ICS thesis in Mar. 2007

Bachelor Thesis

Nakaichi, ShuyaA prototype of extracting tool for fault prone modulesfrom Java source code repositories
Mutazono, AkiraSensor network time synchronization wiht low layer effects.
Azuma, HarukaToward Surveillance Using Wearable Omni-directional System:A Design of a Small Sensor and a Detection of Moving Objects
Iida, TetsuyaImprovement of Bayesian Classifier by adjusting predictionmodel to the ordinal scale to predict runaway status.
Okuda, YusukePerformance analysis of error correction and detection using double encoding in digital watermarking for MPEG compression
Kubo, TakashiEvaluation of Shared Memory Architecture for λ Computing Environment in Optical Ring Networks
Kurata, SonokoA construction method for resilient network topology using local information
Kobashi, Kazuhiroa design space exploration method for SoC architecturecontaining bus bridges
Kobayashi, AyatakaReconfigurable architecture with calculation function for shift keying
Sakano, KimihideA prototype system for security verification against inference attacks to XML databases
Sugiura, KazushigeGait Identification based on Multi-view Observations using Omnidirectional Camera
Cho, KokoConstraction of mult-view gait measurement system
Debari, JunyaIdentifying the principal characteristics of risk factors insoftware projects using clustering analysis to association rules
Nakata, KeisukeA Support Environment to Develop MANET Applications by Cooperating with Simulation and Real Terminals
Nakanishi, KazuhiroModeling Realistic Behavior of Vehicles and Its Implementation on Traffic Simulator
Hamada, MasahikoImplementing Automatic Generator of State Transition Model for Model Checking of Hardware Behavioral Specifications with Mutual Instantaneous Communication
Hayashi, DaisukeImplementing Automatically Modeling Tool forPerformance Requirements Verification of Network-on-Chip
Haramura, KazuhiroCopyright and Privacy Protecting Pre-Distribution Scheme for Contents with a Release Date
Hidaka, NaotoProposal and evaluation of modeling methods for Internet topology
Hideshima, KentaroA study on using MOPS to observe coding standard
Makimura, Takashi 
Morimoto, KentarouFormal Verificaiton for Behavioral Level Circuit DescriptionsUsing Data Path Refinement
Yorikuni, Tatsuhito-
Watanabe, AikoA method software debug environment generation for Hardware/Software Co-design
Akasaka, KiyotakaReal-time synchronic measuring range image and texture
Kitamura, ItaruEffect of Basic Usage of Secret Keys onthe Detection Error Probability for Optimum Detection ofSpatial Domain Additive Watermark
Ryuji, ShimadaLiver segmentation in 3D CT image using hierachical statistical shape model
Taira, RyosukeHuman Body Posture Estimation from Volume Data Using AdaBoost
Hasegawa, RikiyaImprovement and evaluation of resource distribution methodin Mobile P2P Networks
Aoki, Shinoa method for reviewing statements displayed on a WWW browser
Asai, RyoutaDesign and Implementation of Flow-Level Simulator for Performance Evaluation of Large Scale Networks
Inoue, FumitoImplementation and Evaluation of GridFTP Automatic Parallelism Tuning Mechanism for Long-Fat Networks
Edagawa, TakutoClassifying candidates of transactional function extracted fromexecution trace of object-oriented programs
Oogami, RuriA data format of online questionnaire for improvingreusability of questions and flexibility of interfaces of answer forms
Ohsugi, ReijiA method for detection of similarly regulated genes based on transcription factor binding sites using Constrained Clustering
Owashi, MasayukiA Case study --- Design of the Warehouse Management Program inJML and Alloy and Verification using the Validation Tools ---
Kodama, MizuhoImplementation Experiments of a Congestion Control Mechanism of TCP with Inline Network Measurement
Shinomiya, RyuA Collaboration Support System using Personal and SharedWorking Spaces Provided with a Version Manegement System
Shimizu TakashiA method for Classification by the similarity of structure search results for effective compound information gathering
Kentaro, TadaEffect of paced TCP on router buffer sizing
Tsukuda, YoshinoriAn analysis of difference between dynamic coupling and staticcoupling on object-oriented programs
Tsuji, AkiraConsideration of a Look-Ahead Method for Fast Out-of-Core Rendering of Multi-Scale Volume Data
Tokito, HiroshiImprovement of the Capacity of Wireless Networksby Optimizing Communication Distance
Nonaka, TakahumiA proposal of scoring method on the basis of web service feasible cooperation for bioinformatics workflow
Hamada, JunjiImprementation of route repair process of VANET routing protocol GVGridand its evaluation
Fujino, YoheiA proposal to detect code clones including gaps using AGM algorithm
Matsumura, MikiOutdoor Scene Recognition Using Range Data and Omni-directional Color Image
Miyake, TatsuyaEvaluation Of Crosscutting Concern Appearing as Method Call Patterns
Miyazaki, HiromiAn approach to constructing category tree of softwarecomponent based on use-relation of Java class
Miyamoto, KazukiA Method of Extracting Coding Patterns Using Syntax Information and Software Development Histories
Morikawa, YukariDesign and Implementation of a Question Sequence Management Mechanism for Wearable Learning Systems Considering a User's Context
Le, Dinh XuanDevelopment of a Core Library to RetrieveAddress-Related Information on the WebUsing an Existing General Web Search Engine
Le, Kieu NhuEvaluation of Response Probability Control Method on Belt Conveyor Systems
Urashita, ShunImplementation of grid portal for remote execution of nonrigid image registration
Jikeya, MitsuruDeveloping genome browser for analysis of time-series CAGE expression profile

