ICS thesis in Mar. 2005

Bachelor Thesis

kikumoto, hiroshiAn algorithm for mining frequent isomorphic subgraphs and its application to biological networks
Asano, JunyaConsumer-to-consumer digital content trading protocolconcealing users' trading records
Aburaya, NaokiRegistration between multiple oblique viewing endoscopicimages and 3D geometrical organ model
Ikami, ShirouEstimation of final quality of softwareusing defect detection rate in an early stage of development
Imoto, MaiImplementation and Evaluation of MPI Library with Globus Toolkitfor Establishing Lambda Conputing Environment
Ohsawa, NanahoReal Time 3D Environment Modeling for a Mobile Robot by Aligning Range Image Sequence
Okuyama, TakuyaOn Fault Tolerance of Gossip Protocols in Scale-Free Networks
Kawazoe, TomonoriBuilding location estimation sensor network using RSSI
Kozawa, HiroakiSatisfiability Checking with Equivalence Constraintsfor Decidable Subclass of First-Order Logic
Shimizu, YoshinoriA Proposal of Indoor Radio Wave Propagation Model and its Implementation to Mobile Network Simulator MobiREAL
Nakano, YuyaEmpirical analysis of the causes of confused project consideringthe role of software developers
Nakamura, Masatoshidesign and implementation of communication protocolfor group navigation system using wireless ad-hoc network
Fukumoto, RyotaProposal and evaluation of routing methodsin power--law networks
Mannami, HidetoshiWide Dynamic Range Camera with Liquid Crystal Filter
Yasuda, TetsuyaA Proposal of an Access Control System with Self-updatable¡¡Policies and Its Implementation
Huynh, LongKimSimulation method for interleaved multithreaded processor owning invalid instruction delete function
Liu, TingtingPerformance analysis of ordered statistics decodingfor error correction in digital watermarking
Iwato, HirohumiGeneration Method for Low Power Configurable Processor
Ogasawara, Masaobasic examination for automation of kinematic analysis of artificial knee implants from X-ray fluoroscopic images
Kojima, YuichiroCalibration and Performance Evaluation of Omnidirectional Sensor with Compound Spherical Mirrors
Hieda, TakujiAn Instruction Scheduling Method for Processors with Partial Forwarding
Shinmen, GouMetabolic reconstruction using structural similarity of compound
Saitoh, KensakuA VR Information Visualization Systemfor Information Collection of Real Environment using a Remote Control Robot
Shoji, KeisukeDesign and implementation of multicast data delivery system using OLSR as unicast routing protocol
Nagai, EigoTranslation from UML/OCL to Timed Automata Network for Distributed real-time Applications Specified Timeliness QoSand its Verification.
Asari. YutaA Debugging EnvironmentVisualizing the Execution Trace as a Sequence Diagram
Inui, KojiGreedy Algorithms for Network Clustering with Bounded Radius and Size
Imaeda, TakaakiA Prototype Web Browser with Feature of Resuming Browsing States
Ono, MaiQuantitative Evaluation of a Learning School SystemUsing Wearable Equipments
Kimura, HiroakiAn estimation method of the compound-protein interactionsusing the kernel function for the combination of the partial structures of compounds
Kimura, YousukeDesign and implementation of the DHCP server leasingIP addresses corresponding to the port where clients connect
Kotani, YukiDesign of system for monitoring idle GPUs in a gird
Gouda, KeigoDesign and Preliminary Evaluation of Rapid 2-D/3-D Rigid Registration on GPU
Nagate, WataruResearch for node-registration-speed improvement ofstream-type information-gathering system for ubiquitous node
Nagayasu, DaisukeReduction of Transfer Time with Two-Stage Compression Methodfor GPU-Based Volume Rendering of Time-Varying Data
Niitani, RyusukeAutomatic Categorization System for Java Components Using Feature Words of Source Code
Hirano, YusukeResearch for throughput improvement of stream-typeinformation-gathering system for ubiquitous nodes
Hirose, KouitiA Generic Multi-Viewport Framework for Seamless Interaction of Multiple Virtual Envitonment
Matsumoto, AtsukoAn extraction method of the measurementcondition specific functions according to the notion of information content from absolute expression data and functional classification of gene products
Morioka, YuThe technique extract common preservation area oftranscription factor by partial sequence alignment
Morikawa, TakumiEvaluation of a replication strategy in data grid under conditions of parallel transfer from multiple sites
Yagi, KoutarouPerformance Evaluation of ring-based P2P-VPNRealizing the Cyber-Society
Yamasaki, AkikoDescribing the behavior of mobile terminal users in cities and simulating their mobile ad hoc networks
Yamanegi, KanaPerformance Evaluation of TCP Proxy Mechanism
Yoshimura, YasuhikoProposal and Performance Evaluation of Automatic Parameter Configuration Mechanism for Data Transfer Protocol GridFTP in Grid Computing
Nishikawa, TakeshiAn Ant Algorithm for Mobile Agent Planning Problem

