ICS thesis in Mar. 2002

Bachelor Thesis

Asagoshi, SatoshiDesign and implementation of a power switch control agentfor Campus-wide distributed PC system
Ishida, ShinyaLightpath Exchange Methods to Reconfigure Logical Topologies inReliable WDM Networks
Ito, AtsushiA synchronization method for competitive events byusing prediction for a virtual environments supported by multiple servers
Umemori, FumiakiImplementation of Bytecode-based Java Slice System
Eguchi, TomoyaA study on the estimation of Active Queue Management Mechanismsusing Multivariate Analysis
Ohta, SusumuThe design of the educational support system using themobile agent in the notebook PCs environment.
Ohmura, HiromasaSchemes for distinct e-lotteries with common ticketand for an e-lottery with a series of drawings
Okuda, KojiProposal of an Architecture Model and a Simulator Generator for Configurable VLIW Processor
Kawasaki, YasuhiroA Task Grain Adjustment Methodfor the Master-Slave Parallel Branch-and-Bound Methodon Distributed Memory Environment
Kanbe, YukiA Factor Analysis Tool for Synchronization Wait in MPI Parallel Programs
Konishi, YoshiyukiConditional distribution schemes forbranched-type contents with protection of users' privacy
Sai, YusukeDesign and implementation of an authorization model for tree-structured contents with authorization coincidence between nodes
Sakurai, YusukeDesign and Implementation of a Centralized Power Management System for Campus-spread computer classroom.
Sakuragi, FutoshiSpatial data flow diagram for understanding error propagation insurgical navigation systems
satou, kiyoyukiValidity Checking Algorithm for Quantifer-freefirst-order-logic with equality under Equational Constraints andits implementation
Shimakawa, YumiOn the decidability ofthe security problem against inference attacks on object-oriented databases
Sugiyama, YouichiAn algorithm for a maximum clique of the intersection graph of paths on a "windmill-ladder-figure".
Takao,AkinoriA Communication Time Predication Method of the Collective Communications in the Communication Library MPI
Takao,YuujiMailing-lists Archive Search System for Open-Source Software Development
Tashiro, TakahitoDetermining optimal imaging orientation for registration of2-D X-ray fluoroscopy images and 3-D CT data of vertebra
Tanaka, TakahiroImplementation and Evaluation of a SAT-based Model Checking Tool
Tojo, HarukiRealizing Network Emulator System with Intel IXP1200Network Processor
Tomozoe, YusukeFormal Verification of Pipelined Processor Based on Pipe-Stage-Base Control Model
Doi, SatoshiA Protocol Design and Implementationfor the Anycast Communication in the IPv6 network
Kazuhiro, NakaminamiProposal of a XML-based Contents Description Language for Cooperationof Navigation and Web Services
Natuyama, KeitaDesign and Implementation of Real Time Digital Video StreamingSystem using Feedback Control
Nisi, HideoInformation-leak analysis using program dependence graph - aimed at a security class with general lattice model -
Noguti, SatoshiThe visualized simulator of distributed algorithm which can controla various execution
Habara, ToshikazuThe trial production of an indoor position detectionmechanism using the optical marker for wearable PC
Hamasaki,TakanariCluster Analysis on Responses of Questionnaire forSoftware Projects and its Application to Prediction of Risky Projects
Bandou, YukaImplementation of Symbolic Simulator for HardwareDescription Language SFL using Presburger arithmetic libraries
Higashiura, ToshifumiA Support Tool for Code Understanding with the AdditionHistory of the Notes in a Code Review
Hirobe, TakashiA method of selecting repeat sequence with using hash method fromgenome
Fujita,HajimeA groupwork supporting system based on coloured Petri-net models with time constraints
Fujimoto, MasahiroCamera Control System based on Linguistic Instructions for visualizingEvents in Virtual World
Fujimoto,YoshihikoVisualization and Summarization of Content Composition ofOmnidirectional Video
Maeda, MasakiThe trial production of a position detectionmechanism using the infrared identificationfor a mobile information terminal
Matsukawa, FumikazuExperimental Comparison between PBR and CBR on Review Activities for UML Design Documents
Matsumura, KazuyaTrade-off analysis of the area/performance ofGF (2^8) Reed Solomon code decoder
Matsuyama, KazuhiroDesign and Implementation of a Support System for DerivingSpecifications of Data Transfer Protocols
Mizumoto, AkiraA Prototype of Graphical User Interface forHierarchical-Keyword based File Management with a directory
Moriyama, ChiyokoVisualization of communication protocolsas Java Applet using real-time LOTOS
Yao,TomoyukiThe Proposal of Meta-data Description Support System for Video
Yuki, TaichiAn Approach to Improve the Performance of TCP over Ad HocWireless Network by Utilizing the Route Information
Yoshikawa, KyoheiA method of dataflow measurement between paralel processes using SystemC.
Yoshitomi, TakashiStatistical analysis of relationshipbetween trend of fault detection historyand final quality of software product
CAO,MAN LE THANHA receiver-cooperative layer control for rate adaption inlayered video multicast transmission
Kitani, TomoyaProposal of Placement and Routing Methodfor Plastic Cell Architecture
Taki, KoheiGenetic network inference by Bayesian networks--Using gene expression profile with respect to sample contribution ratio--
Taniguchi, YoshiakiImplementation and Evaluation of Proxy Caching Mechanismswith Video Quality Adjustment
Ota, HiroyasuAn technique for extracting co-expressive portions of metabolic pathway by expression profile.
Kawasaki, TatsuyaAn alignment technique of gene sequence and genomic sequenceusing the word coincidence table
Nakamura, YoshitakaA Protocol for Application Level Multicast
Kishigami, KazuhiroDetecting Feature Interactions in Telecommunication ServicesUsing Satisfiablity Judgment
ishikawa, shunsukeAn Algorithm for Approximated State Traversal of State Machines with Uninterpreted Functions

