ICS thesis in Mar. 2003

Bachelor Thesis

Adachi, TomoakiDevelopment of a High Immersive Tele-directing SystemUsing a Small Dome Display
Abe, MasayoshiAutomatic Derivation of Java Programs from Real-timeSystems' Specifications in Networks of Timed Automata
Ito, TakuyaReconstruction of metabolic pathways using similarity of compounds
Uene, MasakazuDesign of Infrared-based Integrated Remote Control System for Home Electric Appliances with User's Actual Location Adaptiveness and Accessibility of Disabled Users
Fujiwara, AkiraA digital contents consignment distribution systemwith audience rating surveyfor service providers
Urata, ShigeharuThe evaluation of the amount of communications betweenclasses for dividing Java classes using remote method invocation
Uratani, KengoDisplaying Annotations by utilizing Depth Informationin Augmented Reality Environments
Okada, YoshioDesign of interrupt controller for ASIP Meister
Okamoto, KunihiroProposal and Evaluation of a Method for Determining a Thresholdin a Detection Method of Digital Watermarking Using Original Contents
Ogata, ShougoModel Checking Petri Nets using SAT Solvers
Okuhata, TakeshiExperimental evaluation of exclusion of internal database from Image Search Engine by using Google Web API
Kaihara, KentoSelection Techniques of Perturbations for Inferring Gene RegulatoryNetworks and its Evaluations by Computer Experiments.
Kanata, ShoheiA Static Scheduling Method for Parallel File Transferconsidering Network Topology in a Global Distributed Environment
kitagawa, mitsuakiSimulation algorithm of the hybrid automata in considerationof values are assumed to be an interval for the action analysis of a gene regulatory networks
Kimura, KanThe proposision of standardize technique by XML for unificationof molecular biology databases
Kusunoki, YukoAccuracy Improvement of Medical Image RegistrationUsing Deformations Obtained from Time Series of Images
Kudou, KoutaCause-Effect Analysis for Seriousness of Field Faults using Bayesian Brief Network
Kobayashi, YuukiA Synthesizable HDL Generation Method for Configurable VLIW Processors
Saimura, TetsuyaAn implementation of the module of a decision procedure forPresburger sentences in ML
Sasaki, KeiSearch Systems for Software Revisions and E-mails under Open Source Development
Suzuki, TomokoAn agent-based electric commerce protocol resilient totransient faults
Tanaka, KuniakiThe proposal of a way for dividing Java modules to minimizethe amount of communications by using SA(Simulated Annealing) and its evaluation
Tanaka, TatsuyaThe regional information recommendation techniquebased on the geographic cognition obtained by marking map
Tanaka, NaokiA systematic method for the experimental data analysis ofthe gene disruption strains of E. coli
Toku, TakahiroEvaluation of the distributed control mechanisms in WDM networks
Nakashima, KosukeDevelopment of a cooperative work environment with a projectionimage onto a mask of multi-user stereoscopic display - IllusionHole
Nakamoto, HirohisaProposal of a shared memory access method for distributed calculation in photonic Grid environment
Nakayama, KeiModeling of DDoS Traffic and its Application for Evaluation of Defence Algorithms
Hashimoto, HideakiProposal of Abstraction Method for ParametricModel Checking of Java Description of Hardware withReal-time Constraints
Hirao, KimioEstimation of signal transition probabilityusing Bayesian Networks for combinational circuitsconsidering gate delays
Hosokawa, TakuyaThe integrated search system of molecular biology databasesusing XML standard format
Matsui, ManabuParallel Volume Rendering Method Based on Sharing Accumulatedopacity for Reducing Calculation Time
Matsuura, YousukeImplementation and Evaluation of TCP Proxy Mechanism on Network Processor
Matsuno, HirokazuThe development of an analysis tool for annotation of gene clusters
Matsumoto, NaokiProposal of Load Balancing Architecturefor Distributed Application with Many Participants
Mitani, YukihisaExperimental evaluation of programming ability based on theperiod of function development
Miyamoto, TakahiroThe proposal of the framework which can guarantee quality of contents adapted to user's request and connection environment
Yasunaga, KenjiAn algorithm for computing the local distance profile of alinear code using its automorphism group
Yamaguchi, AkinariProofs of the closure properties of the relational algebraoperations in databases extended for representing incomplete information
Yamanouchi, FutoshiExperimental evaluation of a prediction model of softwareproject confusion using the Bayesian Brief Network
Yamamoto, KokushiA Conversion Method of Voxel Data to a Simple Polygon Modelby Deflating and Recursively Dividing a Geodesic Dome
Yamamoto, HiroshiA solution to a multiple resource assignment problem in distributed systems
Yoshida, GoThe Dynamic Multicast Group Reconstruction Mechanismsin Real-Time Video Multicast
Yoshida, ShinpeiOn Network Model Division Method based on Link-to-Link TrafficIntensity for Accelerating Parallel Simulation
Yoneoka, NoboruA method of system performance analysisusing bus transaction model
Watanabe, TakashiXBRL financial report automatic conversion tool using the correspondence relation between items
Jarungpornsawad, TanesOn Traffic Demand of Application Level'sPrediction Method Based on Traffic Measurement of Packet Unit on Internet
Sun, Wei HuaSpecification and performance evaluation of a Bluetooth scatternet construction algorithm in Coloured Petri Nets
Asano, TakeshiLearning for Determining Unnecessary Attributes in Visualized Inductive Logic Programming System
Okada, ToshiyukiConstruction of Statistical Shape Model Using Radial Basis Function
Sato, HidenoriDesign and Implementation of an Agent System TranscodingMultiple Realtime Video Streams into Image Sequences for Java Mobile Phones
Tanaka, HiroakiA code selection method for processors with SIMD extension considering PACK instructions
Nakazato, YusukeA Method for Generating User Profile from Moving Record in Pedestrian Navigation
Izumida, SousukeCode clone information retrieval tool for maintenance activity
Kawasaki, HiroyaA Video Materials Recommending Systemwith Similar-User Information and Video-Genre-Spectrum
Kobori, KazuoImplementation of Java Program Similarity Measurement Tool using Token Structure and Execution Control Structure
Ohtaki, HiroyukiDesign and implementation of PPPoE server clusterwith fault tolerance and dynamic load balancing
Hayasaki, MasatakaAlgorithm for 2-stage 2-path problem

