ICS thesis in Mar. 1998

Bachelor Thesis

Atsushi,OnoThe influence that a personal quantity of knowledge gives to a distributed and cooperative KJ method
Eiichirou,SigeharaExamination of the design optimization way on FHM for signal processing modules
Enami,YoshinobuStudy on accuracy improvement of solutions in a genetic algorithm for multiprocessor scheduling
Hashimoto,TakashiImplementation of translater to generate high performance MPMD program
Hayashi,KazushigeStatistical survey protocol to guarantee correctness of private attributes using anonymous signature
Hirakoshi,TakanobuImplementation of the simlator to evaluate the usefulness of a multiple transaction model in database system.
Hirose,Katsumasaa method to detect boundaries for genome rearrangementby making pairs of homologs match
Hiroyasu,InoueAn Automatic Generator of GUI
Hori,KenjiThe evaluation and consideration of pointing efficiency with pointing devices by feet
Horikawa,TakahiroA Procedure Obtaining One Means of Forging a Reply Based on an Algorithm to Solve Reply Unforgeability Problem
Imai,TakeoA Proposition of Component's Conceptual Model for Processor's Design Automation
Ino,FumihikoA Development of Interface part of Performance Analysis System with Bottle-neck Search Function for Parallel Program
Ishida,NaoyaDevelopment of function point measurement tool from specification developed by requirements analysis support system REQUARIO.
Iwasaki,MasahideRecursive Maximum Likelihood Decoding Algorithm for Multilevel Convolutional Codes and Its Complexity
Jihira,MinoruProgram Slicing Using Function Call History
Kanamaru,YoshiyukiDecoding Error Probability and Accuracy of Computation in Recursive Maximum Likelihood Decoding for a (64,35) Reed-Muller Subcode
Kashiwagi,KuniakiEfficient Group Signature with Identifying Center with limited ability
Kataoka,YoshitakaAn Algorithm using GA to Solve Edge Crossing Minimization Problem
Katsuya,ShinoharaA case study on an optimization method for design considering the clock frequency
Kikumoto,TakashiSurvey of literatures on checkpointing and rollback-recovery
Kiyou,ShiyuPrototyping and Evaluation of the Flexible Hardware Model Database Management System with Relational Database Model
Kodama,ShunsukeMulti-Agent based system "AgentStudio" that helps us make some TV programs
Komaki,TakanobuExtension of expressive power in symbolic model checking for Computation Tree Logic
Koyama,MakotoThe automatic method of solving contradiction in a knoledge-base which holds the incomplete knowledge
Kusaka,YuzoMaximum Independent Set Problemfor the Orthogonal Segment Intersection Graph
Machida,TakashiAn Evaluation of the Point-Method in 3-Dimensional Space with Perspective-View and Two-Mouses
Mori,TakanoriImplementation of a System which Evaluates Test Cases for Communication Protocols based on Fault Model of C Language
Nagayama,HiroyukiSoftware Development Management System Based on Products -- the trial of user-interface part and application to ``software process modeling example problem'' --
Nakatsuka,ShigeoAn examinaton of step of writing a sentence of groupware for new idea generation
Obitsu,HideharuA proposal of an atemmpt that reduces selection errors with mice
Ogi,HiroshiAn Implimentation of Task Schedule Performance Analyzer with 3D Graphics
Osako,SatoruThe Posture Operation of The Human Body Model by The Natural Language.
Seizou,KunitaAn algorithm to find a maximum clique in a type of path-graph
Sekioka,TetsuyaA Proposal of a hybrid algorithm of Genetic algorithm and Least square method for the optimization of parameters on the electric power function
Shinada,ToyoakiAn implementation of adaptive load distribution system to process independent programs in parallel on a COW
Sougawa,KazuSynthesis of a timed automaton from scenarios describing the behavior of the GUI controller
Takabayashi,ShujiC++ source code visualization tool using class dependent relation and complexity metrics
Takeda,KeiichiA Concurrency Control Algorithm using Two Phase Locking in Distributed Database System with the Dynamic Data Allocation
Takeshi,KodamaA evalution experiment of the verification algorithm by quantifier-free first-order logic with equality
Teraguchi,MasayoshiDevelopment and application of groupware of an Intelligent Productive Work Card Support System
Watanabe,AkiraDynamic Bandwidth Management for ATM Network based onUser and Network QoS
Yamaguchi,KoichiroAccuracy Evaluation of Shape-Based Registration for Image-Guided Hip Surgery
Yamaguchi,MasatoshiA study about optimization of maximum communication delay for quorum consensus in mutual exclusion mechanism of quorum method.
Yamasaki,HironobuGenerating of a Sketch Map Image by Parsing and Meaning Analysis for Verification of Sentence Explanation
Yamauchi,RyoScalable Object for Virtual Reality System
Yasui,RyoMaking the draw-tool that support a study of the computational geometry
Yoshikawa,TakanobuData retrieval from heterogeneous molecular biology databases using mobile agents
Yoshimori,HayatoA method to predict the binding site of two molecules based on the surface complementarity
Yumoto,TakayukiObjectbase For Software Development Management System Based On MonoProcess
egawa,shinjiFormal verification of the correctness for floating point addition/subtract circuit realized with combinational circuits
kitano,yasuyukiAn acquition method of traveling information for a mobile robot based on his eye's images.
Kameyama,TadahideA Method for Generalizing The Parameters For Software Simulator
Kitagawa,YasuyukiGLG image improving system using kalman filter
Kuroda,EishiA Three-stage Routing Algorithm for FPGAs
Ya'acob,FazilahPerformance evaluating experiments on implemented decision procedures for rational Presburger sentences
Kobayashi,EijiThe circuit design of out-of-order pipelined cpu and functional verification