Master Thesis

Numata, TakeshiEvaluation of scrolling techniques for keeping track of 'reading point'.
Suzuki, TomokoMobile Agent Population Control in Dynamic Networksbased on the Single Species Population Model
Izumida, SousukeAnalysis supporting tool for financial statements described inlanguage XBRL
Okada, ToshiyukiConstruction of Statistical Shape Model of FemurBased on Anatomical Features from 3D CT Images
Kariya, NaokiA data gathering algorithm for maximizing lifetime in cluster-based sensor networks
Kawasaki, MasatoOne Finger Gesture Input on Touchpad
Kurita. NaokiProposal of compound catadioptric omni-directional stereo
Kobori, KazuoProgram Comprehension Supporting Method Using Dependence between Java Methods
Saimura, TetsuyaDevelopment of a Verification Support System forFunctional Programming Language ML and Verification of a Library Book Management Program
Kei, SasakiOpen-Source Community Exploring System Based on Development Histories
Satou, HidenoriMiddleware for Decentralized Group Communicationwith Video Quality Control Mechanism for Mobile Users
Soeda, YujiPartial Lookup Services for Distributed Resources with Ranks
Tanaka, KuniakiA Comparison among Dynamic Scheduling Algorithms withConsideration to Prediction Error of Processor Speed for Independent Coarse-Grained Tasks in Desktop Grid
Taniguchi, KojiExecution Trace Compaction for Generating Sequence Diagram
Makidera, AyaA Developing Methodfor Distributed Real-Time Application Software Based on UML/OCL with Timeliness QoS Guarantee
Matsui, ManabuDesign of LU Decomposition on Programmable GPU
Mitani, YukihisaAn electric-note recommendation methods suited to learners' style of reviewing
Sun, WeihuaConstruction of stable communication routes using position information of vehicles for inter-vehicle communication
Adachi, TomoakiA Remote Collaboration System using Live Video Projectiononto a 3D Geometric Model
Ogata, ShougoSAT-Based Model Checking of Safety Properties
Kudou, KoutaComparative Assessment of Data-Mining MethodsUsed for Software Project Management
Kobayashi, YukiA Configurable VLIW Processor Generation Method
Tanaka, HiroakiA Code Generation Method for Processors with SIMD Instruction based on Operation Dependency and Distance
Nakashima, KosukeCollaborative Table-top Environment Based on Integraton ofPersonal and Shared Workspaces
Hirao, KimioPose Estimation of Human Upper BodyUsing Motion Capture Data and Depth Images
Yamamoto, KokushiParameter Estimation of Natural Quadric Surfaces from Range Image
Yamamoto, HiroshiReliability-Oriented Module Assignment Algorithms for Distributed Systems
Yoshimura, TatsuhiroAn ASIP Architecture for Real-time Graphical Effect Processing
Yoneoka, NoboruArchitecture Level Design Quality Estimation Methodbased on Data Flow Analysis
Kamimura JunpeiSelf-Organizing Clustering Method for Energy-Efficient Data Gathering in Sensor Networks
Maesono, YuyaLocal Job Scheduling Considering Data Transfer Timein Data Grid Environment
Iguchi, TomohitoAchieving Scalability and Self-Adaptivity to Network Bandwidth and Delay for Measurement-based TCP Congestion Control
Uchiyama, AkiraA Distributed Network Monitoring Frameworkwith Autonomous Group Formation for Large Scale Networks
Urata, ShigeharuProfiling Based Analysis of Java Programs andtheir Decomposition under Memory Restriction of Mobile Terminals
Ohsita, YuichiDetection and defense method against distributed SYN flood attacks
Ohta, YoshikazuAutonomous Localization System in Wireless Sensor Networks
