ICS thesis in Mar. 2008

Bachelor Thesis

Daisuke, TokoroAn Algorithm of Probability Calculation for Bayesian Network Using Binary Decision Diagrams and Recursive Graph Decomposition
Masuda, KazuyaAutomatic Extraction of Equivalence Constraints for Satisfiability Checking of Logic with Equality and Uninterpreted Functions
Itou, NaoyukiDesign and Evaluation of A Low-Power Medical Processor
Ota, YuyaDesign and implementation of wireless sensor network developmentenvironment utilizing network simulator
Okamoto, JunyaPower Consumption Evaluation of Error Correcting System for Transient Faults
Masaya, KadonoAutomatically Generating Testcases based on Statecharts with a Model Checker
Kanemot, AtsushiProposal and evaluation of signal control technique based on traffic measuredby using inter-vehicle communication
Kusuda, JunkoDesign and implementation of web system to display data measured by multiple sensing devices.
Suzuki, ItsukiEquivalence Between Universally Composable Security and AxiomaticSystem Based Security for Mutual Authentication Protocols Using Public Key Encryption
Tagawa, SeiichiFast measurement of Bidirectional Reflectance Distribution Function by multiplexed illumination
Tajiri NozomuThe alignment method of small compound omnidirectional sensor
Tsutsui NorimitsuImplementation and evaluation of integrated routing mechanismin IP over WDM networks
Nakashima, TomoyaA Trigonometric Computing Unit Generation System Based on A Configurable Hardware Model
Nakamura, TetsuakiA state assignment of checker automata for efficient formal verification
Hirayama, TakahiroA study on congest propagation in router-lebel Internet topology
Minamikawa, TakahiroDesigning and Implementing a Tool for Generating PROMELA Modelsof Fault-Tolerant Distributed Algorithms
Minamimoto, ShinichiReduction of the space complexity of a security verification methodagainst inference attacks to XML databases and its implementation
Muranaka, ShinjiNondisclosure
Mori, ShunsukeDesign and Implementation of Development Environment Enabling Real-time Debugging and Monitoring of Wireless Sensor Networks
Morii, RyosukeDevelopment of Tool for Identifying Fault-Prone Tokens with Spam-Filtering Technique
Yamada, DaiA Proposal of Equivalent Transformation Operations forRegular Tree Grammars and a Study on Their Completeness
Yamamoto, HiroshiImplementation and Evaluation of A Reaction-Diffusion based Coding Rate Control Mechanism for Camera Sensor Networks
Takahiro, Yoshiokaa profiling of reference program for the realization of OpenVG processor
Fuji, YunaA digital signature scheme for partial disclosure and total authentication of digital documents
Zhao YueWait-cycle Based Automatic Synthesis of On-Chip Bus Protocol Converter
Hamamatsu, MasashiFinding the Optimal Configuration of a Cascading Single-Voter TMR System
Itou, TakashiA weighting method based on local topology changes to reduce clusterhead changes in mobile ad hoc networks
Ashikari, HironoriImplement of Model Abstraction of Timed Automata Based on Counterexample-Guided Abstraction Refinement Loop and its Evaluation on Effectiveness
Shimada, YujiExperimental evaluation of self-stabilizing spaninng tree construction protocol resilient to Byzantine faults
Kojima, HirofumiAn extraction method of hub genes of gene regulatory networks from time series gene expression profiles
Matsumori, YushinRestraining non-cooperation of route construction in ad-hoc networks
Ishii, RintaroData Placement for Efficient Biological Information Processing in Distributed Computing Environment
Ito, YoshiroReducing a sequence diagram by dynamic dominance analysis for objects
Ogasa, TomoyasuDynamic Topology Reconfiguration for Service Overlay Network Based on Community Information
Okuyama, TomohiroAccelerating All-Pairs Shortest Path Computation Using Integrated Development Environment CUDA
Kuriyama, SayakaReal-Time Estimation Method of the Number of Nodes Using Video Image
Sakurai, AkihitoA method for reduction of memory consumptionin web services by transferring data URL
Sano, YukikoImproving metric DCH which evaluetes dispersion of code clonesin the class hierarchy for more efficient refactorings
Shigeta, HironoriImplementation and evaluation of a prototype application based on a middleware supporting dynamic reconfiguration
Tateishi, TakahiroMulti-user Support for the Multi-Viewport Interfaceusing Multiple Virtual Environments
Nakajima, TakuyaA Virtual Space Navigation Technique using Automatic Nonlinear Scaling Depending on Walking Speed
Nishioka, TakeakiDesign and Implementation of Flow-Level Simulator Supporting Networks with Heterogeneous Flows
Baba, DaisukeGossip algorithms among nodes using mobile agents
Higashi, MakotoExtracting Developers' Tendencies from Transition ofMetric Values on Code Clones
Hisada, YuukiImprovement of Automatic and High-speed Parallelism Tuning Mechanism for Parallel Data Transfer
Keishi, MasudaA Method to Identify Refactoring Opportunities for Applying¡¡Design Patterns in UML Models
Miyamoto KeizoThe tool generating assertions encompassing loop-invariant for Java and evaluation of validity of generated assertions
Munekawa, YumaA Fast method for Sequence Alignment Using the CUDA-equipped GPU
Motofunasaka, TakeshiAn investigation concerned with context definition of software¡¡development projects
Mori, AtsushiA study on visualizing online communities using self-organizing maps
Yoshida, KazuyukiPerformance evaluation of self-stabilizing clustering algorithmsin sensor networks
Yoshida, MasatomoA method to identify opportunities for design patterns based on code clone detection
Watanabe, HironoriExperimental modeling of the reception of radio wave in2.4GHz-phase-modulation RFID tags
Okitsu, YuusukeFast cone beam reconstruction using CUDA
Kishimoto, TakahiroExtraction procedure of activity subclass with chemical compound fingerprint
Hashimoto, MasafumiSimulation experiments of delay-based TCP variants in wireless LAN environment
Horie, TakuroOverlay routing mechanism for large-scale failures

