ICS thesis in Mar. 1999

Bachelor Thesis

Akou,ShuuichirouThe evaluation of the fast method for Frankel's distributed generation of RSA keys.
Asakawa, TomofumiCollaborative Filtering based on Communities for Multimedia News System
Asada, NaoA algrithm to culculate quantity of bandwidth to take which makes value of quality function the most after a new stream is accepted, and inplemation.
Amihama, TakaoOn Realization of CPUs designed in undergraduate students' laboratory work course in Department of Informatics and Mathematical Science Osaka University.
Izumi, ShioriPerformance Evaluation of General Purpose Numerical Processor (GPNP)
Ichikawa, ToruMessage Digest for Document Images
Ichihara, MichiyoA Partially Explicit Method for Efficient Model Checking
Itou,YumiAn attempt to estimate the amount of workload needed for specification change in C++ program development.
Imagawa,MasahiroImprovement of function point measurement tool from specification developed by requirements analysis support system REQUARIO.
Ueno, NaokoDesign and Implementation of User Interface for Flexible Hardware Model Database
Okamoto, TomoyukiFeature Interaction Detection Using Stubborn Set Method
Okamoto, FuyukiDesign and implementation of a routine which divides two multi-dimensional concave polyhedra by their overlaps.
Ozaki, MasahikoDevelopment and application of a distributed and remote seminar support system
Kawai, YoshihikoDetection of Shot Change Operations in Video Media
Kishinami, RisaImplementation of Phylogenetic Tree Database -A Method for Retrieving Tree Data
Sakashita, ToruA trial of Communication Support System for Software Development
Satoh, Tomoya High Level Design of PCI Bus Controller and Proposal of CTL Model Checking with Presburger Arithmetic
Sawada, MisakoThe Complexity of the Decomposition Type Selection Problem of Kronecker Functional Decision Diagrams
Takano, MakotoAgent Enabled Scenario Language for Production of Interactive TV Program
Takehara, MotoyasuEmpirical evaluation of the metrics for internal complexity of class
Shinya, TaniguchiA Trial of Document Management System Based on Structured Documents with XML
Tabuchi, YujiReal-time evaluation system of brain function using high-performance medical computing
Terashima, YoshikiExtension of Timed LOTOS Compiler to Develop Multimedia Applications
Tokuda, Koheievaluation of Δ-causal ordering algorithm on some concrete real time applications
Todoroki, NobutoshiA non-hierarchical global name space for distributed file systems
Tomiyasu, KanameThreshold of Quantization and the Decoding Error Probability for Soft Decision Maximum Likelihood Decoder of Binary Linear Code
Nakae, DaikaiMethods for Specification Description and Conformance Test of Communication Protocols with Timers
Nagao, AtsuoAn examination about the way of encoding it which makes a refe rence possible directly toward the compression textbook
Nagaoka, ToshiyukiEvaluation of video transfer with consideration on application level QoS requirements
Noda, JunThe development of the interface for recording the voices and the handwriting memos in the conference support system for making proceedings
Hachiuma, ToshiakiAn algorithm to enumerate all paths with forbidden pairs
Hanami, RieIntegration of molecular biological databases by JAVA
Hirose, KouyaAn Efficient Audience Degree Estimation Scheme Getting Attributive Information in the WWW
fukui, kazufumiA file cache management method which favors small files for distributed file systems
Fujii, MasakazuA formulation of a reorderable flow shop scheduling problem and a proposal of its approximate algorithm
Fujita MasakazuComparative Evaluation of Cell Scheduling Disciplines to Guarantee QoS of Ten-thousand Flows
Furukawa, KengoAn examination about a text-based communication environment at an idea generation support groupware
Maeda, KokiMaking of a tool for evaluation of metrics on object-oriented analysis
Masuyama, TomohisaCommunication optimization techniques for the cyclic distributed data in the parallel program using the communication library MPI
Matayoshi, TakafumiProposal and evaluation about techniques in the application which has an interface as an animate cartoon figure with restriction of time
Miyamoto, MichitakaA method of deciding data word width in digital signal processing
Morinaka, YuuAquiring Negative Data from Databese for Knowlege Aquisition for Inductive Logic Programming
Yamasaki, RyoutaDevelopment of the visualilzation part of a performance analysis system with performance improvement aid functions for parallel program.
Yokomori,Reishi A Circuit Design for Maximum Likelihood Decoder for Linear Block Codes with Time-Shared Add-Compare-Select Procedures
Yoshida, TakeshiVisual Recognition of a Route and its transfer by Language as a Model of Communication between Agents
Watanabe,YoshiharuAnalysis of trade-off of area/performance of radix 2**n adder and multiplier
Mitpranee, ManrathImproving TCP Performance by Packet Buffering in Mobile Based Networks
ROHAYU BT PAIDISymbolic Model Checking Self-Stabilizing Algorithms
Stokes, Aaron J.A Method for Exchanging and Querying Complete Genomes by Representing them as Structured Documents
Tsuchiya, HirakuAccuracy criteria of cranialis registration for surgical navigation system for Endoscopic Sinus Surgery.
Kobayashi,KeitaroA Method for Comparing Proteins based on 3-D Structural Topology
Masaaki Shimonoa genetic algorythm(GA) with the local search for pattern matching to the picture with many noise.
Tabe , TomohiroA Method for Extracting Phylogenetic Tree Data from Figures in Published Papers
Tomari, KatumasaThe organization and the accuracy verification of hybrid sensor in cancer of liver ablation operation navigation system
Nakayama, TakaoThe examination of parallelization of the information gathering part in the whole passage reference system on WWW
Hayashi, ChikashiAn Undo Mechanism with History Graph
Yoshimura, YoshioDevelopment of information sharing system by the whereabouts board
Itoh, AtsushiAn algorithm for a maximum clique of the intersection graph of paths on a circle and an inscribed k-gon.
Kajikawa, TomoyaImplementation and evaluation of parallel computing for CAREL on PVM

