ICS thesis in Mar. 2006

Bachelor Thesis

Itou, TakahiroProposition and Evaluation of a method exproring a priorityof a data transfar for fixed priority scheduling bus
Sakai, TakurouAdaptive Displaying Deformable Dissection Image of Intestine by Changing Point of Interest
Terasawa, MasakiOptimization of Gossip-based Broadcasting Using Erasure Codes
Zhu, WeiSource Code Level Execution Time and Energy Estimation for ASIPs
Isu, KumikoProposal of Dangerous Vehicles Detection ProtocolBased on Inter-Vehicle Ad-Hoc Communication
Ohashi, MasatoshiImplementation and evaluation of fast lightpath setup method in wavelength-routed WDM networks
Kimoto, ShinAn Approach to Facilitating Pairwise Testing Using the JUnit Testing Framework
Kumai, KatsunobuEvaluation method of assertion that pays attention to coverage of input sequences
Kondou, TakahiroDevelopment of Simulator for Runaway Software Projects Based on Bayesian Classifier
Shimizu, HiroakiAn algorithm for discovery of frequent similar subgraphsfrom a set of graphs with uniquely labeled vertices
Shiro, TakeshiProcessor Generation Method from Instruction Behavior Description
Taguchi, YukiReliability improvement with decoding failure for orderedstatistics decoding in extraction of digital watermarking
Takeuchi, ShoBounded Model Checking for Assertions including Dynamic Local Variables
Fukamachi, ShiroDeveloping Parametric Model Checking Tool for a Subclass of Timed Automataand Its Application to the Execution Time Analysis of Embedded Real-Time Software
Nishioka, YoshihumiDevelopment of Mobile Omni-Alarm using CompoundOmnidirectional Sensor
Morimoto, TakujiA comparative experiment and consideration onseveral processing methods for XPath queries
Yagi, TakayasuAn estimation model of the optimal number of test cases considering test efficiency
Yokota, KeitaCounstruction of statistical atlases of the abdominal organsbased on normalization using surrounding structures
Yoshida, MasakiPartially Verifiable Long Term Signature Scheme
Watanabe, TakafumiBase Station Placement Method for Indoor Location Estimation Using Wireless LANs
Phan, Anh Thi LanZero neighbor and a method to determine local weight distribution of binary linear code using trellis structure
Kiri, YuichiPerformance evaluation of intercluster multi-hop communication on large-scale sensor networks
Takei, KazuyaApproaching Object Detection using Hierarchical Images by Compound Omnidirectional Sensor
Ikeda, NaotoProposal of Unified Development Tool for P2P Applications and Evaluation on the large-Scale Experimental Environment
Yoshida, IsaoMathematics modeling of expression resemblance gene group anddevelopment of a database search system
Masuda, HiromitsuEfficiency Improvement of Block-type Information Gathering System with Environmental Sensor
Mori, KazunariImplementation Experiments of Inline Measurement TCP and its Application Technique
Shiraishi, TakashiComparison analysis technique of transcriptional start site ofgene by CAGE tags mutual mapping
Tomioka, TakeshiEffect of the Router's buffer size on TCP performance
Nakazaki, TakeshiPropostion of a Tool for Asistance of Algorithm Lecture
Hattori, TakeshiProposal for code clone classificaition method based onfeatures
Nakamura, TomonoriA design and implementation of a User Context RecognitionMechanism for Wearable Learning Systems
Maeno, RyujuFast Method For Mathmatical Morphology On The Graphics Hardware
Mine, HisayaImprovement of Comsuming Spare Computational Powerby Implementing Scheduling Algorithm RR on Distributed Computing Platform BOINC
Aihara, SatoshiEstimation of mobile-distribution-density basedon fixed point observations
Kadono, DaisukeAn experimental evaluation of agent-based load-balancing systemusing agent population control method in distributed system
Kimura, KazumasaRepository Auto-Update for Java Component Retrieval SystemSPARS-J
Kobayashi, MasayukiA method for holding down changes of cluster-headsin priority based clustering algorithms for ad-hoc networks
Gomita, JunImplementation and Performance Evaluation of Fast 2-D/3-D RigidRegistration using GPU
Seo, JunyaExtraction method of functionally similar bioinformatics workflow using graph structure.
Takahashi, YusukeAn Improvement of Bloom-Filter-Based Index Dissemination in P2P Networks
Tanaka, HidenoriHuman Pose Estimationusing Skeletonization of volume data and graph matching
Hattori, YuichiA Compression Method of Time Sequence Volume Data using 3D Hu Invariant Moments
Hamaguchi, YuuA Supporting Tool of Model-checking for Internal Processing of Web Application
Hayashi, YutakaA Proposal of an Input Method for User Navigation and Text Input in a Virtual Space
Baba, ShintarouOn the evaluation of software development exercise based onquantitative data
Murao, KenjiChange Risk Measurement System Using Revision History
Morimoto, HirokiA interface of a Prototype System forWeb Retrieval of Institutions with Google Maps API
Yamamura, TomohiroImprovement of Use Case Point Measurement Tool U-EST
Yukimasa, KojiA Position-Based Multicast Routing Protocol Based on RouteLifetime Estimation for Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks
Choy, Kho YeeMail Searching System with Web Collaborative Editing
Kogawa, YuNetwork Model Partitioning Method for Large-Scale Network Simulation in Grid Computing
Sakata, Masatoa new multiple alignment method using perfect linear code
Sakumoto, YusukeStability and Transient Behavior Analysis of Transport Protocol XCP for High-speed Networks

