ICS thesis in Mar. 2001

Bachelor Thesis

Ishimoto, TakeshiThe status of the principle of state explosion avoidanceand the capability of the property description languagein the verification system for microcomputer program specifications embedded in air-conditioners
Itaya, NatsukiThe dynamic threthold control algorithm of RED for thousands of TCP flows
Ichihara, KojiAn Evaluation Tool for Measuring Performance and Reliabilityof Byzantine Quorum Systems
Iwao, KouheiDiscovery of Association Rules in Concept Learning with InductiveLogic Programming
Iwaki, KeiDeriving Interaction-Prone Scenarios in Feature Interaction Filtering
Ueda, KyokoImplementation and Evaluation ofWavelet Transform Unit for JPEG2000
Ueda, YasushiSource Code Analysis System using Code CloneDetection Tool and Its Application to the Programming Exercise
Oonishi, YukioParallel Execution of Hypothesis Search inIncomplete Knowledge Acquisition System
Ooyama, KanrouA Method of Compiling Parallel-recursive Programswith Large-scale Data on Distributed-memory Machines
Okai, hirokiEmpirical evaluation of quality characteristic of Java programusing the complexity metrics
Okamoto, TakuyaImplementation and Evaluation of SSBT for High Performance Web Servers
Okamoto,NaokiImage and Text Media Integration for Personal Navigation System
Okamoto, HirotsuguVideo clustering using spatio-temporal image
Okamoto, MiyukiStudent Portfolio System for Adding New Mention Items
Okita, MasaoA Parallel Program Debugging Support Tool with Runtime Detection of Communication Bugs
Ogura, TakehiroVideo Portal for Structured Video Data
Oda, MasashiThe upper level design of UP3 decoder by thedescription language of circuit ,SFL.
Kato, YuichiroPerformance improvement of TCP in wireless network environment
Kamon, TakaoConversion of LOTOS language to Java languageand its estimation
Kawaguchi, ShinjiA Trial of Metrics Measurement Tools for The Structuresof Electric Manuals
Kawamura, KazufumiA Retrieval Algorithm for Term Partitioning Parallel Full Text Search Systems with Consideration to Query Structure
Kisimoto, MotohisaAnalyzing the Impact of TCP Connections Variation on Transient Behavior of RED Gateway
Konishi, YukioA modeling of substitution of the amino acids in conservedregions using a statistical score
Saijou, RyuutarouAn algorithm for extracting resemblance reaction network including the junctions of the metabolic reaction passway.
Sakaue, KousukeA translator from behavioral levelspecifications of agents in Coloured Petri Net into Java programs
Sasaki, SuguruExtension of Presburger arithmetic librariesfor formal verification of combinational circuits with user-defined functions
Sasaki, ToshiyukiA Method of CISC Design Using PEAS-III System
Sasabe, MasahiroProxy Caching Mechanisms with Video Quality Adjustment
Shimoda, DaisukeExperimental Implementation of ProjectSimulator Taking Risk Factors into Account
Suga, YasuhikoThe classification of the gene by the clustering of expressiondata using the kernel function
Senoo, ShigetoA estimation method of the differences between gene expression patterns by the classification tree comparison
Takamoto, YoshifumiDesign and Implementation of Network Monitor Modeled by Periodic EFSMs
Takeuchi, SusumuThe Information-Spread Model based on Users' Relevance
Tabayashi, ToshiyaOn the possibility of reducing complexity of a recursive maximum likelihood decoding algorithm for the minimum weight subcode, using the ranks and access frequency of the metrics in a trellis section
Tsukui, TakafumiA Boolean-Function-Based Algorithm for Resource Allocationto Distributed Systems
Tsunemura, KazufumiA Proposal of Security Evaluation Measures againstInference Attacks on Relational Databases and Their Comparisonwith Other Measures
Tokihisa, TakuyaAutomatic Test Vector Generation from Interface Specificationin Regular Expression
Nakada KazuhisaImplementation and Evaluation of Filtering Mechanisms for Real-Time Heterogeneous Video Multicast
Nagafuti, TakesiA System for Supporting Task SchedulingAlgorithm Development with User Defined Highlight Views
Hirano, HideakiA System to Make Multimedia Minutes inReSPoM (A System to Retrieve Primitive Records of a Meeting with Handwriting Notes)
Fukushima,YukinobuA Design Method of Logical Topology with consideringavailable Wavebands on each fiber
Fujii, MasatoJava slice system using dynamic information - application of dynamic inter-method data dependence and development of GUI -
Masuda, FumihikoA method to estimate genetic networks from expression levels by the graphical modeling
Mita, Kentarostudy of compiler generator for PEAS-III system
Munehara, YoshinoriAn event synchronization method among multiple serversin networked virtual environments with consideration of theimmediacy of the response
Motoyama, Masao
Yasuda, TakaakiImprovement of An Algorithm for Tracing Signal-Transitionsin Symbolic Simulation of Extended State Machines
Yahara, JunichiComputer Simulator to observe in Various Level of Details for Architecture Education
Yamaguchi, TakashiA Design Method for the Reliable Networks with Optical Compression TDM
Yamashita, TakeshiA quality coordination system for multiple layered video streams in Multi-party multi-media application
Yuusuke,YamanakaXML Database with semantic information for Java programs
Yamane, YukinoriAn approach to implementation of Vorbisdecoding algorithm on LSI
Takeshi, YoshikawaThe Regularized Technique in Non-rigid registration using Medical images
Yoshida, ToshikiThe analysis and experimental validity of rigid-body tracking accuracyin the 3-D position sensor
Yoshimoto, KeikoA Prototype of Graphical User Interfacefor Hierarchical-Keyword-based File Management
Srivanasont, BoonyingSecuritry verification of ISCL Key Management protocol
Leelaprute, PattaraExperimental Evaluation of Scenario Derivation Method for Feature Interaction Filtering
Sawai, MisaA Tool for Deriving a Parameter Conditionfor a Concurrent Periodic Behavioral Real-Time Process Specification Satisfying a Temporal Logic Specification.
Nakahara,DaijiThe maximum cliques and the maximum independentsets of the graph covered by two interval graphs.
Yamasaki, KenjiA model checking program for extended finit state machines withregisters holding input values
Yoichiro, Okumura Satisfiability checking methods by transforming formulas of quantifier-free first-order logic with equality to propositional conjunctive forms
Tenmoku, RyuheiTwo theorems about path independent set of st-graph
Ishioka, HiroshiA software process improvement technique that prioritizes keyprocess areas
Harada, TomoyukiImprovement sufficient condition of Security against Inference Attackson Object-Oriented Databases
Yuushima, Akiko