Ohtaki, YoshitakaBiologically-Inspired Data-Centric Communication Protocol for Robust and Scalable Sensor Networks
Keisuke, KatsudaPredictive Indexing Method for Distributed Trajectory Databases
Kanata, ShoheiA Parallel File Transfer Method from Multiple Sites in Data Grids
Toku, TakahiroA Study on Routing Algorithms with Delayed Link StateInformation for Distributed Lightpath Network
Hirohisa, NakamotoProposal and Evaluation of Realization Approachfor a Shared Memory System in ¦Ë Computing Environment
Hashimoto, HideakiAcceleration of Parametric Verification andits Application to Design of Web Service Specifications
Honda, YasuyukiPerformance evaluation of a window flow control mechanismfor realizing fair IP-VPN service and design of its dynamicparameter configuration mechanism
Matsumoto, NaokiDesign of Service Federation System Based on Arrival Patterns ofUser Requests
Yoshida, GoDesign, Implementation and Evaluation of Continuous and Scalable P2P Media Streaming System
Yoshida, ShinpeiOn Network Model Division Method to Accelarate Parallel Distributed Simulation for Grid Computing
Ren, GuiquanImplementation of Group Navigation System usingCellular Phones and Wireless Ad-hoc Communication
Baduge, Thilmee MalindaDecentralized Construction of Minimum-delay Overlay Multicast Trees under Bandwidth Constraints
Abe, MasayoshiXPath Query Transformation for Time-Efficient Evaluation
Umayama, TakaneA Method for Finding the Lowest Cost Attack and the Maximum Set of Attacks Preventable with Different Countermeasures for Cryptographic Protocols
Okamoto, KunihiroA Threshold Selection Algorithm Ensuring GivenFalse Positive Error Probability for Correlation Based Watermarking Schemes and Its Application to Video Watermarking
Fujiwara, AkiraConsignment Delivery for Digital ContentsProtecting Marketing Information and Subscriber's Privacy
Yasunaga, KenjiMethods to Determine the Local Weight Distribution of Binary Linear Block Codes Using the Automorphism Group and Code Structure
Yamaguchi, AkinariBag-based Data Models for Incomplete Information
Yoneda, YutaGood Binary Image of Linear Block Codes over an Extended Field of GF(2) both for Error Performance and Decoding Complexity
Ito, TakuyaA method for exploring compounds with similar biological activities based on substructure similarity
Kaihara, KentoA Progressive Structure Inference Method of Gene Networks Using Discrete Models
Kimura, KanConstruction of Finite State Models of Simultaneous First-Order Differential Equations
Tanaka, NaokiA Method for Analyzing Metabolic Networks based on GeneEssentiality in a Focus of Compounds
Ken, TaniguchiDiscrete Modeling of Bio-Chemical Networks and Their Analysisby Symbolic Model Checking
Hosokawa, TakuyaDevelopment of a federated database system for drug discovery using grid technology-Introduction of web services to an interactive search system and a method for speeding up its searches-
Matsuno, HirokazuA method for predicting gene network functions from gene functional data using decision tree

Doctor Thesis

Shibano, NobuyukiDevelopment of CyberDome - a Scalable Immersive Multi Projection Display with Hemi-Spherical Screen
Okamura, ShingoGraph-structured Contents Delivery System Protecting Viewer's Privacy
Mizutani, YasuharuCompiler Support for High-Performance Execution ofMaster-Woker Parallel Programs
Nagano, HidehisaA study on methods for music signal retrieval and image compression based on pattern matching

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