ICS thesis in Mar. 1997

Bachelor Thesis

Akazawa,MikihiroA method and its evaluation for adding a functionof recovery from unspecified reception state to 2-ECFSM model protocol
Baba,TomokiA Dsevelopment Support System for Scheduling Algorithms with Communication Delay
Beppu,AkiraExperimental Evaluation of Debugging Effectiveness for Object-Oriented Software by Using Metrics
Choi,Eun hyeHierarchical modeling of reliability in distributed systems
Daisuke,KadoObject Streaming Mechanism in VR for Quality Control
Doi,MasatakaInteractive Generation of Assembled Model and Information for Mechanical Assembly
Fujiwara,HiroyukiWavelet Progressive Video Codec--Scaleable Video Transmission using Wavelet Transform(WT)--
Fujiwara,Yutakasoftware process modeling by using objectand development management system based on the model-- the trial of repository part and application to ``software process modeling example problem'' --
Hayashi,TatsuyaFast Algorithm for Maximum Clique of Paths in Tree Overlap Graph
Hideya,kawajiConstruction and Evaluation of a System for Creating Simple Polygons
Ichioka,YoshikazuExercise about Finte automaton and Regularexpression Marking Support Tools on WWW
Iga,TsuyoshiImplementation of mutation generator and apliance to conformance test sequence
Ikeda,TakuroImplementation of a Software for Non-Deterministic Feature Interaction Detection And Its Exprimental Evaluation
Ito,AtsuoApproximation of a 3D Object Shape with Superquadrics based on Geometric Features of the Surface
Jun-ichi,ItoEvaluation of High Speed Context Switching Method Using Register Banks
Kagitani,TakakoSupport System on WWW for Cooperative Work in a PetriNet Model
Kashimoto,TakashiDevelopment of error-data collection tool for programming education
Kawaguti,ToshiroA tool aiming at analyzing the content of a large genome sequence with suffix-tree.
Kawahara,MasakazuExtracting Motifs from Amino Acids Sequences with a Hidden Markov Model
Kinami,KoujiA reduceing synchronization tool considering assignments of tasks to proseccors for a compiler of high level data-parallel language Work-Time C
Kitagawa,Satoshiencoding method of protein 3-D structure by considering protein secondary structure
Kojima,HirotakaConcurrency Control for Nested Transactions using extended Serialization Graph
Kojima,YasuhiroThe weight distributions of extended cyclic codes which contain the (256,37) extended cyclic Reed-Muller code as a large subcode
Kusaba,DaisukeImplementation of visualizing system for the distributed transaction using the execution log under the distributed enviroment
Miura,TakahiroDevelopment of Human Posture Modeling System by interactive method
Miyamoto,KentaroPerformance Evaluation of All-Optical Networks with Limited-Range Wavelength Conversion
Miyata,ManamiA Neural Network for Code Assignment in Radio Network
Nakagawa,HiroyukiAcquisition of rules allowing exceptions with Inductive Logic Programming
Nakamoto,MasahikoBreast cancer operation assistance system with 3 dimensional ultra sonic image
Nishimatsu,AkiraFunctional extension of the development support system Using dependence relations of program statements
Ohtsubo,MasaakiMouse Operation Analysis by Operation History on GUI Environment
Ohya,JunA study on the abnormality detection systems in blast furnace operations
Ohzawa,YoshikiResearch into process migration and load sharing in distributed systems
Okutani,NorikoA Three-stage Heuristic and Neural Network Algorithm for Channel Assignment in Cellular Radio Networks
Sasaki,YoshinoriDevelopment of Evaluation Tool for Fault-Tolerant Scheduling Algorithms
Shiomi,JunkoAn implementation of a system to support evaluating algorithms with a parallel machine
Sugino,YouichiA Study about Distributed and Cooperative KJ Method via Internet
Sumida,YoshiakiAnalysis and Modeling of WWW Traffic for DesigningInternet Access Networks
Takafumi,MorifujiPrototyping and Evaluation of the Flexible Hardware Model Database Management System
Taketani,HideyasuThe development of an integrated proggramming environment featuring Runtime9 as the runtime environment,which visualizes control structure in heterogeneous representation.
Tamada,YoshihikoAutomatic extracting keywords from genomic databases in considerationof discrimination among entrys
Tatsumoto,HirokiImplementation of multi-rendezvous among multipleprocesses on bus-networks
Terada,HirofumiDerivation of Safety Requirments for Safety Analysis of Object-Oriented Design Documents
Toshichika,MikamiThe automatic proof program that prove the action of some finite state machines into which divided equal to one finite state machine.
Uchida,TakayukiRecursive Maximum Likelihood Decoding Algorithem for Convolutional Codes and Its Complexity
Ueda,HitoshiManufacture of simulator to evaluate data consistency control algorithm in replicated database
Yamada,KojiThe Complexity of a Problem of Completing Circle Graphs
Yamamoto,AkiraSpecification and Refinement of GUI Control Described in Colored Petri Net Model
Yamamoto,Tetsuosoftware process modeling by using objectand development management system based on the model-- modeling and the trial of userinterface part --
Yoshida,HajimeMultipoint study teaching system as groupware via Internet
Zhang,Hong-binShape Recovery for Input of a 3D Shape by its 2D Sketch
Ohtsuki,NorimasaPrototyping of a Compiler Generator for VLIW Processor.
Matsumoto,YasuhiroComplexities of Recursive Maximum Likelihood Decoding for
Okazawa,JinA study about structure of figures of B type KJ method
Kageyama,HiroyukiAutomatic formal verification of synchronous sequentialcircuits with plural controllers
Takahashi,YuuichirouXScript: a script language for controling XApplication
tsuda,hiroshiAn Algorithm to Find A Maximum Clique Of Extended Circular_Arc graphs
Nada,ToruStudy for the size of a probrem and the amount of hardware resource in the realization of neural network algorithm
Nose,TomoyaDerivation of information necessary for controlling multi-rendezvous among concurrent processes from LOTOS specifications
Hosoya,MasashiA Problem on Phasing Model of a Graph
Ikezawa ,Masatonull
Nagashima,FumiakiDevelopment of Verification Tool for Responsive Protocol Modeled by EFSM
Kubo,YoshimichiPrototyping tool for designing FIR filter with Flexible Hardware Model