Master Thesis

Asakura,YoshiharuReconstruction for Class Hierarchy Graph with "methods"
Ata,ShingoStudy on High-Speed Burst Transmission Method for ATM Networks
Atsushi,FukadaDeriving Conformance Test Cases for A Timed I/O Automaton Model
Fukuda,KentarouEffective Video Transport Mechanisms while Meeting Various QoS Requirements
Hatanaka,Yutaka.A Synthesis Method for Fault-tolerant Routing Protocols
Hayashida,SusumuAn implimentation and an Application of MultiMedia-Icon Development Support System
Higuma,YasushiTask Scheduling Algorithm for Distributed Memory Parallel Computers --- Generation of Schedule for Message Aggregation ---
Imai,TakashiPrototype implementation of the integration and retrieavl system for heteroteneous molecular biology databases by multiagents
Kamiya,ToshihiroObject-Oriented Metrics Tools to Support Software Development Process ---Applying to Development with Visual C++ and Microsoft Foundation Classes---
Kishibe,YoshinoriImplementation and Evaluation of A Work-Time C Compiler to Generate SPMD Programs
Kohara,MasaruFault Coverage Evaluation of Test Cases Generation Method for EFSM using a Mutation System
Kuramoto,ItaruA Study about Communication Environments of Groupware for a New-Idea Generation Support
Masafumi,OkaElectronic Scheme for Efficient Deposit
Mizuno,OsamuDevelopment of Project Simulator and its Application to Quality Estimation
Mori,MasayaEfficient Scheduling for IRIS-Real-Time Tasks on Non-Real-Time Servers
Nakanishi,MasakiAn Exponential Lower Bound on the Size of a Binary Moment Diagram Representing Division
Okada,TaikiA framework for constructing cooperative distributed software using componentware
Oshita,MakotoUser-Interface Desgin of Software Development Management System with monoProcess Object-Centered Software Process Modeling
Saitoh,YoshikatsuA Formal Method of Proving Invariants for Synchronous Sequential Circuits with Plural Controllers
Sakate,HiroharuBandwidth re-allocation for high quality video transmitting
Sasada,RyojiA Convex Hull Algorithm on a Fixed Size Reconfigurable Mesh
Senboshi,YutakaFault Containing Self-Stabilizing Algorithms to solve Mutual Exclusion Problem on Ring Networks
Shibata,NaokiA decision algorithm for prenex normal form rational Presburger sentences
Shikata,YasuhitoA Proposal of a Greedy-GA Hybrid Algorithm for Data Transfer Binding Problems
Shima,MasakazuMobile Robot Navigation based on Linguistic Instruction of a Route in a Real World
Shirai,TakeshiAgentCast : A new mobile agent framework for digital data broadcast
Sugiura,MikihitoAnalysis of On-Line Edge Coloring Algorithms
Suzuki,YoshihiroMedia Transformation between Maps and Linguistic Guides to Support Route Understanding
Taira,TomohiroMedia Scaling Mechanism on Guaranteed Service for Networked Virtual Reality
Tani,HidekiAn Algorithm for Extracting Conserved Regions from Amino Acid Sequences Using an Algorithm for Maximum-density Subgraph
Uchida,KazuyukiConcurrency Control for Transaction using Serialization Graph on Multiple Transaction Model
Umetani,ShunjiThe Stability of Discrete Neural Network and A Neural Network Algorithm for Minimum Maximal Matching Problems
Yagishita,KazuyoA Proposal and an Application of an Evaluation Method for Compositions of B Type KJ Method Based on Contents and Structures
Yamanaka,HiroyukiAlgorithm for genome rearrangement by inversions and transpositions
Yoshida,MakiA Sufficient Condition for Reply Unforgeability Problem to be Decidable
Yoshioka,KazukiAn Optimization Method for On-chip Two Level Cache Memory System
Yosimoto,TadasiDelta-causal ordering algorithm that considered delivery time

Doctor Thesis

Baba,TakayukiA Study of the Advancement of Neural Network Algorithms for Some Classes of Combinatorial Optimization Problems
Harai,HiroakiStudies on Routing Methods in All-Optical Networks
Kitajima,AkiraAutomatic Correctness Proof of CPUs and Automatic Circuits Synthesis for Communication Protocols Using Formal Methods
Masuda,HideoA Study of Self-Stabilizing Algorithms on the Multi-Access Channel Network
Yamaguchi,HirozumiImplementation of Service Specifications on Distributed Computing Systems
Yasumura,YoshiakiModel Acquistion of 3D Shapes Based on Segmenting Objects into superquadric represented parts
Tu,JinhongReconstruction of complex wave field from intensity information by means of ambiguity function theory
Binh, Nguyen NgocInstruction Set Optimization Algorithms for Pipelined ASIP Design

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