Master Thesis

Morikawa, MasakazuA distributed algorithm for the connected sensor cover problem in sensor networks
Itou, ShingoA Performance Prediction Model for GPGPU Applications
Aburaya, NaokiThoracoscopic surgical navigation systemfor locating tumors in collapsed lungusing preoperative 3D images
Inui, KojiA Multiple Path Based Approach to Fault Toleranace onStructured Overlay Networks
Imaeda, TakaakiAn Approach to Clustering Software Changes Information Using Latent Semantic Analysis
Osawa, NanahoA Probabilistic Method for Aligning Range Images by Using Sensor Characteristics
Ogasawara, MasaoAutomation of 3D kinematic measurement of artificial knee implants using 2D X-ray fluoroscopic images
Kojima, YuichiroNarrow Baseline Omnidirectional Stereo using Disparity Detection Filter
Kotani YukiA Resource Selection Method for Using Idle GPUs in Grid Environments andIts Application to Sequence Alignment
Sumino, KoheiDevelopment of Rapid Measuring System of Reflectance PropertyUsing an Ellipsoidal Mirror and a Projector
Nakatsuka, GouJava Classes Clustering Algorithm Using Component Rank Model
Nagai, EigoValidation of Consistency of UML Diagrams in UML Meta-Model with OCL
Nagayasu, Daisuke時系列スカラボリュームの高速なアウトオブコアレンダリングのためのパイプライン式データ展開
Niitani, RyusukeExtension of Program Slicing to Extract Functional Concerns
Nishikawa, GenA self-stabilizing mutual exclusion protocol adaptive to topology changes in mobile ad hoc networks
Hamaji, YukiA Method for Estimating Learning Level Based on Operations of Video Learning Support System ViNoSyL
Hikawa, YukiAn Approach of Feature Location Using Logical Coupling and Call Graph
Fukumoto, JunyaUsing Encounter Information for Effective Route Discoveryin MANET
Furukawa, MasahiroA construction method of similar executions for understanding fault-tolerant distributed algorithms
Matsuo, KatsunoriDesign and Evaluation of Data Reuse Mechanism for EfficientGrid Computing
Matsumoto, YoshihiroA prediction method of refactoring effects using CK metrics
Morioka, YuExtraction of Transactional Function Using Method Execution Trace Information for measuring Function-Point
Yamasaki, AkikoMobility-aware Data Management on Mobile Terminals in Urban Areas
Yoshimura, AkiraFormal Verification for Object-Oriented Programs in Functional language F#
Ikami, ShiroDetection of Fault-Prone Software Module by Spam Filter
Iwato, HirofumiA Low-power VLIW Processor Generation MethodTaking Advantage of Operation Specification
Okuyama, TakuyaDesign and Performance Evaluation of Gossip-Based Broadcast for Peer-to-Peer Networks
Kimura, YousukeA Content Management System Dealing with Hierarchical 3D Geometry Data
Saitoh, KensakuA Mobile Robot Control Interface Using Omnidirectional Images and Geometric Models
Nakano, YuyaAnalysis of Software Quality Using Review Efficiency and Defect Density during Coding Review
Notsu, TakahiroA Functional Unit Shareing Multi-Processor Architecturefor Real-Time Image Processing
Hieda, TakujiInstruction Scheduling Method for Processors with Partial Data Forwarding Structure
Hirose KoichiA General Framework Based-on Transformation Hierarchiesfor 3-D Multi-Viewport Interfaces
Makikawa, FuminoriBuilding Overlay Networks with Low Link Costs and Short Paths
Huynh Kim Longインターリーブ型マルチスレッド・プロセッサの命令セット・シミュレータ自動生成手法
Imoto, MaiDesign and Implementation of Synchronization Primitives for λ Computing Environment
Urabe, HiroakiDesign and Evaluation of Disaster Information Gathering System for Non-Uniformly Distributed Nodes
Goda, KeigoDesign and Implementation of OpenMP Compiler for Lambda Computing Environment
Shimizu, MasahiroAnalyzing network bandwidths of ISP topologies having power-law degree distributions
