ICS thesis in Mar. 2000

Bachelor Thesis

Ashida,EijiNew techniques for pairwise testset generation using combinatorial designs
Adachi,TakuyaPrediction of risky projects based on logistic regression for on-going developments
Araki, TsutomuEvaluation of Data-Link and Routing Protocols in Ad-Hoc Wireless Network System
Ikai, MihoAccuracy Evaluation of Registration for Surgical Navigation System of Knee Surgery
Uchida, TomofumiXML-Structured Process Assessment Documents Based on The Model of Assessment Procedures
Egawa, YouheiBuilding of the Molecular Phylogenetic Tree Database -A data expression and data registration system by XML-
Okamoto,MichiyaAutomatic Production System of Sports Digest with Scenario Template
Katou, JunichiLogical Topology Design and Flow Assignment Methods for IP over WDM Networks
Kanemura, KazuhiroStudies on the Effects of Review Efficiency on Field Quality of Software Product
Kikukawa, HiromasaAn implementation of an interface for video handling considering its hierarchic structure.
Kinashi, AkiraThe system evaluates a method of categorizing genes by analyzing time series data
Kirimura, MasayukiDesign and Implementation of Scheduling Algorithm for Hardware Synthesis from Concurrent EFSMs with Timing constraints.
Kurita, YuichiPrototype Formal Verification System for Micro-Operation Description of Pipelined Processors
Kuroda, Yosukereduction of hypothesis space by statistical information in inductive logic programming
Kenji,KondaA Method of Data Dependence Analysis on Java Bytecode
Kondou, KazuhiroA Trial Tool for Displaying Alias Information of JAVA
Gotou, HiroyukiAn algorithm to divide a graph into the region of influence
Sakata, TeruakiThe realization of the electronic mail system for PDA which can use both the terminal and the PDA
Shimura, TsutomuAn algorithm for a maximum clique of the intersection graph of paths on a "ladder-figure".
Joukou, Takahiro Person Navigation System in The Indoor Enviroment Based on The Interactive Position Detection
Sugio, ToshiyasuImprovement and evaluation of Block Comparator Technique in the JPEG algorithm
Tomokazu, TakiIntegration of molecular biological databases by JAVA
Tada, TakashiDesign and Implementations of Job-Control Mechanism which Improves the Work Rate of PC Cluster and User Interface on Web Browser
Tanaka,NaokiImplement and evaluation of communicative package-izing in a data parallel language Work-Time C processor
Tahara, YasutakaAn Experimental Evaluation of the Debugging Support System with Program Delta
Terai, TatsuhikoA study on improvement mechanism of processing time at endhosts for high-speed data transfer by TCP
Toyoki,KaoriDetection of the Audience's Reaction in Distance Learning with Multiple Cameras
Nakagawa, GoPerformance comparison of several broadcast distribution systems under the realistic environments.
Nakagawa, SatoshiExperimental Evaluation of Approximation Algorithms for Latin Square Extensions
Nagataki, HiroyukiMaking the system of exercises and examinations which selects questions related to one's past record
Nishino, YoshioData acquisition for speed up of recursive maximum likelihood decoding using trellis detailed structure
Hamada, TakayukiAvailability evaluation for k-coteries by using BDDs.
Hirata MasayukiDetection and representation of the reason of failures occuring in formal verification with the decision for Presbruger sentences
Fujimoto,KouheiModeling of packet transmission delay over wide area networks and application to playout control
Fujimoto, HirofumiImprovement of image quality and compression ratio on fractal image compression based on Quadtree partition method that improved by controling the number of blocks
Hori, MasatoDesign and implement of network game client with service quality adaptation system
Honda, RyoA Proposal of Greedy and Billiards Algorithm for Context Partitioning Problem of Multi-Context FPGA
Marumoto KoujiSimulation of Quantum finite automaton by Quantum circuit
Miyauchi,ShingoFeature Extraction from Linguistic Stream for Event Detection in Video
Miyabayashi, MasakiThe implementation of video transfer with TCP-friendly rate control protocol
Miyamoto, MasakiThe accuracy verification of the magnetic three dimensional position sensor in the operating environment
Mera, YuuichirouControl Theoretical Analysis of Random Eearly Detection Router in TCP/IP Networks
Morita, NaokiPrototype of Meta-Assembler for HW/SW Codesign
Yashima, HiroyukiConcept Learning with Inductive Logic Programming based on Typical Examples
Yamaguchi, AkiraA programing style by protecting variables for securing information and detecting information forgery in mobile agent system.
Sigeki, YamaguchiGenerating conformance test sequences for a FSM protocol with timers
Yamada, MakotoTest Case Generating System for a Class of Timed Automaton Model
Yamamoto, YuukiReduction the Number of Processors Used in PTS Schedule without Deterioration of its Makespan
Yokogawa, YuuzinA proposal of a lip contour extraction method using Deformable Template
Yonedu, MasatakaA proposal of an approximate two-step placement algorithm for FPGA
Shiowattana, DungjadeImplementation and Average Complexity Evaluation of an Algorithm for Solving the Integer Programming Problem used in testing an Optimality Condition for Soft-Decision Iterative Decoding Algorithms
Okamura, ShingoAn Efficient Traitor Traceable and Subscriber Unauthorizable Broadcast Distribution Protocol
Daisuke, KondouThe realization of e-mail control system with PDA and the terminal
Satou, TeruyukiAn implementation of the GUI based file searching system on the file systems with non-hierarchical name space
Yamashita, TaketoImplementation and Evaluation of Integrated Resource Allocation Scheme for Real-Time Video Transfer to Maximize Users' Utility
Ochikubo, TomohitoA receiver control system for bandwidth management between multiple layered multicast video streams
Nishi, Shin'ichirouFast Implementation of an Algorithm for Extracting Conserved Regionsfrom Amino Acid Sequences by Reducing Search Area
Hideshima, YuhiAn Investigation of Design Quality Estimation Method for FHM Components Considering Cell Library Changes
Fuzii,  KunihiroEmpirical evaluation of the Source code comparison tool in the educational environment
Maeda, TomohideAutomatic Generation of an Instruction-Set Level Simulator with an ASIP Development System PEAS-III
Masuda, TakahiroA model checking program for a finite state machine whose transition conditions are represented in linear constraints over past inputs
Nakano,MuneakiPolynomial Formal Verification of floating point multipliers with Power Hybrid Decision Diagrams
Urushihara, HidekazuAn algorithm for tracing signal transitions in symbolic simulation of abstract state machines.
Eizi, OnoComparison of satisfiability checking methods for quantifier-free first-order logic with equality