Master Thesis

Nagase, TomoyaThe evaluation of parallel peformance ofLattice Basis Reduction algorithm LLL on PC Cluster
Nagaya, TsutomuDevelopment of a System for Web Retrieval and MapVisualization of Address-Related InformationRelevant to Given Keywords with a WWW Robot.
Eriki, TakahiroAn Electronic Note System with an Effective Sharing MethodNotifying the Change of Notes in Collaborative Learning
Asahina, ReikoEducational Support System using Browsing Logson Web-based Learning Environments.
Ichii, MakotoExploration of Power Law in Software Component Graph and Its Application to Component Retrieval
Idehara, HiroshiAn Image and Sentence Extraction Technique Based on HTML Parsing Tree Structures of Web pages
Ueda, KensukeVideo analysis of small intestine using a capsule endoscope
Ohira, NaohiroA Method of Tracing Dependencies between Software Products Using Metamodel
Kajita, YasunobuA Generating Method of Pre- and Post-Conditions for Java Methods Based on Static Analysis and Restricted Dynamic Analysis
Kusuda, TaizoFeature Grouping Implementation Classes Using SimultaneousChange Histories
Konishi, KazukiA Framework for Parallel and Distributed Simulationin MobiREAL Network Simulator
Sasaki, ToruConstraint-Oriented Detection and Repair of Inconsistency in UML Models
Takatsuji, MasayaCalibration of endoscopic imaging system - Analysis of image distortion and illumination distribution -
Tanaka, YuyaConsideration of Mechanism to Reuse Computational Results in Grid Environment
Nakayama, TakashiExtracting Function Call Patterns from Source Code Deltas
Noguchi, HiroyukiSpectral reflectance estimation of outdoor scene considering daylight changes
Noda, TakashiA framework for easily developing a master-worker parallel programusing spare computing power of PCs
Haraguchi, TakahiroAn Extension of Skip Graph Considering Nonuniform Search Frequency
Hirayama, HiroakiRecovery of liver motion and deformation due to respiration using laparoscopic freehand 3D ultrasound system
Fujiwara, TakayukiHierarchical Model Checking with Spin for Struts Web Applications
Matsunaga, KazuhikoAn efficient distributed transcoding system for actual PC clusters
Miura, TakaakiA distributed protocol for constructing minimum delayoverlay multicast trees on MANETs using node distance
Muraki, KensukeProposal and Evaluation of Grid Resource Monitoring and Selection for Rapid Turnaround Applications
Yamauchi, YukikoDistributed TDMA Slot Assignment Algorithms for Wireless Networks based on Distance-2 Graph Coloring
Yamamoto, HiroyukiTracking 3D Branching Vascular Structures from Liver CT Images Based on Branch Point Analysis Using Local Intensity Distributions and its app£žication for ap£ūroximation of liver segments
Yoshida, NorihiroRefactoring Support by Using Code Clone Dependency Relations
Pongnumkul, SuchitDeformable Registration for Generating Dissection Image of an Intestine from Annular Image Sequence
Wu, YuAn efficient searching protocol in P2P systems based on Probabilistic Weak Quorum System (PWQS)
Mannami, HidetoshiAdaptive dynamic range camera with transmissive/reflective liquid crystal
Uratani, KengoA Study of Distance Visualization Techniquesfor Virtual Annotations in Augmented Reality Environments
Abe, SeiyaStatistical Selection of Effective Metrics for Bayesian Classification of Project Status
Igarashi, DaisukeEvaluation of Overlay Network Topologies for Gossip-Based Multicast
Ikeda, ShinichiA Study on the Locality-Aware Construction of Overlay Networks
Kawai, KatsuyaAutonoumous robot for 3-D Reconstruction Considering Road Surface Conditions
Taniguchi, IttetsuTask Partitioning Optimization Algorithm for Dynamic Reconfigurable Processors
Hamano, YasuhiroExtraction of Relationships between Risk Factors in Software Development by Association Rules Mining