Master Thesis

Akaike, TeruhikoFunction point measurement from Web Application using static analysis
Kadono, DaisukeAnt Colony Optimization Routing Algorithm with GPSfor Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Kobayashi, MasayukiObject search using lane structure in mobile P2P systems
Suzuki, KazuyaAnalysis of Subsurface Scattering under Generic Illumination
Takahashi, YusukeOverlay Construction Based on Bloom Filter for Efficient Lookup in P2P systems
Nagaoka, TakeshiModel Abstraction of Timed AutomataBased on Counterexample-Guided Abstraction Refinement Loop
Hattori, TakeshiRetrieving Method of Similar Code Based on Co-occurrence Relationof Identifiers
Hanafusa, RyoParallel Network Simulation of City-wide Heterogeneous Mobile Wireless Networks
Hamaguchi, YuuAutomatic Generation of Diagrams Verification Environmentwith Flexibility to UML Meta Model Change
Hayashi, MasahiroHAKASE: A system supporting effective use of web documentsfor online discussion
Baba, ShintarouPredicting fault-prone modules using code clone information
Higashi, RyuichiAn Implementation of CUDA based Fast Full Text Searchfor Large-Scale Texts
Maeno, RyujuA Fast Mathematical Morphology on the GPU using CUDA and OpenGL
Yuki, ManabeScalable Source-File Classification Method Based onCommentary License Description
Mine, HisayaPriority Control in Multiple Job Scheduling for a Desktop Grid
Murao, KenjiSoftware Characteristic Feature Analysis Based onMetrics Transitions
Morimoto, HirokiA System for Web Retrieval and Automatic Classification of Address-Related Information around a Given Geographical Point and Its Evaluation
Yukimasa, KojiTrajectory Estimation of Moving Targetsto Prevent Traffic Accidents at Intersections
Yokota, KeitaSegmentation of multiple organs from 3-D CT images using statistical atlases incorporating inter-object constraints
Yoshida, SeijiGPU-Accelerated Cone Beam Reconstruction using OpenGL
Watanabe, YuiDetecting phases in execution trace of object oriented program based on collaboration of objects
Choy, Kho YeeDesign and Implementation of Test Case Generation Tool for BPEL Unit Testing
Yii, Yong LeeDetection of Fault Introduced by Change Inconsistency In Code Clones
Okuno, YuHit Ratio Improvement Method for Caches with Address Translation Mechanism
Kimoto, ShinA Study of Execution Cost Reduction for Pairwise Testing
Kimoto, MasahiroComputing and Analyzing the Stabilization Time of Self-Stabilizing Algorithms
Akira KobashiMemory Assignment Optimization Method for Massively Parallel SIMD Processor
Kondou, TakahiroFinding the Most Influential Tokens in Detecting Fault-Prone Modules with a Spam Filter
Sasaki, YusukeDevelopment of a Software Project Simulator Incorporating Countermeasures for Managing Risks
Shiro, TakeshiA Processor Generation Method from Instruction Behavior Descriptionwith the Consideration of Data Path Area under Delay Time Constraint
Tanaka, HidenoriHuman Pose Estimation using Volume Data and Graph Matching
Terasawa, MasakiPerformance Evaluation of Gossip-Based Broadcast Using Erasure Correcting Codes
Nakamura, TomonoriA Context Recognition Technique for a Moving User Incorporating Multiple Sensors
Nakamura, HitoshiTask Partitioning Method for ASIPs with Massively Parallel SIMD Coprocessor with Consideration of Instruction Set Extension
Hattori, YuichiInteractive 3D Video using the Sequencing of Multiple Scenes