Master Thesis

Akou ShuuichirouDetecting Data Flaws Caused by Inference Attacks InvolvingNon-Equational Reasoning on Object-Oriented Databases
Asakawa, TomofumiRecommendation using Partial Similarity of User's Taste
Amihama, TakaoA Method for Comparative Analysis of Metabolic Pathways Using a Longest Common Subsequences Algorithm
Indoh, TakaoComparison between the language classwhich quantum push-down automata recognizeand context-free language
Satoh, TomoyaFormal Property Verification of Synchronous SequentialCircuits Using CTL Model Checking Extended for Presburger Arithmetic
Takano, MakotoRealization of a framework to realize continuous service in ASP providing terminaltransmission service
Tokuda, YusukeDesign and Evaluation of a BDD-basedDeadlock Detection Method forConcurrent Systems
Tomiyasu, KanameReducing the circuit complexity of an Recursive MaximumLikelihood decoder for a (64,40) Reed-Muller subcode and its VLSIdesign
Nagao, AtsuoAn Method for Extracting Conserved Regionsfrom Amino Acid Sequences Using Local Multiple Alignment Algorithm based on a statistical score
Nagate, AtsushiAn Integrated Evaluation of Qualities of Wired andWireless Channels with Consideration of Soft Handoff in CDMA Cellular Systems
Hachiuma,ToshiakiPolynomial Time Algorithms for Finding a Maximum Clique ofCircular-Arc Overlap Graphs
Hironaka, HiromasaMethods for gene classification from expression experiment datawith multiple conditions
Fujii, MasakazuAn optimal path selection algorithmfor static and mobile multicast routing problems
Yamaguchi, YousukeClustering method for detecting conseved regions from sequences
Watanabe, YoshiharuDesign Optimization Method Using Digit Serial Operation for Digital Filter
Akamine,HectorHeterogeneous Video Multicast Using QoS Filters in Active Networks
Ono, AtsushiA Computer Simulator for Understanding Interrupt Mechanism
Iseri, TakekiImplementation of load reduction mechanisms for the sever ofmulti-party networked virtual environments
Itou, JunkoA solution of lighting problems inImage-Based Rendering
Imagawa, MasahiroFunction Point Measurement for Java Program
Umedu,TakaakiDeadlock Detection and Protocol Synthesisfor Constraint Oriented Concurrent Systems with Symmetries
Oosima, NorioConnected component labeling of a honeycombedimage on the 6-connected reconfigurable mesh
Kawai,YoshihikoGeneration of Abstracted Sports Video Oriented forPersonalization
Kurata, KenjiA Study on High Speed Packet Scheduling Method for Achieving Fairnesss among TCP Connections
Kazuhiro, GokyuTraffic Accommodation Methods for Optical Compression TDM/WDM Ring Networks
Takagaki, KeiichiStability and Transient Performance Analysis of TCP with Control Theory
Takehara, MotoyasuEmpirical evaluation of the dynamic complexity metrics for Object-Oriented program
Tanaka, YoshikiA Version Controlling System Based On Integration of MultipleRepositories
Taniguchi ShinyaStatistics Based Metrics for the Structures of Electric Manuals
Tsujikawa, TatsuhiroDeriving a protocol specification with time constraints based on entities' computation power from a service specification in a Petri Net with time constraints
Tsuchiya, HirakuA Head Tracking Method for Conscious Humanand its Application to Surgical Navigation System forEndoscopic Paranasal Sinus Surgery
Terashima, YoshikiAn Extended LOTOS Language which Enables us toDynamically Generate Channels for Multi-way Synchronizationamong Wireless Mobile Agents and its Implementation