Master Thesis

Ashida, EijiAn Automatic Verifier for Petri-Nets Using SatisfiabilitySolvers
Takuya, AdachiOn Deriving Statistical Explanations for Risky Projects under Risk Assessment for Software Development Projects
Ueno,TakayukiA Method of Estimating the Detection Error Ratesin a Certain Digital Watermarking for Audio Signals
Otsuka, HirotakaTest Sequence Generation in Communication Protocols using SAT Algorithm
Okamura, ShingoA Black-Box Traitor Tracing andValidatable Subscriber Revocation Scheme
Okamoto, MichiyaRealizing a Personalized Service with Dynamic Category
Kinashi,AkiraReconstruction of Metabolic Pathway with Gene Expression Profile
Kirimura, MasayukiHardware Implementation of Concurrent Periodic EFSMs for Real-time System
Goto HiroyukiA Clustering Method of Metabolic Pathways with Cyclical Relation
Sakata, TeruakiA fast and accurate area and delay estimation method for configurable processors
Shigematsu, EijiroStatistical Analysis of Relationship between Software Testing Effort and Field Defects
Shimura, TsutomuFormal specification and verification method ofinterface protocols including split transactions
Taki, TomokazuFeature Interaction Detection for CPL scripts in Internet Telephony services
Tsuchida, JunA Formulation of Inference Attacksbased on Proof by Contradiction on Relational Databasesand Proposal of Security Metrics
Kaori, ToyokiProposal and Its Implementation of Digital Right Management Mechanismfor Derivative Contents
Go, NakagawaA relation on schemas for integrating XML data withdifferent schemas
Nishi, Shin'ichiroA method for extracting conserved domains by local multiple alignment- use information on characters of frequency distribution and position
Hamada, TakayukiUsing Symbolic Model Checking to Detect Service Interactionsin Telecommunication Services
Hori, MasatoA server selection method based on both transmission delayand transmission frequency between users for Networked Virtual Reality.
Honda, RyoProposal and Evaluation of Context PartitioningAlgorithms for Multi-Context FPGAs
Bougaki, KyousukeExtracting method of co-shifted genes onexpression profile by comparing gene expression profiles
Maeda, TomohideAn Interrupt Controller Generation Methodfor Configurable Processors and Its Evaluation
Ichinoshin, MakiA Study on High-Speed and Scalable Packet Scheduling Algorithm for Achieving Fair Service
Miyabayashi, MasakiDynamic Quality Adaptation Mechanisms for TCP-friendlyMPEG Video Transfer
Mukaigawa,ShinjiOn Visualizing Attributes of Examplesin Inductive Logic Programming
Yamashita, TaketoIntegrated Resource Allocation Schemefor Real-Time Video Multicast
Yamada, MakotoA Method for Functional Testing of Media Synchronization Protocols
Yokogawa, YuuzinA proposal and evaluation of a lip contour extraction methodusing Deformable Template
Yonedu, MasatakaA Proposal of Hierarchical Approximation Algorithm for Node Assignment in Bidirectional Manhattan Street Network
Shiowattana, DungjadePerformance Analysis of a Two-step Decoding Methodbased on Soft-Decision Majority Logic Decoding and OrderedStatistic Decoding
Ikai, MihoThe Rigid Registration Method for Multi Objects in Time-Different Volumes Using The Joint Model
Ishikawa, TakeshiSoftware products cross reference system supporting foropen source development
Ooshita, FukuhitoEfficient Collective Communication Operationin Heterogeneous Cluster Systems
Otsuka, TadahiroA checkpointing algorithm for multi-mobile-agent systems with passive objects
Katou, JunichiDesign Method for Logical Topologies with Quality ofReliability in WDM Networks
Kawabe, RyoPerformance Prediction Method for Address Lookup Algorithmsbased on Statistical Traffic Analysis
Kuroda, YosukeBoosting-based Approach to Improvement of Efficiencyfor Inductive Logic Programming
Morihiro, KoudaProxy Mechanism of Multiplexing TCP Connections overSatellite Internet
