ICS thesis in Mar. 2009

Bachelor Thesis

Nishida, KazuyukiManagement of New Address Types in Unified Multiplex Communication Architecture
Imamura, Taitirousuggestion of the method to estimate the Design Quality of MPSoC Architecture by using profile information of application program
Okabe, KosukeProposal and evaluation of a highly reliable data gathering mechanism using multiple data gathering waves
Ozaki, RyoMaking for trial purposes and evaluation of compiler for 16bit small processor for medical treatment
Inagaki, AkihiroDesign and Implementation of APIs to Develop Sensor Network Application
Uejima, AsahiConstruction of accident reproduction model on traffic simulator
Ueno, EijiroA Method for Generating Mobility Model with Designated Node Density Distribution
Ohsawa, HirokiGeneration Method of Decomposed Small Area Instruction Decoder for Configurable Processor
Ohta, YoshinobuPerformance analysis of decoding method of error correcting codein network coding
Okada, ChihiroProposal of an exploration method for SoC architecture containing shared memory
Okumura, MayuThe On-line Measurement of the Gait Feature for Audience Participation Digital Entertainment
Kamano, YoshikiImplementation of Main Process in Axiomatic SecurityVerification of Cryptographic Protocols
Nakai, RyosukeImplementation and Evaluation of Gossip Protocols Based on the PeerSim Simulator Framework
Noguchi, TatsuyaVerification of Consensus Algorithms Using Model Checking and Induction
Baba, YoukoStatistical Analysis of Human Skin Based on Reflection and Scattering Features
Hiramatsu, MichihisaInvestigate Effects of Pre-Trainingon a Fault-Prone Module Detector
Hosoki, ShigehiroProposal and evaluation of link capacity allocation for power-law networks.
Minami, YukiEvaluation of virtual topology controlsusing an attractor selection model
Wada, YukiA method of generating test cases for pair-wise testing in the presence of constraints on parameter values
Li, JiTrajectory Estimation of Mobile Nodes Using Communication History and Accelerometer
Kabashima, Seiichiro
Gouda, YukihiroDetection of Movement Characteristics of Objects by Using Plural Binary Proximity Sensors
Uemura, NaokoAn Experimental Evaluation of Clustering Algorithm using Attractor selection
Etsuda, ShougoDistributed Coding Pattern Detection Tool for Large-Scale Software
Ohno, TomoshigeA Method for Feature Extraction of an Active Class of Compounds Using Association Rules
Kanemitsu, TomokoProposal and Evaluation of Fault-Prone Methods Identification Technique Based on Variable Usages and Method Calls
Kitaguchi, TatsuyaA method for predicting pharmacological activity by RandomForest using two-dimensional descriptor
Kuribayashi, ShinpeiCharacteristic analysis of broadcast-based communicaion mechanism with delay tolerance for VANET
Sasaki, YusukeAn Implementation of Java Component Classification ToolBased on Similarity of Use-Relations
Shigemori, KeitaEffect of Agent Movement Based on Schelling's Model on Efficiency of Entire Activities
Shutou, YuyaA Method for Inference of Gene Regulatory Network based on Bayesian Network with Clustering of Time Series Subsequences
Shintani, KoichiPointing Interface for a Large Screen based on PCA RegressionModel of Monocular Images
Sudo, YuichiLoosely-stabilizing Leader Election in Population Protocol Models
Soji, HirokiPerformance evaluation of information gathering mechanism on wireless mesh networks for realizing ubiquitous environment
Takata YusukeMapReduce Implementation with Python for HeterogeneousParallel Computing Environments
Takemori, ShoichiImproving the coverage area qualityusing physical topology information in IEEE 802.16 mesh networks
Tsukamoto, KeiichiroOn Inferring Referred Block Based on Block-to-Block Similarity of Web Pages
Nakagawa, ShintaA Middleware for Overlapping CUDA Program Execution with Data Transfer
Nishimoto, SatoruImplementation of Definition-Use Chain generation module in an automatic test casesgeneration system for dynamic generation of assertions and its evaluation
Ninomiya, Keicharacter animation synthesis matched to music
Fukumoto, TakanoriA method for workflow classification with similarity of sub-structures
Fujiwara, KeiA customizable system for automatically generating error-correction exercises in algorithm learning
Honda, HiroyasuPerformance evaluation of self-stabilizing algorithms for the connected dominating set in the sensor network
Miyazawa, KiyoyukiA Prototype of Learning Support System for Formal Proof in Propositional Logic
Motokubota, MasayaAccelerating Parameter Sweep Applications Using CUDA
Mori, HirokiA measurement method for overlay networks manegement
YAMADA, GoroDetecting Violations of Method Call Patterns from ObjectOriented Programs
Yamada, ShinyaMaking a software tag from a real project data and its analysis
Yoshizawa, KiyoshiAn estimation method of cross talk genes with multiple time-series gene expression profiles
Saito, AkiraStability Investigation of Structure of Program using Design Patterns
Nishijima, TakamichiOn Maximizing IP-SAN Throughput over TCP Connections with AutomaticParallelism Tuning for Long-Fat Networks
Numaguchi, NaokiCategorization of motion capture data using emotional words
Noda, TakeshiPerformance evaluation of P4P networks considering content search range
Matsuda ToshihiroReal-Time Elimination of Image Noises by Total Variation Minimizationon the GPU