Tokuda, KoheiA Verification Procedure for Systems Modeled as Finite State Machines with Timers
Todoroki, NobutoshiAn Implementation of Hierarchical-Keyword-based Naming on UNIXFile Systems.
Nishiue, FumiOccurrence Analysis of Players in Sports Video Streams
Nishimura, KouichiA Method of Dividing a Taskgraph to Apply Task Scheduling Algorithm BCSH in Parallel to a Large Fine-grained Taskgraph
Noda,JunA Whiteboard System for Visualizing the Past Drawings with the History TreeMechanism
Hayami,SatoshiAn Evaluation of Document Partitioning and TermPartitioning for Index on WWW Parallel Search System
Hirose, KoyaProgram Slicing Methods Using Static and Dynamic Information for Java Programs
Hiromori, AkihitoA method for selecting scalable multicast video servers
Kazufumi,Fukuia design of efficient file operation commands used in file management based hierarchical-keyword-based naming.
Furukawa,KengoThe examination and the implementation of thereport management system using World Wide Web
Maeda, KokiReconstruction of class hierarchy structureconsidering its dynamic aspect
Masuyama, TomohisaAn Algorithm for Comparing Clustering Treesto analysis gene expression patterns
Matoba, KazumineA Study on the Internet Capacity DimensioningBased on Traffic Measurement and its Statistical Analysis
Mizutani, YasuharuProposal of Processor Group Dividing Method for ParallelRecursion and Implementation of Work-Time C Compiler
Yamasaki, RyotaAuto Translation Noticing of Communicaton andCalculation Overlap Method for MPI Program
Yokogawa, TomoyukiAutomatic Verification of Fault Tolerance Using Symbolic Model Checking
Yokomori, ReishiSecurity Analysis Algorithm for Object-oriented Programs
Yoshida, TakeshiA Method Generating Route Guides Adapted to Various Kindsof Mobile Terminals for A Personal Indoor Navigation System
Yin, ZhimingDetection of Feature Points for Recognition of LinearBranching Network from 3D Images and Thinning Algorithm
Liu, HongfengJoint bone surface extraction and curvature calculationfrom the 3D image for shoulder joint functional analysis

Doctor Thesis

Noguchi, TamotsuThe system for selection of representative protein chainsfrom Protein Data Bank (PDB)
Ido, NobuhikoConstruction Method of Combinatorial Designs and itsApplications
Itoh, MakikoPipelined Processor Synthesis from Micro-operation LevelSpecification
Maeda, MasayaPerformance Analysis and IC Implementation of MaximumLikelihood Decoding for Linear Block Codes
Yoshida, MakiProtocol Design for Subscriber-Excluding and Traitor-Tracing Contents Broadcast and World Wide Web Audience Rating Survey
Kamiya, ToshihiroResearch on Object-Orienged DevelopmentSupporting Methods using Software Metrics
Kuramoto, ItaruA Study on Systems for supporting an idea-generation meeting with computer networks.
Shibata, NaokiA decision algorithm for rational Presburger sentences based oncombinatorial geometry
Ming, WeiTypeface Identification Based on Character ModelsGenerated from Observed Image
Shimonishi, HideyukiSwitch Architecture and Traffic Control Mechanisms forHigh-speed Backbone Networks
Nakamoto, YukikazuA Study on Real-time Scheduling Algorithms for MaximumUtilization of Secondary Batteriesin Portable Devices
Katayama, YoshiakiStudies on Self-stabilizing Protocols for HighlyFault-tolerant Distibuted Systems

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