Master Thesis

Akashi,YoshikiSimultaneous planar drawing of some graphs
Chiba,YoshifumiData consistency control using Site Quorum in Replicated Database
Danjou,HisakiImplementations and evaluations of hierarchical animations for supports of phased studies
Furukawa,KatsuyasuA Method for Algorithm Animation of Emphasizing Algorithm's Structure
Gotoh,KazuhiroAn Implementation Method of Distributed Systems Using Multi-rendezvous on Bus-Networks
Hara,KeigoA Verification Method for Temporal Properties of Communication Protocols modeled as EFSMs
Hasegawa,GoStudy on the flow control mechanism of high speed transport protocol
Hiroyuki,SuganoDesign of QoS Adjustment Mechanism for Virtual Reality and its Implementation
Inoue,AkihiroA Method for Mining between Heterogeneous Molecular Biology Databases
Inui,KazuhiroAn integrated learning environment for parallel algorithms using algorithm animations
Iwade,Tomoyukiextracting common preserved domain from amino acid sequences.
Kaihori,HirokiReconstruction of 3D left ventricular shape from time and view point varying x-ray cineangiocardiograms
Katsurada,KouichiKnowledge Refinement of Complete/Incomplete Rules Based on Frequency of Rule Using
Kimura,ToshihiroModeling of Geographic Road Structure for Generation of Sketch Map Image and Linguistic Guide
Kita,JunichiroImplementation of the parallel programing language Work-Time C using MPI
Kiyotoh,SatoshiSimulation of Real-time Transfer of MPEG2 Video over theInternet
Koji,HashimotoFault-Tolerant Scheduling of Parallel Programs in Multiprocessor Systems
Komura,TakashiVLSI implementation of a recursive maximum likelihood decoding algorithm for a (64,35) subcode of the (64,42) Reed-Muller code
Mori,TakahiroAnalysis of Ordinary User Behaviors Using Operation Record and A Supporting Tool For Analysis.
Nadehara,ShuheiAn Algorithm for Binary Distance Map using Content Addressable Memories.
Nagai,TakayukiConvex hull problem with imprecise input And its Solution
Ohta,IchiroPresenting Runtime Information of Programs in Mixture of Textual and Graphical Representations
Osada,TetsuyaGenetic Algorithms for Scheduling Parallel Programs in Multiprocessor Systems
Sekihara,ToshikoIntegrating heterogeneous molecular biology databases by using multiagents
Shimatani,HajimeAutomatic Correctness Proof Method of Pipelined CPUs with In-Order Execution using an Algebraic Approach
Sumida,KiyohikoA chart style language system designed to support introductory programming courses
Tada,JunichiAn Approace to Expression and Detection of Protein Structural Motifs Using Stocahstic Model
Takenaka,TakashiA Design and Verification Method for Synchronous Sequential Logic Circuits with Any Number of Same Modules Based on Algebraic Method.
Takenaka,YoichiA proposal of "Neuron Filter" in Neural Network Algorithms for Combinatorial Optmization Problem
Tatsumi,ToshihiroA Presumption Algorithm of the most Plausible Candidate in Recognized Strings using Exclusive Candidate Sets
Teratani,DaisukeModeling of Communication Protocols with TimingConstraints for Conformance Testing
Tomiyosi,NorioRouting several vehicles with an Obstructor
Tomonori,TakadaIncremental Update Method of Program Depedence Graph
Yasuhiro,TamakiA Binary Neural Network Algorithm for the Graph Partitioning Problem

Doctor Thesis

Hwang,Suk-HyungA Study of the Redesign Framework for Object-Oriented Design Models
Kim,Eun MiProgram Complexity Metric and Safety Verification for Object-oriented Software Development
Matsuda,NoriyukiAn Instructional System for Recursive Programming
Morioka,SumioAutomatic Correctness Proof of Softwares using Presburger Arithmetic
Nakajima,YoshikazuResearch in terms of velocity estimation method from fluid images
Nakata,AkioSymbolic Bisimulation Checking and Decomposition of Real-Time Service Specifications
Ohsaki,HiroyukiStudies on Congestion Control Schemes for Best-EffortTraffic in ATM Networks
Sasajima,MunehikoA Representation Method for Functional Models Based on Ontology of Function and Behavior
Takata,YoshiakiThe Optimal Access Link Structure in a User Interface Preserving the Semantical Grouping
Tomita,KenichiEvaluation Methods of the Block Error Probability of Block Modulation Codes over an AWGN Channel
Yoshikazu,NakajimaResearch in terms of velocity estimation method from fluid images

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