Master Thesis

Arakawa Shin'ichi Logical Topology Design and Multi-layered Survivability for {IP} over {WDM} Networks
Inamoto, YoshikiAn Algorithm for Finding a Minimum Cardinality Maximal Irredundant Set of a Series-Parallel Graph
Ueda, KazunoriA QoS Description for Compound Contents
Egawa, ShinjiA study of FPGA routing architecture for minimizing routing delay and its routing algorithm
Enami, YoshinobuFinding Optimal Resource Allocation that Maximizes Reliability of Distributed Systems
Okamoto, ShujiAn algorithm for generating all maximum cliques of a circular-arc overlap graph
Kageyama, HiroyukiA Development of Presburger arithmetic library and its application to formal verification of synchronous sequential circuits
Kanamaru, YoshiyukiA method of reducing decoding complexity without increasing decoding error probability in recursive maximum likelihood decoding with binary sectionalization
Takashi, KodamaA Time-Shared IC Implementation of the Add-Compare-Select Procedure in a Trellis Section of Linear Block Codes and Analysis of the Circuit Complexity
Kodama,TakeshiDesign of shared environments for large-scale multiparty application and its implementation
Kobayashi, ShinsukeAn Envaluation of Processor cores for Embedded Systems using Multi-threading Mechanism
Kobayashi, NoritakaDesign and Evaluation of Branch-and-Bound Algorithms for New Applications
Komaki, TakanobuBounded Model Checking for Design Verification of Abstract State Machines
Shinohara, KatsuyaA Performance Optimization Method for Pipelined ASIPs in Consideration of Clock Frequency
Shibahara, Shin-ichiPower Estimation for ASIPs Considering Datatype in Application Program
Sekioka, TetsuyaA Proposal of an Improved Function Synthesis Algorithm Using Genetic Programming and Its application to lip contour extraction
Tsuboi, NobuhiroA Classification Method for Grouping Genes based on Expression Pattern
Higaki, ShigeakiAn HDL Generation Method for Pipeline Processors with Out-of-order Completion
Horikawa, TakahiroImprovements to the method that usnig error-correcting codes for blacklisting problem
Takahiro MatsuoScalable Automatic Buffer Tuning to Provide High Performance and Fair Service for TCP Connections
Murakami, YuumiA Trading System for Digital Contents with Magic Ink Signature
Mori, KengoIncremental Checking of Security against Inference Attacks on Object-Oriented Databases
Yamauchi, RyoAn adaptive networked virtual reality system handling large-scale data
Yui, TomohiroCharacterization of the languages recognized by polynomial-time quantum Turing machines
Yoshikawa, TakanobuThe implementation of a phylogenetic tree database with retreival fanction for similar tree structure.
Watanabe, AkiraWhich Provides Better Utility to Users,Best--effort or Reservation--based Services?
Ashida, YoshiyukiSlicing Methods Using Static and Dynamic Information
Ino, FumihikoA Development and Evaluation of Performance Improvement Aid System for MPI Parallel Programs
Imiya DaisukeA Navigation System for Mechanical Part Exchange based on generating disassembling/assembling process.
Uemura, TakuyaFunction Point Measurement Tool for UML Design Specification
Kazushi, OheParallelization of the Web robot of the robot type retrieval system on World Wide Web
Ohata, FumiakiAlias Analysis for Object-oriented Programs
Hisaaki, KatagiriA Hardware Implementation of Real-Time System by Modeled Concurrent EFSMs with Timing Constraints and Multi-Rendezvous
Koyama, MakotoException Handling Using Knowledge Conversion for Document Classification