Konda, KenjiAn Extraction Method for Dynamic Dependence Relations between Bytecodes Using Java Virtual Machine
Kondo, KazuhiroChange Impact Analysis System for Java
Kondou, DaisukeA Self-Stabilizing Protocol for Pipelined PIF
Sasaki, Tomomitsufast implementation of High-Resolution Volume Rendering on Distributed-Memory Parallel Machines
Joko, TakahiroA Method for Inferring Destinations Based on User Preference for Person Navigation System
Sugio, ToshiyasuProposal and Evaluation of Scoring Method Making Use of HTML Construct for Multimedia Data Search Engine on WWW
Tada, TakashiTask Scheduling for Series-Parallel Graph with Delay Constraints
Tahara, YasutakaSupporting System for Source Code Modificationwith the Changes of Existing Software
Terai, TatsuhikoDynamic Resource Management Scheme for TCP Connectionsat Internet Servers
Nakagawa, SatoshiGeneration of Scene Animation That Contains Human Actions from Natural Language Instructions
Nakaminami, YoshihiroThe estimation method of the distributed algorithms on the asynchronous model
Nagataki, HiroyukiAn interactive lecture support system in a classroom
Hirata, MasayukiProgram verification of safety properties using function simplification
Hirano,AkiraIndexing Based on Understanding Auditory Environmentin Broadcasted Sports Video
Fujimoto, KouheiAdaptive Playout Buffer Algorithm for Enhancing PerceivedQuality of Streaming Applications
Fujimoto, HirofumiOn a System to Support Video Archive Based Learning
Fujiwara, HikaruA New Reusability Metric Based on Reuse Results and Similarity among Programs
Funaya, HiroshiAn software method to improve the pointing accuracy of high resolution mouse
Miyauchi, ShingoEvent Detection from Sports Video by Collaborative Processing for Auditory, Linguistic and Visual Steams
Miyamoto, MasakiError Analysis Simulation for the design of Free-Hand three-dimensional ultrasound system
Mitsushige, MoritaStudies on Modeling Packet Delay Dynamics of the Internet using System Identification and its Application for Designing a Rate-Based Congestion Control Mechanism
Yamaguchi, AkiraColoured Petri-nets with time constraints for workflowand its application to groupwork supporting system
Yamaguchi, ShigekiA method for designing Data Transfer Protocols fromPerformance Requirements
Takayuki, YamamotoA study on Transport/Routing Protocols onAd Hoc Networks for High-Speed Data Service
Yamamoto, YuukiA Study of a Task Scheduling Algorithm withMessage Packaging Method for Point-to-Point Communications
Yamawaki, ShingoClustering of gene expression profiles based on feature selection
Kim, KyonghwanStructured-Oriented XML Document Data Assessment
Shen, LiImage-based Rendering for Synthesizing PhotorealisticImages under Virtual Illumination Conditions

Doctor Thesis

Iguchi, NobukazuAdequate Video Communication Strategies for Technological Consulting
Tohsato, YukakoAn Alignment Algorithm for Metabolic Pathway Analysis
Yamauchi, HidekiVLSI Architectures for Multimedia SignalProcessing
Yamamoto, TetsuoResearch on of Supporting Revision Control and Software Reuse
Uehara, SatoruDesign and Evaluation of New Session Management Method forWWW Application Systems
Fukada, AtsushiA Comformance Testing Method for Protocols Modeled asConcurrent Timed Automata
Aizono, TakeikiDevelopment of Ultra-Micro Processing Equipment based onAutonomous Decentralized System
Ohata, FumiakiEfficient Algorithms for Static Program Analysis and its Implementation
Kitamura, HiorshiProtocols Design and Implementation for the IPv6 Internet
Choi, Eun HyeDesign and Evaluation of k-Coteries for Distributed k-Mutual Exclusion
Tokoi, KoheA Direct and High-Speed Display Algorithm ofBoolean combined Polyhedrons
Mizuno, OsamuA New Software Project Simulator for Effective SoftwareProcess Improvement
Ohara,KouzouStudies on Reasoning and Learning in Knowledge BasedSystem Including Exceptions

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