Master Thesis

Amasaki, SousukePrediction Model of Residual Faults in Software Projects Based onBayesian Belief Network
Ishimoto, TakeshiXML Database Schema Integration Preserving the Class of Queries and a Sufficient Condition for the Integration
Ichihara, KojiImproving the Performance of SAT-based Model Checkingfor Petri Nets
Ueda, KyokoPerformance Estimation Method for Embedded Systems Based on Data Flow Analysis
Otsuka, RyoheiA method of comparing gene sequences and gene expression profiles by clustering
Kamon, TakaoDistributed network monitor based on event drivenvisualization senario and dynamic multi-rendezvous mechanism
Kitayama, IkuA method for extracting conserved regions from a set of amino acid sequences using a graph partitioning algorithm based on spanning trees
Saijou, RyuutarouThe integrated search of molecular biology databases for protein functional prediction
Sasaki, ToshiyukiGeneration Method for Configurable Processors with Out-of-OrderCompletion
Sasabe, MasahiroScalable Method for Continuous Media Streamingon Peer-to-Peer Networks
Shimoda, DaisukeInteractive Simulation Model Based on System Dynamics towards Software Project Management
Suga, YasuhikoA method of analyzing gene expression profile for prediction of gene function
Seno, ShigetoA clustering method for gene expression profile based on graph structure
Takeuchi, SusumuEvaluation of the Communication between Users based on the Information Propagation Model
Tabayashi, ToshiyaThe computational complexity and the error performance ofa recursive maximum likelihood decoding algorithmfor the minimum weight subcode of binary linear block code
Tsukui, TakafumiA Highly-Available and Secure Quorum-based Method for Maintaining Replicated Data
Tsunemura, KazufumiA Dynamic Algorithm for ReconstructingMinimum Maximum-Latency Trees in Overlay Networks
Tokihisa, TakuyaA Verification Method of HW Interface Specificationfor Hierarchical Design
Nakada, Kazuhisa3D Ultrasound System with Real-Time Distortion Correction of Magnetic Fields for Laparoscopic Surgery
Nakahara, DaijiAn Hardware algorithm for a sequence alignment problem andits FPGA implementation.
Fukushima, YukinobuPlanning and Design Methods for Robust WDM Networks subject to Traffic Changes
Masuda, FumihikoParametric Model Checking of Concurrent Periodic EFSMs andan Efficient Simplification Method of Parameter Conditions
Mita, KentaroA Proposal of Zero Overhead Loop Model in ASIP Meister
Miyake, ShokoA Clustering Method using Graph Structure for Comparative Analysis between Pathways and Gene Locations
Yamane, YukinoriImplementation and Evaluation of Vorbis Decoder using ASIP Meister
Pattara, LeelapruteSemantic Warnings and Feature Interaction in Call Processing Language on Internet Telephony
Abe, MasaakiPipeline Stage Minimization Algorithm for Embedded Processors
Ishio, TakashiDebugging Support Environment for Aspect-Oriented Program Using Program Slicing
Izumi, TaisukeOn atomic broadcast resilient to crash and timing faults
Iwao, KouheiLearning Rules to Improve Tolerance of Hypotheses for Missing Valuesin Inductive Logic Programming
Ueda, YasushiOn extraction methods of code clones for supporting software development and maintenance- Implementation to maintenance support environment, Gemini -
Onishi, YukioConstructive Inductive Learning using Meta-Attributes
Ooyama, KanrouParallel Nonrigid Image Registration with Data Distribution
Okamoto, TakuyaDesign, Implementation and Evaluation of Scalable Resource Management System for Internet Servers
Okamoto, NaokiA Scheduling Method for Personalized Action Assisting System
Okamoto, HirotsuguClustering of Video Scenes with User Feedback
Okamoto, MiyukiA Student Portfolio System Suitable for University Education
