ICS thesis in Mar. 2004

Bachelor Thesis

Okutani, YujiA divide and conquer algorithm for computing the bit error probability of MAP decoding for a binary linear code
Ogita, ShinyaA state assignment algorithm for efficient model checking for the specifications described by the regular expressions
Sakamoto, AtsushiStudy on the description length of the results of relational operationson databases representing incomplete information
Moritomo, AtsushiValidity checking of quantifier-free first-order logic with equality Using Boolean substitution
Abe, SeiyaDevelopment of a prediction system for confused software projects based on Bayesian Classifier
Ikeda, ShinichiResearch on Parameters of a Gossip-Type BroadcastingProtocol for Ad Hoc Networks
Ijichi, TakahitoPerformance evaluation of a bus system with real-time constrain by the design technique which turned easily change of a bus arbitration and a bus access method
Ueda, KensukeEstablishment of the power consumption model based on the survey in a radio sensor network
Kimura, AkiraVPN architecture with policy-based multiple association control
Taniguchi, EijiImplementation and evaluation of a shared memory system for lambda computing environment construction
Taniguchi, KeiQuery checking based on satisfiability checking of boolean expressionsand its application to chemical network analysis
Doi, SeijiAn Algorithm of Microarray Data Analysis using Binary Decision Diagrams for Extracting Sets of Gene Tuples Satisfying Logical Relations.
Nakaoka, MikiImplementation of Decentralized Protocol to Manage Delay Sensitive Trees on Overlay Networks
Nakayama, SatoshiA data retrieval protocol guaranteeingconfidentiality and validatability of the retrieval results
Hamano, YasuhiroDevelopment of the three-dimensional electromagnetic field analysis simulator using the FDTD method
Hamabe, TakashiA bit length estimation method for digital signal processing systems
Hirayama, HiroakiA rapid method for simultaneous processing of magneto-optic integration of 3D position sensors and magnetic distortion calibration
Yamagami, YasuhiroMethod of generating an unfolded image of the inside of a cylinder using HyperOmni Vision
Yamaguchi, SeijiStable Human Tracking using Adaptive Masking
Yamamoto, HiroyukiAvailable Range Analysis of Laser Guidance System and its Application to Monolithic Integration with Optical Tracker
INSIXIENGMAI LEUTHImplementation and evaluation of inline network measurement for service overlay networks
PONGNUMKUL, SUCHITAlgorithms for Finding the Sequence of Compositions that Yields the Minimum Covering Array
Igarashi, DaisukeResearch on the Effect of Partial Membership Views on the Reliability of Gossip-Based Multicast
Taniguchi, IttetsuExecution cycle minimization algorithm for dynamic reconfigurable processors
Hashimoto, KenjiEmbedding Relations on Regular Tree Languages and on Regular Tree Grammarsand Their Implication
Simanjuntak, Fidens FelixSource Code Transformation Method for Reliability-Critical Embedded Systems
Kimura, YusukeImplementation of WWW image retrieval system with targetexpansion by automatic query translation
Miura, TakaakiA spanning tree construction protocol on the application layer in MANETs
Tsuchiya, HiroyukiFast surplus computing capability evaluation forthe resources assignment in a desktop grid
Ichii, MakotoSoftware component recommendation method using collaborative filtering
Itou, TakeshiPerformance Evaluation of Data Transfer Protocol GridFTP inWide-Area Grid Computing
Kashihara, ShuntarouImplementation and Evaluation of a Synchronous Mechanism for Sensor Information Gathering in Sensor Networks
Kajita, YasunobuKeyword-Indexing Method for Java Component Retrieval System
Kawai, KatsuyaA 3-D Transmission System of a Remote Environment Using a Real-time Rangefinder on a Turntable
Sakamoto, HiroshiThe search method of a similar compound by using clusteringfor prediction of the compounds which combine with target protein
Sasaki, ToruImplementation of the code clone information addition techniquefor supporting program change
Satou, TakuyaA method which predict protein°«s functional site using clustering by the similarity of the functional sites based on the evolutionary trace method
Suetsugu, ShinsukeEvaluation of a hybrid P2P video streaming mechanismtaking into account the topology of physical networks
Takada, DaisukeA Toolkit for a Shared Wearable Augmented Reality System
Takeda, KentaroA method for the analysis of mouse cDNAs that have only weak similarities toknown genes by comparison with different genomes
Tsukamoto, JunExperimental evaluation of approximation algorithm RR for grid scheduling : Influence of communication delay on the performance
Nakamiya, HirokiImplementation of the efficient technique using SNMP for a printer accounting system
Nakayama, TakashiSoftware Development Recognition Supporting System Using Revision History and Function Calling Relationship
Hirata, AtsushiTime-Action-Lock Detection for a Network of Timed Automata
Makino, NobutakaProposal and evaluation of a flooding method for routing information on a scale--free network
Matsuoka, HirokiA Wearable Image Transmission System Using a GPS and a Gyro Sensor for Situation Recognition of a Disaster Area
Matsunaga, KazuhikoReducing the capacity of routing information used by AODV protocolin MANET simulator
Matsunaga, SatoshiPIA-SM: Design and Implementation of Core-based Routing Protocol for IPv6 Anycast
Mawatari, TakayukiA Virtual Microphone for Acquisition of Sound Annotationsin Augmented Reality
Morikawa, MasakazuOnline Report-Correction System Enabling Distributed Cooperation by Teachers and Teaching Assistants
Morimoto, MitsutoshiDesign and implementation of the management support system forsource-based spam filter
Yamaguchi, ToruThe performance evaluation of the method of index managementusing soft-state for discover resource in the wide-areaGrid computing
Yamamoto, HideyukiOn Modeling and Performance Evaluation of Active QueueManagement DRED using Fluid-Flow Approximation
Vo, Thuy Thi PhuongThe integrated hierarchy search system of molecular biology databases using XML