Sawada, MasatoA Scalable Parallel Full Text Search System and Its Evaluation
Shinada ToyoakiSymbolic Verification of Bisimulation Equivalence of Timed I/O Automaton Using On-The-Fly Method
Teraguchi, MasayoshiAn Implementation of the Debugging Support System with Program Delta
Nakajima, DaisukeAn implementation of Work-Time C Translator which Programmers can Select an Execution Strategy for Parallel Recursive Calls
Kei NakahodoDevelopment of the Navigation System for Osteotomy -Intraoperative 3D Pelvic Bone Model Reconstruction Based on Intraoperative Position Sensor and Preoperative Bone Model-
Nitta, NaokoExtraction of Actors, Actions and Events from Sports Video by Integrating Linguistic and Image Information
Hashimoto, TakashiTask Granularity Adjustment and Code Generation Method to Generate a Parallel Program with Task Scheduling
Hirose, KatsumasaReversible Media Conversion for Document Images Based on Layout Analysis and Character Recognition
Honda, OsamuTransparent distributed programming environment and its implementation based on D'Agent mobile agent system
Masumoto, JunAutomatic Liver Segmentation Using Different Time Series Of Multi-Slice CT Images
Mori, TakanoriA Method to Generate Conformance Test Sequences for FSM Protocol with Timer Systemcall
Masahiro, MoriOn Relations between Properties of Bulk Synchronous Schedules and Performance of Its Corresponding Parallel Programs
Yamasaki, Hironobu Synchronizing Closed Caption Stream with Speech Stream in Video Data
Yumoto, TakayukiProject Management System with Object States of Software Development Environment
Shuji WakitaA system for semi-automatic determination of opacity functions in volume rendering
Qian, MinjuanAutomatic Detection Algorithms for Different Alphabets and Form of Character from Document Image
Yang, BoClassification and Recognition of Range Image

Doctor Thesis

Takenaka, TakashiFormal verification methods for pallarel extended finite state machines and microprocessor with out-of-order instruction execution
Takenaka, YoichiA study of neuron filter on neural network for combinatorial optimization problem
Hashimoto, KojiMultiprocessor Scheduling Algorithms for High Reliability
Ata, ShingoStudies on Effective Data Transfer Mechanisms for Future High--Speed Networks
Fukuda, KentarouIntegrated QoS Control Mechanisms for Real-Time Multimedia Systems in Reservation-Based Networks
Fujita, YasuyukiPerformance Modeling and Evaluation of Web Server Systems with Proxy Caching
Matsumae, SusumuEfficient Simulation Algorithms among Processor Arrays with Broadcasting Buses
Katsurada, KouichiFormalizing Mechanism of Knowledge Base Transformation focusing on Exceptions
Nagai, TakayukiGeometric Algorithms with Imprecise Input
Yamaoka,MasakiDocument Image Analysis and Understanding System for Converting Printed Documents to SGML Instances
Jiang,KaiAnalysis of Patient Head Motion in Stereotactic Radiosurgery by Using An Optical High-precision 3D Localizer
Chikako, NakanishiA Study of Speculative Execution Support in Parallel Processor
Inoue, KatsuyukiA Study of Software Visualizations to improve their educational quality
Fujimoto, NoriyukiStudies on Task Scheduling for Distributed Memory Parallel Machines
Hattori, SatoshiVerification and Parallel Execution of Specification Described in Term Rewriting System and Timed Automata
Lim, SungkiStudies in the Analysis of American Sign Language Syntax Using Information of Topic Marker and Signing Space

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