, TakuyaA method for predicting compound-protein interactions using canonical correlational analysis
Fujiwara, YukiA simultaneous control module for distributed visualization multi-applications on a tiled display wall
Muto, YukoPrototyping and evaluation of a visualization technique forthe coverage of unit testing and static cheking using caller-callee relationship between classes

Master Thesis

Higashi, MakotoAutomatic Interrupt Generation to Detect Data Race Between Interrupt Handler and Normal Routine
Nguyen Da TanTracking Folds in Endoscopic Image Sequences using 3D Edge Detector
Ito, AkihikoReachability Analysis for Probabilistic Timed System based on Timed Abstraction Refinement Technique Method
Ito, YoshiroVisualization of changes between method call traces by comparing tree structures
Ugumori, MasatakaDevelopment of Software Tag Generation System for ImplementingSoftware Traceability
Ohta, YuyaDense 3D Reconstruction of Fast Moving Object by One-shot Scanning
Okitsu, YusukeAccelerating Cone Beam Reconstruction for Large-scale Volume using Multiple GPUs
Okuyama, TomohiroAccelerating the Distance Calculation of All-Pairs Shortest Paths Using Automatic Performance Tuning Technique for the GPU
Katayama, TaigaFast PET reconstruction with tuned memory access pattern for the GPU
Sano, YukikoMeasurement and comparison of modification frequencybetween duplicate code and non-duplicate code on open source software
Takada, AtsushiDistributed Algorithms for Spanning Tree Constructionsto Adapt Topology Changes with Minimum Changes of Outputs
Tagawa, SeiichiToward Omni-Confocal Imaging
Tanaka, KensukeDetection of similar functionalities for organizing features of software asset
Nakai, RyoImplementation of Fault Tolerance for Web Servicesby Checkpointing and Rollback-Recovery and its Evaluation
Nakamura, TetsuakiA discriminant method of the failure estimation project for EbA method and its experimental evaluation
Nishide, YusukeCalibration of Bireflectional Compound Omnidirectional Camera by Observing Parallel Light Pairs
Baba, DaisukeRendezvous of Multiple Mobile Agents in Asynchronous Trees
Fukushima, RyoAn automatic fix method for compile errors introduced in refactoring
Miyamoto, KeizoDerivation of Test Case Constraints for Dynamic Generation of Assertions with ESC/Java2
Munakata, SatoshiAn Equivalence Partition of Object Behaviors for Program Comprehension
Munekawa YumaA Parallel Computing System Exploitng Idle GPU Cycles for Protein Homology Search
Mori AtsushiGait Recognition using Period-based Phase Synchronization for Low Frame-rate Videos
Yoshida, MasatomoA Refactoring Support Tool for Identifying Factors of Program Behavior Change
Ryu, KeigoSoftware Component Usage Extraction Using Data Flow Information
Akai, KazuyukiDeriving Asynchronous Consensus Algorithms from Round Model-Based Algorithms
Agrawal, AnuraagObject-based Classification of Range Data
Okamoto, JunyaElectric Energy Analysis of Communication Error Correcting methods for Sensor Nodes
Kadono, MasayaApplying Model Checking to Test Case Generation and Timed Automaton Verification
Kondou, TomohiroImplementation of error correction method on small area and low power consumption processor for the capsular inside of the body pressure measurement system
Shigeta, HironoriImplementation and Evaluation of a 3D Observation Interface for Large Scale Volume Data Visualized by Particle Based Volume Rendering
Takamura, TatsushiEvaluation of Overlay Construction Protocols and Design of a Gossip Protocol for Unstructured P2P Systems
Takeda NatsukiAn Undistortion and Intensity Correction Method for a Head Mounted Projective Display using Hyperboloidal Half-Silvered Mirrors
Tateishi TakahiroAn Augmented Reality 3D Model Diorama System Using a Single Camera and Stroke Input
Tanaka YuyaProposal of VLSI architecture of rasterizer for OpenVG
Nakajima, TakuyaA Navigation Supporting Method for the Multi-viewport Interface
Nishikawa, TomohiroUser's Commute Prediction for Dynamic Ordering of Multimedia Contents