Master Thesis

Asagoshi, SatoshiSelf-stabilizing Shared Heap Supporting Concurrent execution ofOperations
Umemori, FumiakiEmpirical Evaluation of Java Component Retrieval System SPARS-J
Ohta, SusumuDesign and implementation of education support systemusing mobile agents in notebook PCs environment
Kawasaki, YasuhiroDeveloping Remote Parallel Processing System forIntraoperative Image Processing
Kanbe, YukiA Performance Prediction for Evaluating Potential Improvement of Message Passing Programs
Kira, JinDesign and Evaluation of Geometric Algorithms forEnergy Optimal Routing in Radio Networks
Sakurai, YusukeByzantine-fault tolerance of self-stabilizing protocols foredge coloring in tree networks
Sakuragi, FutoshiAn Automated Surgery Reporting System Based on 4D Log Record Generated from Surgical Navigation Systems
Takao, AkinoriAn Approximation Algorithm for Dynamic Task Scheduling of a ParameterSweep Application onto a Computational Grid
Takao, YujiA Programming Language for XBRL Financial Data Processing
Tashiro, Takahito3D Spinal Alignment Measurement in Standing Posture Based on 2D-3D Registration of CT Data with Multiview X-ray Images of Unknown Relative Orientation
Tsuji, HirokiAn Improvement of Relevance Feedback with More Emphasis onTerms Close to Search Terms in Relevant Documents
Nakaminami, KazuhiroIntegrating the Real World with the Web Space through the Contents Description Language
Nishi, HideoImplementation of Java Component Retrieval System SPARS-J
Noguchi, SatoshiTask Clsutering for Task Schedule in Parallel Computing Environments with Large Communication Delays
Noda, YoshikuniCausal broadcast in asynchronous systems with dynamic groups of processes
Hayase, YasuhiroRevision Control System Using Delta Script of Syntax Tree
Higashiura, ToshifumiA Video-based Learing System with the Inheritance Management of Notebooksfor Improving the Efficiency of Retrieval
Higo, YoshikiRefactoring Support Tool Based on Code Clone Analysis
Fujimoto, YoshihikoA proposal of a System for Analyzing Customers' Behaviors in a Store with an Omnidirectional Sensor
Matsukawa, FumikazuImplementation of the Effort Estimation Support Tool based on Use Case Model
Mizumoto, AkiraLocation-aided Multicast Routing for Multiple Geographic Regions on°°MANET
Mori, KazuoConsistency Checking of Timeliness QoS ofDistributed Multi-Media Systemsand Automatic Derivation of Codes from the System Description
Yao, TomoyukiA Proposal of a System for Automatically Acquiring Personal Preferences from TV Viewer's Behaviors
Watanabe, YokoPostoperative Measurement of Implant Position in Total Hip Arthroplasty Using Volume Registration between Pre- and Postoperative CT Data
Ishimaru, YoheiA Floorplanning Method for Wire Length Minimization based on Abutment Relation between Modules
Okuda, KojiA Simulator Generation Method for Configurable VLIW Processors
Shiba, ToshiakiTest Generation Algorithms Based on Metaheuristics forCombinatorial Testing
Tanaka, TakahiroBounded Model Checking Based on Quantifier-Free Presburger Arithmetic
Tomozoe, YusukeUnified Gesture-Based Interfaces forVirtual Object Manipulation and User Navigation
Habara, ToshikazuAn Easily Expandable Indoor Positioning MethodUsing Fiducial Markers for Wearable Systems
Hamasaki, TakanariPrediction of Runaway Software Projectsby Bayesian Classification of Questionnaire
Maeda, MasakiA Hybrid Tracking Using Stereo Measurement of Infrared Markersand An Orientation Sensor
Kyohei, YoshikawaA High Presence Tele-Communication SystemUsing 2D Background and 3D Avatar
Wong, TheinLaiA Self-organizing Algorithm for Sensor Placement in Wireless Mobile Micro-Sensor Networks