Shimizu, YoshinoriAn Incentive Model for Self-Organizing Low-Delay Delivery Treeon Overlay Networks
Tomiyama, SumieA Parallel Downloading Method to Ease Disk Bottlenecks
Nakahashi, RyoAn Area Efficient Task Partitioning from Real-Time System Specificationsfor Dynamic Reconfigurable Processors
Nakamura, MasatoshiAn Efficient Combinatorial Performance Testing Methodfor Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks
Nagate, WataruHigh-speed information readout methodfrom a large amount of RFID tags
Hirano, YusukeA scheme for continuous data gathering form mobile nodes
Fukumoto, RyotaDesign principles for ISP networks with consideration tooverlay routing behaviors
Fujita, HirohisaModel Checking Method for Behavioral Hardware Specificationswith Instantaneous Communication in Multiple Clock Domains
Horiuchi, HidetoA Construction Method of an Overlay Network for Scalable P2P Video Conferencing Systems
Maruyama, JunichiIll-effects of Tampered-TCP Flows and Protection Mechanisms for Well-behaved TCP Flows
Miyagawa, AkikoProposal and Evaluation of Perfect Cell Partitioning in Micro-Cellular Networks
Morikawa, TakumiA File Replication Strategy for Multi-Source Data Transfer in Data Grids
Yagi, KotaroOn the Effect of Scale-Free Structure of Network Topology on End-to-End Performance
Yamanegi, KanaTCP Congestion Control Mechanisms for Achieving Predictable Throughput
Yoshimura, YasuhikoPerformance Evaluation of GridFTP for High Performance Grid Networking
ABEYWEERA, INDIKA SURANJITHA Coverage Control Mechanism Satisfying Application Requirments in a Wireless Sensor Network
Asano, JunyaC2C Contents Distribution Support ProtocolProtecting Privacy and Copyright
Takasuka, FumikazuFormalizations of the Security Against Inference Attacks on XML Databases and Methods for their Verification
LIU, TINGTINGError Control Schemes Based on Ordered Statistics Decodingfor High Reliable Digital Watermarking
Ono, KeisukeA Method for Integration of Similar Web Services for Bioinformatics based on Merging Input and Output
Kimura, HiroakiUtilizing Information Content of Molecular Descriptors for Drug Screening
Kozawa, HiroakiSatisfiability Checking for a Subclass of First-Order LogicConcidering Equivalence between Functions
Sakooua, YousukeA Method for Extracting Tissue-Specific Metabolic-Pathways with Absolute Expression Data Based on Outlier Detection
Shinmen, GouPathway Alignment using Reaction Classification Number
Maekawa, SamiExploring Relationship between Tissue-Specific Gene Expression and Alternative Transcriptional Initiation
Seo, JunyaA Method for Retrieving Functionally SimilarBioinformatics Workflows based on Features of Terms

Doctor Thesis

Kawasaki, YasuhiroParallel Medical Image Processing Algorithms andTheir Execution Framework for Intraoperative Surgical Assistance
Kakiuchi, YosukeA study on monitor-based functional verification of on-chip bus protocols
Ishida, ShinyaA Study on Flexible, Reliable, and Scalable Wavelength-Routed Optical Networks
Taki, KoheiInference methods of transcriptional regulatory networks by using geneexpression profiles based on Bayesian Inference
Nakamura, YoshitakaA study on distributed policy control for secure and high quality group communication
Higo, YoshikiCode Clone Analysis Methods for Efficient Software Maintenance
TheinLai, WongPower Consumption Minimization for Sensor Placement and Broadcast Process in Wireless Multihop Sensor Networks
CAO LE THANH MANInline Network Measurement: TCP Built-in Techniques for Inferring End-to-end Bandwidth
Kondo, KazuakiResearch about catadioptric camera systems considering with space resolution
Ooshita, FukuhitoA Study on Scheduling Algorithms for Heterogeneous Parallel Computing Environments

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