Hamabe, TakashiA Data Alignment Method for Block Floating Point Systems
Matsuo, TakafumiA Study on Automatic Verification of Integrated Services in Home Network Systems
Simanjuntak, Fidens FelixInstruction Set Evaluation Method Using Heuristics with Lookahead Search
Tanimoto, TadaakiParametric Analysis, Design Space Exploration, and Scheduling for Real-Time Concurrent Systems with Finite Resources
Matsuura, YousukePerfomance Evaluation of TCP Congestion Control Mechanism based on Inline Network Measurement
Ito, TakeshiUnderstanding and Optimizing GridFTP:Leveraging Parallel Data Transfer for Long-Fat Networks
Shuntaro, KashiharaDesign, Implementation, and Evaluationof Robust Data Gathering Scheme for Sensor Networksin Unstable Environments
Kido, HidetoshiLocation Anonymization for Protecting User Privacy in Location-based Services
Kimura, AkiraProposal and Scalability Evaluation ofIP-VPN Architecture with Policy-basedDynamic Multiple Association control
Koizumi, YukiCross-Layer Traffic Engineering in IP over WDM Networks
Konishi, JunjiroDesign and Evaluation of a Cooperative Mechanism among Pure P2P File-sharing Networks
Sato, KazukiProposal and Evaluation of Localization AlgorithmUsing Multi-Lateration on MANETs
Sugiyama, KouheiOn Structural Analysis of Social Networksusing Network Analysis Techniques
Taniguchi, EijiDesign and Evaluation of Shared Memory Architecture for WDM-based ¶ň Computing Enviroment
Tsukamoto, JunProposal of Collision Ratio Control Protocol for Inter-Vehicle Ad-hoc Communication
Tsugawa, TomoakiTCP-based Background Data Transfer using Inline Network Measurement Technique
Nakata, MasashiReceiver-based ACK Splitting Mechanism for TCP over Wired/wireless Heterogeneous Networks
Hashimoto, MasakazuDesign and Development of A Mobile IPv6-based Global Anycasting Mechanism
Maekawa, TaroAn Ant-based Routing Protocol using Unidirectional Links for Heterogeneous Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks
Maeda,KumikoDesign and Development of MANET Simulator MobiREAL and Reproduction of Urban Pedestrian Flows
Makino, NobutakaA Capacity Dimensioning Method for Efficient and Reliable Communication in Power--Law Networks
Yamaguchi, SeijiDeriving Time Constraint of Each Task for Pipelined Real-Time Bus Systems
Yamaguchi, TohruA Robustness Evaluation of Soft State using Markov ModelAnalysis and Simulations
Yamamoto, HideyukiFluid-based Analysis and Design of Active Queue Management Router in the Internet
Gomez, Armenta OscarQuasi-Dynamic Network ModelPartition Method for AcceleratingParallel Network Simulation
Fu, HongyeDesign and Evaluation of a Cooperative Mechanism of Hybrid P2P File-Sharing Networks to Enhance Application-Level QoS
Nakayama, SatoshiA Private and Consistent Data Retrieval Scheme with Log-Squared Communication
Hashimoto, KenjiA Proposal of Schema Update Operations of XML Documents and TheirProperties on Schema Expressibility Preservation
Fujita, TakaakiThe Optimum Watermark Detection Schemefor the Patchwork
Yasuda, TakahiroImproved Lower and Upper Bounds on the Decoding Error Probabilityfor Linear Block Codes Using the Local Weight Distribution
Sakamoto, HiroshiA Method for Protein-Compound Interaction Search by Selecting Partial Compound Structure
Sato, TakuyaA detection method of conserved regions in proteins clustered by protein-protein interaction data.
Matsuoka, HirokiA method for analyzing functions of genes by comparison of expressions of their orthologs
Moritomo, AtsushiEquivalence Checking of Behavioral-Level Circuit DescriptionsBased on Automatic Refinement Techniques
Yamagami, YasuhiroA method for predicting compound activity using position specific score matrix.
Thuy, VoA method for integrating Molecular Biology Databases using hierarchical metadata