Hayashi, YutakaA Tubular User Interface by Finger-Motion Detection using an Omni-Directional Sensor
Yagi, TakayasuInvestigating the Effects of Pre-Training on Spam Filter BasedFault-Prone Module Prediction
Aihara, SatoshiObservation-based Modeling of Object Mobility in a Micro-cell and its Application to Object Tracking
Ikeda, KazushiSupporting Algorithm Design and Protocol Implementation in Application Layer Multicast and Wireless Sensor Networks
Isu, KumikoProposal of Inter-Vehicle Communication Protocolfor Detecting Dangerous Vehicles and its Evaluation on Realistic Traffic Flow
Ohashi, MasatoshiPerformance Evaluation of Optical Packet / Path Integrated Architecture on WDM-based Networks
Kajioka, ShinsukeProposal, Implementation, and Evaluation of a QoS-aware Routing Mechanismfor Multi-Channel Multi-Interface Ad-Hoc Networks
Kiri, YuichiRobustness of self-organizing control in sensor networks
Gotou, KouichOn Performance Evaluation of Inter- and Intra-Domain QoS Routing Algorithms in Multi-Domain GMPLS-based Networks
Sakai, TakurouAnonymous Gathering of Encounter History using Low-Power Mobile Sensors
Sakumoto, YusukeFluid-Based Approaches to Stability Analysis and Flow-Level Simulation for Internet Congestion Control Protocol
Takeshita, KeiImproving Success Ratio of Object Search in Highly-Dynamic Mobile P2P Networks
Hyodo, KatsuyaSelf-Organizing Topology Control based on Reaction-Diffusion Model for Data Gathering inWireless Sensor Networks
Hiraoka, YuichiroA study on free-riding traffic problem in overlay routing
Fujii, SaeProposal of Algorithm to Estimate Trajectories of Mobile Nodes Using Encounter Information
Fujiki, TakeshiEfficient Acquisition of Local Traffic Information using Inter-Vehicle Communication
Murai, WataruPlacing and Routing Problems for Network-on-Chip Considering Dynamic Traffic Fluctuation and their Optimization Technique
Wakabayashi, MiraiProposal and Evaluation of a Rendezvous-based Adaptive CommunicationProtocol for Large-scale Wireless Sensor Networks
Watanabe, TakafumiTracking moving objects across multiple regionsby successive bayesian estimation
Morimoto, TakujiTranslating XPath queries according to XML schema evolution based on the tree-embedding relation
Masaki, YoshidaGenerating XSLT document transformation programs according to XML schema update operations
Kumai, KatsunobuAutomatic Program Test Generation Based on Coveragefor Combinational Branch Conditions
Shimizu, HiroakiAn Approximate Invariant Checking Using Term-Height Reductionfor a Subset of First-Order Logic
Takeuchi, ShoChecker Generation of Assertions with Local Variables for Efficient Model Checking

Doctor Thesis

Uchiyama, AkiraCooperative Network Monitoring and Ad-hoc Topology Formationfor Increasing Network Reliability
Kobayashi, YukiLow Power Design Method for Embedded Systems using VLIW Processor
Tanaka, HiroakiCode Generation Method for Embedded Processors with Application Domain Specific Instruction Set
Suzuki, TomokoA Study on Resource Control and Gossiping for Mobile Agent Systems
Sun, WeihuaA Study on routing protocols for Ad Hoc Networks by mobile nodes
Baduge, Thilmee MalindaDecentralized Application Layer Multicast Protocols for Interactive Applications
Yasunaga, KenjiMonotone Error Structure and Local Weight Distribution of Linear Codes

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