Okita, MasaoDesign and Implementation of Faulty Process Localization Method for Debugging Message Passing Programs
Ogura, TakehiroPrototype of Personalized Video Portal Based on Metadata
Kakiuchi, YosukeA Modeling and Verification Method for Interface Protocolswith Parallel Synchronous Behaviors and Split Transactions
Katakami, ShuuichiRealization and Evaluation of CM Selection Mechanismbased on Metadata in Contents Distribution
Kato, YuichiroAn Algorithm of constructing an application level servicenetwork for providing real-time media deliveryservices for heterogeneous users
Kawaguchi, ShinjiSoftware Classification Based On Latent Semantic Analysis
Kawamura, KazufumiAn Improvement of the NRA Algorithm using the Min Function
Kisimoto, MotohisaStudies on Congestion Control Mechanisms in the Internet-- AIMD-based Window Flow Control Mechanism and Active Queue Management Mechanism --
Konishi, YukioDetection of transcription-factor binding sites based on intergenomic comparisons among close species
Gotou, YoshihiroReplication Methods for Enhancing Search Performancein Peer-to-Peer Services
Sakai, MasahiroA Sold-Out Proving Method for Privacy ProtectingContents Distribution of Limited Editions
Sakaue, KousukeDerivation of J2ME client-server based programs for mobiledevices from specifications in Petri-nets
Takeuchi, AkiraImage Compositing Methods for Sort-Last Parallel Rendering:Static Load-balancing and Dynamic Scheduling Approaches
Tokuda, KoichiOn Congestion Control Mechanism of High-Speed TCP
Nishizawa, TakahiroAutomatic Generation of Video Digests Considering Relationship between Scenes
Hisamatsu, HiroyukiAnalyzing Steady State and Transient State Performance ofTransmission Control Protocol in the Internet
Hirano, SouAn Extraction Method Of Gene RelationsFrom Large-scale DNA Microarray Expression Data For The Estimation Of Gene Regulation Networks
Hirano, HideakiA Video Note System for Learning to Support Self Learningwith Video Materials Using Other Learners' Notes
Fujii, MasatoSoftware Component Ranking using Dynamical Relation Analysis
Yagii, HiroyukiA Privacy-Protecting Authentication Scheme UsingAuthorization Certificates
Yahara, JunichiEducational Computer Simulator with a Multi-level Observation Mechanism
Yamaguchi, TakashiOn Packet Scheduling Algorithm for WDM-based Photonic Packet Switch with Fiber Delay Line Buffers
Yamashita, TakeshiApplication-layer Multicast Middleware Realizingfor QoS Control in Transmitting Multiple Video Streams
Yamada, TatsuyaDesign, Implementation, and Evaluation of Active Video-Quality Adjustment Method for Heterogeneous Video Multicast
Yamanaka, YuusukeAlias sensitive Slicing Tool for Java
Washio, KazunoriSyntax verification of the XHTML document using the data flow analysis to in-line script
Hou, LiWeiAn Integrated Evaluation of Qualities of Wired and Wireless Channels with Consideration of Soft handoff in CDMA Cellular Networks
Tan, LinScheduling Independent Tasks onto a Computational Grid in the Presence of Processor Failures and Speed Change

Doctor Thesis

Takada, TomonoriResearch on the efficiency of program analysis
Kobayashi, ShinsukeCompiler Generation Method for ASIP Design Space Exploration
Nitta, NaokoSemantic Content Analysis of Broadcasted Sports Videoswith Intermodal Collaboration
Mori, TakanoriConformance Testing Method for FSM based Real-Time Protocols
Kawaji, HideyaA detection method of conserved regions in protein sequences
Hirayama, MasayukiPractical Selective Software Testing Methods for Software Development in Industries
Masumoto, JunA Segmentation and registration method of organs using multi-phase three-dimensional images
Shin'ichi, ArakawaOn the Design Methods of Effective and Reliable IP over WDM Networks

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