Master Thesis

Edagawa, TakutoRefinment of Automatic Function Point Measurement from Web Application usgin Static Analysis and its Experimental Evaluation
Hori, NaoyaAutomated Generation of Test Cases based on Code Coverage using a Model Checking Techniqueand Dynamic Generation of Program Assertions with the Test Cases
Aoki, ShinoAn online advising system for multiple group discussions in collaborative learning
AKASAKA, KiyotakaShape Matching of Non-rigid Objects using Textured Range Images
Azuma, HarukaSpatio-Temporal Lifelog Using a Wearable Compound Omnidirectional Sensor
Iwane, RyosukeA Recipe Recommender System with Collaborative Filtering Based on Personal Preference
Okubo, HirokiA Fast Implementation of k-means Method on CUDA
Ogita, AkihiroA Cooperative Multitasking Method for Concurrent Processing ofGraphics and Scientific Applications on the GPU Grid
Owashi, MasayukiDesign of a translation library from OCL into JML
Sawa, KenichiProposal and evaluation of a potential fault identification method using multiple code clone detection tools
Shimada, RyujiAutomatic Recommendation System for Software Components Based on Coding Context
Sugiura KazushigeGait Identification based on Multi-view Matching using an Omnidirectional Camera and View Transformation Models
Date, HironoriRelationship between Characteristics and Occurrence of Coding Patterns in Object-oriented Programs
Tanaka, MasahiroDocumentTag: Source Code Documentation Environmentfor Supporting Program Comprehension
Tsuji, AkiraSilhouette Transformation based on Walking Speed for Gait Image Analysis
Nishikawa, TomomichiDesign of Software Tag Data Collection System and Implementation of the Prototype
Hasegawa, RikiyaA resource replication scheme based on node densityfor mobile ad hoc networks
Hamada, JunjiDensity estimation for mobile nodes using ad hoc communication
HIGASHI YOHEIA study on neighbor node set selection for a local routing scheme.
Miyake, TatsuyaA Method Partitioning Technique Based on Couplings between Block Statements
Miyazaki, HiromiAn Efficient Filtering Method for Code Clones Including Gaps
Yamamoto, HiroakiProjection Feature Matching Using Self-Organizing Map forEfficient Object Detection from Coarse Range Data
Iida, TetsuyaOn Analyzing Causes of Software Faults after Release by Rule Mining
Hideyuki, OkajimaA proposal of emulation for ASIP
Kobashi, KazuhiroAn Architecture Level Design Space Exploration Method considering Bus Protocols
Kobayashi, AyatakaReconfigurable Decoder Model for Software Defined Radio
Taira, RyosukeHuman pose estimation using volumetric features and boosting approach
Debari, JunyaOn Deriving Action Plans for a Software Project Checkup
Hata, HideakiOn Improving Detection Accuracy of a Fault-Prone Module Detector Based on Spam Filtering
Hamaya ShumpeiA hand cart type 3d reconstruction system using a laser range finder and stereo cameras
Higuchi, AkihisaProposal of a Profiling Method for MPSoC using SystemC
Hideshima, KentaroPairwise Software Testing Using the Properties of the System under Test
Matsumura, MikiConstructing 3D Urban Models with Registration between Laser Range Data and Google Maps Image
Yumoto, KojiVisualization techniques supporting joint attention in a collaborative virtual environment
Liu, HuahaoA Comparative Study of Fault-Prone Module Detection Methods
Itou, TakahiroSoC Architecture Exploration Using Control Flow Analysis
Nakanishi, KazuhiroModeling Realistic Vehicular Mobility for Simulation of Inter-vehicle Communication
Asai, RyotaThought-evoking Multi-party Dialogue: the Effects of Conversational Agents on Human Communication
Inoue, FumitoAutomatic Parallelism Tuning Mechanism for Maximizing End-to-End Throughput of Parallel TCP Connections
Kodama MizuhoIncreasing robustness to environmental changes for congestion control mechanisms
Koyama, TakeshiTrade-off Analysis of TCP Features Complexity and Efficiencyfor Embedded Systems
Tauchi, JunyaTopology Adaptation Method for Overlay Networks with Heterogeneous Nodes
Takahashi, YousukeOn Network Architecture for Group-Based Communication
Tsukada, YouheiAccess Load Balancing using Surplus Computer Resources forManaging Flash Crowd in Web Service with Database
Tsugawa, ShoEstimating Success of an Online Development Community from its Social Network
Hiroshi, TokitoLoad-balanced and interference-aware spanning tree constructionalgorithm for TDMA-based wireless mesh networks
Nakata, KeisukeAn Integrated Simulation Environment with Realistic Modeling of Node Mobility for Mobile Wireless Systems.
Keisuke NishiAn Algorithm for Assigning Real-time Tasks with Timing Constraints into Dynamically Reconfigurable Processor
Nomura, TakashiA Method for Real-time Trajectory Estimation in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Hidaka, NaotoA topology design method for sustainable information networks
Toshiaki, HidekumaPower control methods for improving spatial reuse in TDMA-based wireless mesh networks
Furuta, ShinyaMeasurement and Analysis of Network Traffic by Considering Applications' Dynamism
Hwang, HaesungName-based Routing for Future Networks
Mutazono, AkiraFrog Call-Inspired Self-Organizing Transmission Scheduling Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks
Morimoto, TohruProposal and Analysis of Biologically-inspired Symbiotic P2P File-sharing Networks
Okuda, YusukePerformance analysis of error correction and detection using doubleencoding in digital watermarking
Kitamura, ItaruPerformance Comparison between the Additive Watermarking andthe Patchwork for the Spatial and DWT Domains
Sakano, KimihideA Study on Formulation of the Security Against Inference Attacks Using Functional Dependencies on XML Databases and Security Verification Methods
Tominaga, MasafumiDistance Structure of a Reed-Solomon like Code for Random Linear Network Coding
Haramura, KazuhiroAnonymous Fingerprinting for Predelivery of Contents
Hirota, YuichiInstance independent security definitions based on query resolutionagainst inferende attacks on databases
Ohsugi, ReijiInference method of gene regulatory relationships using differential equation model based on gene regulatory network motifs
Jikeya, MitsuruA method for clustering genes based on expression patterns of transcription start sites
Shimizu, TakashiA method for tightening bounds of compound search based on the property of the Tanimoto coefficient.
Nonaka. TakafumiA proposal of repository federation method for integration of Web service information of annotation for bioinformatics
Masahiko, HamadaA Proposal of a System for Retrieving Protein 3D Structures with Structural Annotations
Morimoto, KentarouEquivalence checking for behavioral level circuit descriptions using multiple logics