Doctor Thesis

Hassan, Mohamed AbdElSalamA System Level Modeling Methodology for RTOS Centric Embedded Systems
Honda, OsamuA Study on Scalable Virtual Private Network Technologies for Realizing Cybersociety
Nakaminami, YoshihiroA Study on Time Complexity Analyses for Self-stabilizing Protocols
Amasaki, SousukeEmpirical Software Quality Assessment Using Sequentially Collected Metrics Data
Ishio, TakashiStudy on Aspect Extraction and Program Analysis for Effective Software Development
Izumi, TaisukeA Study on Advanced Approaches for Distributed Consensus Problems
Ueda, KyokoAn Embedded System Design Methodology based on System-level Profiling
Okita, MasaoLarge Trace Generation and Scalable Debugging for Large-Scale Message Passing Programs.
Kawaguchi, ShinjiResearch on similarity of software and its application
Seno, ShigetoA method of clustering gene expression profiles and similarity search of genomic positional expression for transcriptome analysis
Hisamatsu, HiroyukiControl Theoretic Analysis and Evaluation for Congestion Control Mechanisms in the Internet
Fukushima, YukinobuPhysical and Logical Design of Flexible and ScalableWavelength-Routed Networks
Miyake, ShokoMethods to explore conserved metabolic sub-networks using graph structure
Leelaprute, PattaraFiltering and Detection of Feature Interactions in Emerging Telephony Services
Saito, MasashiInter-vehicle Ad hoc Communication Protocol for Acquiring Preceding Traffic Information
Tanimoto, TadaakiParametric Analysis, Design Space Exploration, and Schedulingfor Real-Time Concurrent Systems with Finite Resources
Zhang, ZongshengHigh-Speed Transport-Layer Protocols for Fast Long-Distance Networks
Kitani, TomoyaDesign Methods for Reliable Network Systems Considering Their Cost-Performance
Haga, TetsujiIntruder Surveillance Technology for Outdoor Scenes based on Spatio-temporal Motion Features
Sasabe, MasahiroCache-based Adaptive Mechanisms for Media Streamingon Information Distributed Systems

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