Li, XiaoningExtension of Software Project Simulator Based on System Dynamics toward Risk Analysis
Azuma, KazuhiroA Study on Receiver-based Management Scheme of Access Link Resources for QoS-Controllable TCP Connections
Ishida, ShinyaA Study on the Quasi-Static Lightpath Configuration Method in Large-Scaled WDM Networks
Ujiie, Jun'yaOn Modeling and Performance Evaluation of Transport-LayerCommunication Protocol in the Internet using Fluid-Flow Approximation
Eguchi, TomoyaA Study on Active Queue Management Mechanisms for Internet Routers:Design, Performance Analysis, and Parameter Tuning
Oda, MasashiA Study of an Eye Contour Extraction Method Using Deformable Template°°Matching
Odagiri, TeruakiA study on estimating user-level traffic demand based onpacket-level traffic measurement in the Internet
Kitaguchi, TomoA Design Technique for Supporting Refinement of Bus Scheduling and Protocol
Kitani, TomoyaA Proposal of Hierarchically Configurable Chordal-Ring Topologyand Its Wavelength Assignment Algorithm for WDM Networks
Kitano, TomohiroA Colored Petri Net-Based Model and its Program Derivation for Specifying Distributed Cooperative Systems
Sasaki, SuguruGlobal Timed Bisimulation on Timed Control Flow Graph And Application to Checking for Timing Attacks on Web Privacy
Takamoto, YoshifumiA Proposal of Hardware Synthesis for Real-Time Concurrent Systems considering Costs and Performances
Taniguchi, YoshiakiDesign, Implementation, and Evaluation of Proxy Caching Mechanisms for Video Streaming Services
Doi, SatoshiDesign, Implementation and Evaluation of Routing Protocols for IPv6 Anycast Communication
Nakamura, YoshitakaA distributed control protocol for real-time streaming on P2P network
Hara, YoshihiroA study on virtual private network technology realizing multiple association in the Cybersociety
Yamada, KazuhiroA proposal of Middleware for establishing service using heterogeneousinformation and its application to a recommendation service
Yuki, TaichiA Study on Data Link Layer Control Methods for Performance Improvement of TCP over an Ad Hoc Network
CAO LE THANH MANA Study on Inline Network Measurement Mechanism for Service Overlay Networks
Shi, JiangangSearch Load Distribution Mechanism for Active P2P Networks
Ohmura, HiromasaAn information flow analysis of programs with cryptographic functions
Konishi, YoshiyukiUnlinkable Delivering Systems for Graph-Structured Contents
Sai, YusukeA method of generating view definitions according to access control policies for XML documents
Hirobe, TakashiRepresentation system of incomplete information under semistructured data model based on ordered trees
Ota, HiroyasuA Method for protein-compound interaction search by using structural properties of protein-ligand complex
Sugiyama, YouichiAn Analysis of an Inference Algorithm of Boolean NetworksRepresented by Size-Limited Logic Formulas
Taki, KoheiInference of the gene regulatory networks from gene expression profiles using gene functional classifications

Doctor Thesis

Hiromori, AkihitoEfficiency Technique for Network Simulations and Multicast Video Distribution using Distributed Servers
Yokogawa, TomoyukiFormal Verification for Dependable Systems by Model Checking
Yokomori, ReishiStudy about program analysis methods for theassistance of software maintenance and reuse
Sabaliauskaite, GiedreInvestigating Defect Detection in Object-Oriented Design and Cost-Effectiveness of Software Inspection
Sambe, YasuoAdaptive video transcoding in distributed computing environment
Fumihiko, InoAnalyzing the Behavior of Message Passing Parallel Programs for Performance Improvement

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