Master Thesis

Ikeda,TakuroFeature Interaction Detection Based on Combinations of Users and Subscribed Services
Ikenaga, KatsuyoshiAn Approximate Solutions for Cellular Channel Assignment Problem and FPGA Pin Assignment Problem
Ito, MasayukiA Proposal of an Implementation method of a Multi-Context FPGA and its Page Partitioning Algorithm
Jun-ichi, ItoProposal and Evaluation of Processor Architecture for Real-Time Application
Uchida, TakayukiAlgorithm for finding an shortest-detoured path
Ohtsuki, NorimasaAn Functional Unit Configuration Optimization Method for VLIW Processor
Ogawa, NobuhiroA Metering Scheme using Internet Service Provider for the Number of Accesses
Kawaguchi, ToshiroAnalysis of amino-acid sequences by matching substrings using generalized suffix array
Kitagawa, SatoshiTowards the prediction of protein tertiary structure based on amino acid sequence -- determining the relationship between amino acid sequence and tertiary structure through comparison of known tertiary structures
Jodai, YoshinoriA Hardware/Software partitioning method using processes' execution dependencies
Sumida, YoshiakiEffects of Upper-Layer Protocol on Self-Similarity of Network Traffic
Terada, HirofumiTranslation of Statecharts into the Symbolic Model Verifier (SMV) Language
Yasuhiro, MatsumotoOptimization of the Sectionalization in the RMLD algorithm for Non-Linear Block Codes
Kentaro, MiyamotoDesign Method of Path Accommodation for WDM/TDM Path Networks
Takafumi, MorifujiThe Design Reuse Methodology using Flexible Hardware Model: Proposal and Effectiveness.
Choi, Eun HyeAvailability Evaluation of k-Coteries in General Networks
Ichioka, YoshikazuSupport System for Group Exercise of Programming
Otsubo, MasaakiInvestigation of Learning Commands from Ordinary Operational Records
Kashimoto, TakashiFunction Points Analysis for Requirements Specification -Application to Use-case Model-
Kawaji, HideyaA method of program derivation to get a program which pre-processes input data
Kitahama, YukoApplying Formal Verification Method to Design of CPU in Laboratory Work for Undergraduate Students
Daisuke KusabaDynamic Data Allocation Method considering Communication Cost in Distributed Database Systems
Kogawara, ToruA implement method of parallel-recursion with dynamic load-balancing on Work-Time C compiler.
Sugino, YouichiA Development of performance improvement aid functions on a performance analysis system for parallel programs
Taka, Hideyuki Inductive logic programming
Taketani, HideyasuAn Algorithm for Extracting Conserved Regions from Amino Acid Sequences with Consideration of Memory Usage
Tatsumoto, HirokiDevelopment of Timed LOTOS Compiler with Realtime Threads
Doi, MasatakaAssembly Explanation System Using Animation
Nakamoto, MasahikoImage Guidance of Breast Cancer Surgery Using 3-D Ultrasound Images and Augmented Reality Visualization
Nishie, KeisukeThe method of event abstraction based on control-flow in distributed computations
Akira NishimatsuDesign of a Slicing Algorithm and Its Efficiency and Accuracy Trade-off
Tomoki, BabaA Task Scheduling Algorithm for Message Passing Parallel Program
Beppu, AkiraA Method of Generating Efficient Test Suites for Conformance Testing of EFSM Protocols
Mikami, ToshichikaPredicting the Functions of Amino Acid Sequences using an Integrated Querying System on Molecular Biology Databases
Yasugi, YukinobuVideo Indexing by Behavior Analysis of Objects
Yamamoto, AkiraSpecification of real-time systems using extended timed automata and verification of its deadlock free property
Yamamoto, TetsuoDesign and Implementation of Version Control File System
Yoshida, HajimeReconstruction of class hierarchy structure taking account of metrics
Sasamori, Shigekazu Content Analysis from Continuous Media by Intermodal Collaboration

Doctor Thesis

Nishita, SeikohA Framework of the Formal Cost Evaluation for Functional Programs
Nakamura, MasahideDesign and Evaluation of Efficient Algorithms for Feature Interaction Detection in Telecommunication Services
Shin'ichi, NaganoEfficient Verification of Responsive Communication Protocols for Client-Server Systems
Kubota, Tetsuya3-D Reconstruction and Quantification of Articular Cartilage of Femoral Head from MR Images
Shibata, FumihisaUnderstanding Linguistic Instructions Considering Observer Dependence in Pattern Recognition
Yoshida, Kenlikage in computational geometry
Chen, JianTheory and Applications of Orientation Space Filtering
Masahiko NabeAnalysis and Modeling of WWW traffic for capacity dimensioning of Intenet Access Networks
Eom, Doo-SeopSeamless Internetworking between Wireless-Access and Wired-Backbone Networks for Next-Generation Personal Communication Systems
Kitamichi, JunjiStep-wise Refinement Method and Formal Verification Method for Sequential Circuit using Algebraic Approach
Tada, HarumasaA Study on Scheduling Algorithms using Serialization Graph Testing for Distributed Database Systems
Tsuchiya, TatsuhiroDesign and Evaluation of Coteries for Distributed Mutual Exclusion
Matsushita, MakotoSoftware Process Modeling and Process-Centered Software Development Environment

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