Hamamatsu, MasashiReliability Optimization of Cascading Single-Voter Triple Modular Redundancy Systems and Weighted Voting Systems
Minamikawa, TakahiroLanguage and Tool Support for Model Checking of Distributed Consensus Algorithms
Morii, RyosukeAnalysis of Source Code Changes in Bug Fixes Related to Method Calls
Ishii, RintaroTime slot assignment algorithms for reducing transmission latency in IEEE 802.16j multi-hop relay networks
Inoue, TakahiroAttractor Selection-based Overlay Multipath Routing for Achieving Max-Min Fairness
Ohmori, MasayaProposal and Evaluation of Slot Vacancy-Adaptive Location Based TDMA Protocol for Inter-Vehicle Communication
Ogasa, TomoyasuOn Traffic Locality within Virtual Community: Analysis and its Application to Dynamic Topology Reconfiguration in Service Overlay Networks
Okumura, OsamuOn Properties of Information Diffusion with Random Walks on Graphs
Atsushi KanemotoUser-adaptive coordination of agent communicative behavior in spoken dialogue
Kiyama, NoboruA Method for Evaluating Accuracy of Relative Positions in Wireless Sensor Node Localization
Kusuda, JunkoDeadline-Aware Data Collection in CSMA/CA-based Multi-Sink WirelessSensor Networks
Kuriyama, SayakaDetection method of moving characteristics of pedestrians in video sequences
Kominami, DaichiRobustness of Receiver-driven Multi-Hop Wireless Network with Soft-State Connectivity Management
Takahashi, KazuyaEstimating Message Importanceusing Inferred Inter-Recipient Trustfor Supporting Email Triage
Norimitsu TsutsuiDynamic Wavelength Allocation Methods in WDM-based OpticalPath/Packet Integrated Networks
Asvarujanon, NarunAn Adaptive Routing Protocol with Attractor Selection for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Nishioka, TakeakiToward Realistic Large-Scale Network Simulation: Design and Implementation of a Flow-Level Simulator for Heterogeneous Networks
Hashimoto, MasafumiCongestion Control Mechanisms for Alleviating TCP Unfairness in Wireless LAN Environment
Takahiro HirayamaOn Feedback-induced Packet Delay Dynamics in Power-law Networks
Horie, TakuroProactive recovery from multiple failures utilizing overlay networking technique
Matsuda, KazuhitoA study on reduction of inter-ISP transit cost caused by overlay routing
Minamimoto, ShinichiA Method for Generating Field Map using Position and Communication Logs of Mobile Nodes
Murata, MasakazuScenario-type Hypothesis Object Tracking with Indoor Sensor Networks
Muranaka, ShinjiStochastic event-driven model of CSMA/CA protocols for wireless network simulation
Mori, ShunsukeA Method for Supporting Design and Development of Wireless Sensor Network Applications
Morita, NoritsuguFluid-based Analysis of TCP Flows in a Scale-Free Network
Yamamoto HiroshiProposal and evaluation of an inter-networking mechanism using stepwise synchronization for wireless sensor networks
Yamada, DaiEquivalent Transformation Operations on XML Schemas forEfficient Document Transformation in XML Schema Evolution
Ohkita KazuyaLocalization and Recovery of Tampered Pixels for Statistical Fragile Watermarking
Ohno, RyoheiA User-centric Attribute Release Policy Management in SAML-based Identity Federation
Ogura, TatsuyaAn algorithm to derive an XPath expression representing a maximal common structure of XML documents and its complexity
Suzuki, ItsukiDevelopment of Symbolic Model for Verification of UC/GUC Security
Kishimoto, TakahiroThe method for the prediction of the activity of the compound databy simultaneous extraction of the subclasses and the sub structures
Masuda, KazuyaApproximate Model Checking for a Subset of First-Order Logic

Doctor Thesis

Miranda Miranda MiguelDesign, Implementation and Evaluation of a 3D Magic Lens Interface utilizing a Handheld Device within an Immersive Virtual Environment
Junya, SeoStudy on Searching Methods and Execution Methods for Bioinformatics Workflow
Heien, Eric M.Techniques for Parallel Simulation of Large Scale Heterogeneous Biophysical Systems

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