Doctor Thesis

Taniguchi, YoshiakiSelf-Adaptive Communication Mechanismsfor Cooperative Information Networks
Ito, TakeshiUnderstanding and Optimizing Data Transfer Protocol GridFTP in Long-Fat Networks
Koizumi, YukiLayered Traffic Engineering for Effective and Adaptive Wavelength-Routed Optical Networks
Sugiyama, KouheiNetwork Mining: Estimating Node Characteristics from Topological Structures of Complex Networks
Taniguchi, IttetsuSystematic Architecture Exploration Method for Low Power and High Performance Reconfigurable Processors
Hashimoto, KenjiStudy on Preserving and Protecting Information on XML Databases
Matsuo, TakafumiFeature Interaction Verification of Telecommunication Services and Home Network Services Using Model Checking
Yamauchi, YukikoA Study on Hierarchical Design of Fault-containing Self-stabilizing Protocols
Yoshida, NorihiroA Study of Software Maintenance Support based on Analysis of Source Code Similarity
Wu, YuA Study on Efficient Search Approaches in Unstructured Peer-to-Peer Systems
Sekizawa, ToshifusaA Study of Model Checking Techniques with Emphasis on Program Verification and Probabilistic Analysis
Mannami, HidetoshiA study on high dynamic range imaging system using adaptive lightattenuation with liquid crystal

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